Nokia Lumia 920 Trounces Galaxy S4 In Video Stabilization Tests


  • LarsFromMars

    Well I guess it’s only fair to let a Lumia win *one* test…

    Anybody want to place bets on who wins the “total units sold” test?

  • Sanjay Saini

    Funny thing is why you would care about sales, I mean isn’t that something that corporations worry about??

    • LarsFromMars

      …and shareholders

  • Andrew Brown

    No that is just pure Marxism sheep flock doesn’t mean the field is better!

    • LarsFromMars

      I’m reluctant to respond to such a late, lame troll, but your analogy is just terrible. Consumers buying smartphones is a great example of open, free market economics.

  • Andrew Brown

    Actually many reviews had the Lumia 920 beating the S3!

  • Parm

    920 is a great phone but image stabilisation won’t make for lacking apps. Just ask Gartner, even Blackberry outsold WP8 last quarter.