Update: Rogers offering a $35 Google Play Gift Card with Galaxy S4 purchases


  • Dylan D’Croix

    Hold the phone. Since when did Canada have Google Play gift cards?

    • Stephen

      You can’t buy em, just redeem them. ‘Tis unfortunate.

    • Dylan D’Croix

      Majorly. I don’t feel comfortable putting my credit card info into my phone. Pre-paid is the way to go.

    • Stephen

      Putting your credit card on your phone is no less risky than using your ATM at a store

    • jaffna_guy

      that’s why i luv my Z10 🙂

  • FukRogers

    I honestly feel bad for anyone that uses Rogers. They have the most unreliable network in the Country. Even Wind is better for the love of tits.

    • Stephen

      Rogers is the absolute worst

    • Brian

      Why does everybody hate Rogers? I pay a reasonable amount per month, and I’m satisfied with their coverage. Aren’t all the ‘Big Three’ similar in terms of network coverage?

    • realdeal

      @ fukrogers

      Because there are a lot of
      people who want to have the Rogers network with the wind, mobility price. It
      is impossible that wind has a better network then Rogers. You are f—-k retarded and
      you need help.

    • BetelgeuseOrion

      i used to have rogers, now im with wind, rogers coverage downtown has gone down 4 times last year where i am, wind has still not had a network issue. also i maintain wind calls while going through ctrain tunnels, rogers does not, rogers has wider coverage, but not “better” however i would agree rogers does have lots of areas with better and higher quality coverage, just not where i am .

    • hunkyleepickle

      while i agree with you, i wish there was a website where quantifiable evidence was listed as to who’s network is superior and where. I’d love to leave rogers, but hearing people moan about all the big 3 does nothing to make me leave rogers for another carrier that is bad instead of worse….

    • Rizwan Sayani

      Where do you live? I live in toronto and am always losing coverage when I’m in downtown. Usually due to high rise buildings.

    • Liberal Phone Person

      I’d say that they are the second worst of the big three. Bell is the worst.

  • Simon Gendreau

    Can we get those Google Play card somewhere else ? Can Rogers sell them individually ? … .. it is now a year it is available in US…. !!!!!!!!! Come on Google !!!

    • Josh Brown

      Just go into Play store and Hit menu and then redeem. It has been there for a while. I bought my gift card at Target in Buffalo Worked no problem

    • Simon Gendreau

      I got one too several months ago but it is a pain in the a$$ to get one in canada …. I would like to buy them in Canada !

  • Stephen

    This would have been a great deal, and then I saw it was Rogers.

  • larokus

    You couldn’t be more false.

  • yomama

    im pretty sure it has nothing to do with the phone itself, more so for competitive reason, so that people get the phone from them…