Rogers LG Optimus G scheduled to receive Jelly Bean “Late March”

When the LG Optimus G launched last November the company promised a quick upgrade from Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich to Jelly Bean, noting we could expect it sometime “early Q2 of 2013.” Rogers has updated their OS Upgrades schedule and listed the Optimus G to receive Jelly Bean (OS 4.1) sometime “Late March.”

Now, for the downside of this post. Samsung Galaxy Note (SGH-I717R) users have been waiting ever so patiently for their big device to be bumped to Jelly Bean for a few months now, but for some unknown reason have always been informed of its delay. A couple weeks back we posted news that the Note was on tap to receive OS 4.1 sometime “mid-March.” According to Rogers schedule they’ve put the ball/blame in Samsung’s court and declared it’s “Pending software submission from device manufacturer.” So… no word on when it’s coming. Of course, “release dates are subject to change.”

Source: Rogers