Facebook Home hits half a million downloads in less than two weeks, but how many are actually using it?


  • David Ng

    Tried it, Unless you are a heavy facebook user it is useless.

  • Rhino

    I downloaded it and used it for maybe 10 minutes. It’s a great idea but I really don’t need that kind of Facebook access pushed in my face 24/7 so I just went back to using the App. In all honesty I only use Facebook when I am bored and want to be nosey

  • ITCanWork

    I like it, much more entertaining to surf Facebook than their app. But i switch back to Nova launcher often as default launcher, and put a home icon on my homescreen. They should just make Home available as an independant app, even though that wasn’t the point. Or atleast a checkbox in the settings to make it act as an app and not make itself default launcher.

    • kroms

      Ya Nova launcher is great. FB launcher is just a waste of time.


    what is facebook?

  • Eduardo

    Tried it, deleted it shortly after. I like chat heads and I’m glad it’s part of messenger and not home. I wouldn’t mind it as a Facebook app update (as it is, ad free) but as a launcher it cripples interaction with any other feature way too much.

    • kroms


  • grantdude

    Yeah, exactly. I installed it, used it for a few minutes, didn’t like it, deleted it.

  • companyemails

    It is funny how most of these articles don’t mention the savage reviews Facebook Home is getting in Google Play. Facebook has a billion users, but only manages to get 500,000 downloads, most reviews in the play store are horrible, and the apps rating is barely above 2 stars. That doesn’t sound quite like a successful product launch to me. They really should have launched a working app instead of a launcher that takes over your phone and disables useful features.

  • Super_Deluxe

    People most likely downloaded it to see how it is and I doubt they didn’t delete it shortly after.

    • kroms

      Also agree with this. I think this a Fad like pet rocks and eventually once all the kids with smartphones get over it , it will fade away.

  • WP74Life

    Like android, it looks good first but after 2-3 days you realize it is crap.

    • kroms

      You mad at Android because why ? Your Iphone Is outdated ? You Winph8 is just not up to the task ?

      Seriously making comments about Android being crap on a Facebbok post just makes you look like a soar sap.

    • WP74Life

      there is no need to be so upset.

    • GQDRU

      Hate on WP8 all you want but I’ve tried 4 different Android devices (GS3, Nexus4, Motorola RAZR Maxx HD and GN2) and sold them all to get a Samsung Ativ S because Android is annoying.

  • kroms

    Haven’t DL it and have no of DL it. Nor do I intend to ever use this useless App.
    Honestly I believe this is just hype and once people that have DL it see how useless it is they will just uninstall it.

  • Zany

    I think FB should show us the # of uninstalls that happen within 30 minutes. I think that would tell a better story.

  • Erik N.

    Well firstly, there’s a huge difference between a badly designed app and an app you do not like. As an app, facebook home is excellent, it’s very smooth, it does exactly what it is intended to do, gives you quick access to all your apps (although a quick access to your camera should be done asap). Do I personally LIKE the app? No. I wouldn’t go out of my way and rate it poorly though because the developers did a great job. Personally, I need access to all my homescreens, apps, etc because not only am I power user but I’m not on facebook 24/7. Therefore, all the ratings are skewed with people not liking the app and thinking it was going to do something different then what was showed at the press conference. (wtf?)

    • Totti

      I somewhat disagree. If an app isn’t doing it for me, then I would rate it low. I am rating it based on my experience, and if it was negative, then my vote would reflect that. Simple.

  • Stuntman06

    There is nothing Facebook can give me that will make up for losing all of my widgets.

  • Laura Smith

    I downloaded it and deleted it right away. I absolutely didnt like how it took over my entire phone. I like facebook but Im not that addicted…. lol