Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S 4 today, $199 on a 3-year and “arriving April 27th”


  • silver_arrow

    Doesn’t Telus give 6 months of Rdio to everyone who gets a new phone?

  • iphoneeeee

    This Phone is such a patent infringement on mankind with it’s ugliness.

    • JR

      That makes zero sense. You basically called mankind ugly and cut up the phone for copying it. Sweet burn, bro.

    • iphoneeeeee

      iSweet iBurn

  • Ryan Graham

    To be honest… I’m happy with my Nexus 4. Great phone with no contract 🙂

    • Janika

      Me too, I love my Nexus4, No contract, no BS. By the time these folks sweat off the 3-years sentence, Galaxy S-7 will be out LoL 😀

    • Sweet

      I believe the Big 3 have updated their contract terms so that people can bail out of the contract at anytime, providing they pay the prorated discounts they received when they signed the contract, as per the draft wireless code. In fact, Rogers just started offering a TAB program.

    • TomsDisqusted

      I think they have only done that in provinces where they are forced to? Certainly, when I asked Rogers ON about this a month ago they quoted a figure that was at least double the outstanding subsidy. I think they will only do what you are talking about when and where they are forced to.

    • EmptyTome

      It matters on the agreement you signed. If you signed pre bill 60, it’ll be under that. Not sure if Ontario has adopted bill 60 yet.

  • graze81

    Everyone is selling it for the same price, wow, what competition we have! It’s a nice phone, if I had the money, I’d buy it off contract.

    • TheShader

      Everyone’s selling it for the same price because Samsung sells it to them for the same price. Guess what price the iPhone sells @ at launch on the various carriers…. the same price. Once demand has subsided and there’s different inventory levels, that’s when you see the big differences in prices.

  • Kewjoe

    Nice of Bell to do a pre-order for the S4, put it up on their website, but have nothing about the HTC One. No pre-order, no listing on the site, no official stance if it’s coming out this friday. Sigh.

    • GOD

      It is coming out on the 19th. It simply isn’t as big a launch. I know we take pre-orders for everything, even when Bell doesn’t have a procedure, but not every store does that.

    • Dimitri

      IT should have been a little hyped tho. This is the HTC One Flagship. I guess the carriers care more about the S4 then the HTC One. It may not be as good as the S4 as people claim but it still needs a little hype as well.
      If you work at a store or call center, i suggest you send this info to them.

    • Sam Wiggans

      It’s simply because Samsung pays more for the hype, hence why they are successful.

  • Dimitri

    So the carriers raised up the price… The S3 16GB was $159 last year on a 3 year deal yet the S4 is $199.. $50 difference but still i rather pay less on a 3 year deal. On top of it its $699 outright.. I will wait for a month or so to see if the prices will lower down.

  • jaffna_guy

    To be honest… I’m happy with my Z10

  • Dimitri

    its $700 outright.. $501 device balance & you pay $199. That makes it $700 outright.

  • joncosmo

    Looking for 32gb or 64gb model.. Any update on this? Seems to be only 16gb on pre-orders.

    • GOD

      Yeah, our reps avoid the question by saying that it supports microsd up to 64. lol

    • Dimitri

      The only info i have seen is the 16GB model. Most likely the S4 32GB will be released later on for either $259 or $299 seeing as the 16GB is $199

  • Stephen

    To be honest…. the Z10 is a piece of garbage

  • Shūji Kiritani

    12% tax of $84 (BC)

    • Ryan Noverly Joseph

      14% in Quebec

  • vistarox

    For a phone that costs $230 to make? What a rip off. I hate the telecom industry.

    • Sweet

      $230 is only the cost of the parts. Once you add the other expenses, the cost to Samsung is over $400, and the wholesale price to retailers and carriers is probably close to $500.

  • EmptyTome

    I pre ordered this phone. Not the biggest fan of SAMOLED, but I can get used to it. First thing to go for me is that light blue background. You’d think they would use some black to show off the SAMOLED.

    I honestly don’t see what people are complaining about contracts anymore. Pay now, or pay later if you break. Bill 60 changed contracts a lot. Only thing I can think of is you can put low priced plans on a 30day. Doesn’t affect me, I need a ton of data.

    • Lazed

      The problem is that the device balance is reduced over three years rather than two. It’s certainly better than an outright contract, but still too long. If you buy a $600 phone for $0 on a three year term and want to cancel after two years, you’d still have to pay $200. Most people will continue to struggle to keep their phone usable for three years (it’s tough for many people), and for those whose phones don’t last three full years, they’ll need to pay off the remaining balance just to get a new device on a new term.

    • EmptyTome

      I do agree, 2yr agreements are better. I doubt they will ever come to Canada. The more they can leech you on the plan the more money they make. It’s a heck of a lot better now, a step in the right direction at least. The old way should of been illegal. Pay $0 for a $200 phone, pay $400 if you cancel. But hey, we have to pay the CEO’s $16m retirements.

  • talarico

    I’ll make my final decision about this phone once I see a dogfight or head-to-head video comparison with the HTC One

  • dave

    No 32gb option, no money coming out of my pocket. I really wish samsung/carriers would just say when they expect it to come out.

  • mark simis

    I think the executives know you won’t sweat out the full term. There hoping you at least pay off the price of the phone and pay the migration fee.

  • Ryan Noverly Joseph

    200$ for a plastic piece of smurf.. the HTC One is 149$ and it is Aluminium made… the Galasy S4 is $700 the current Galaxy Note 2 is $730.. so the Note 3 will be $1000… WTF !!.. Google is still supporting the Galaxy Nexus (launch in 2011) probably it get Android 5.0.. samsung will probably put an end at the Galaxy S3 by the end of the year to force the owner to get the S5.. the Nexus 4 is $349(No LTE but still)