HTC rumoured to be testing a One phablet, currently goes by the code name of T6


  • Max Fireman

    I went through the phablet phase with the Note 2. It was fun, but as soon as I went back to the S4, I realized this was the perfect size.

  • Curtis K Louis

    Hmm.. why not just make it 7″ tablet?? Smh

    • eroc_trider

      Because the 7″ tablet market is already crowded. Phablet market is a little new and inhabited almost entirely by the Samsung Note. They probably think the lack of competition will make it easier to grab some market share.

    • Curtis K Louis

      Yea it’s crowded with bare crap.. a nice 7″ aluminum one finish would be sexy. If a phablet comes out with no pen then its DOA..

  • phatboy66

    Why release another phone when you’re already furiously competing against Samsung’s Galaxy S4? Why HTC? You don’t have the same budget Samsung has, stop it and just stick to one product!

    • vroomvroomfromtheback

      armchair ceo lel

    • fed45

      He’s also pudgy!

    • skullan

      There are other categories of phones they need to penetrate into. The market is finicky and does change, they can’t just react to it with only one phone. They need to diversify into as many of those categories as they can and hope that they become a strong contender into them.

  • Super_Deluxe

    Here’s the thing about HTC and their phones, if you’re not gonna give us removable back covers then put a big battery in the phone!! Especially the flagship phones.

    • Aleksandar Petrović

      Yep, removable back thing is not gonna happen any time soon. Battery is big enough in every HTC device to last you through the day and even more, depends on how you use it.

    • mjolnirxz

      I quite like my battery bar solution… just my 2c

    • OMFCody

      I don’t know if you have used an HTC One or if you’re judging it, but my One gets through the whole day sooo easily.