Apple likely to announce iRadio streaming music service at WWDC, has negotiated deals with all major labels


  • Brian Medeiros

    I wish I wish Google Music was fully in Canada 🙁

    • Carlos

      Not even Spotify is in Canada, hopefully soon

    • Super_Deluxe

      Spotify works in Canada, I downloaded the apk and signed up for an account and it works flawlessly.

  • David Etienne

    Been holding off on getting a paid Rdio subscription, because I wouldn’t want to curate a whole library of music just to see that one is better than the other. I’ll make my decision on Monday it seems.

  • Me Ted

    A little late to the dance aren’t they?

    • Rio

      If they do release an ‘iRadio’ yes it will be late, but they will do a heck of a lot better job than anyone else has.

  • Johnny

    Apple should create iTunes apps for all Mobile platforms (Android, WP8 and BB10)

  • MapleRacing

    Cue mainstream media and iSheep claiming Apple has now invented internet radio and are so innovative and amazing for doing so.

    • disqusaurus_rex

      People can bleat about “iSheep” all they want, but Apple deserves some recognition for being one of the few music vendors to treat Canada as a first class market for music products. You can’t even get Google Play Music here. Apple is perhaps not so deserving of the scorn we all wish to give it, when they are one of the few companies willing to offer us the services.

  • C_Flat

    Wow. What an original name