Rogers Samsung Galaxy Note now estimated to receive Jelly Bean upgrade “Mid-March”


  • Douglas


    • Mexico Ron

      I know, incredible right? I was fully expecting to wait until early 2014 or late 2013 at the best. Only a 3 month wait this time. Wow. That’s like almost as good as getting it at release. WOOT

    • SAM

      OHHH THE NOTE!!!!!!! FROM SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      GO SAMMIE MY SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • oldschool

    Shame! This was originally slated for mid-December. Another example of how once you’re stuck in that 3 year contract they forget all about you.

    • Xecu

      So cancel it. Buy out your phone if you’re unhappy. The self-entitlement around here is incredible. You’re making it seem like some nameless millionaires are sitting in some back room in an unmarked building laughing it up because all the Note users are in 3 year contracts. It will come out when it’s ready. I’m sure you’ll survive.

  • ASH

    I am holding my breath!!!! my note on the Bell side of things can wait no longer….about time!!

  • jdc604

    I love my Note but was really hoping for the update…it’s the only thing keeping me from selling it and getting the Note II.

    • Mexico Ron

      @jdc604…shhhh, you’ve just outed the reason for the slow updates for ‘older’ devices. We don’t talk about that in public 😉

    • royf29

      note 2 is already too hold. I would wait for the note 3 at least even if its not announced we all know its coming

  • Sean

    Also of not the international note just started getting Jelly Bean a few days ago. Usually it takes a lot longer then a month to get the updates on North American variants

  • Jake

    My patience is running thin, JB should stop being pushed.

  • Osama

    will this update work on the BB10? LOL, sorry I had to…. I love how the Xperia T is such a looser phone, that it is clumped in with this article… I NEED JB on my T!!!

  • Kid.Canada

    Lol even S2 users got Jelly Bean before you Note users. Nice going Big 3.

  • Kahil

    This is foolish first December then February now March screw this I’m better off just getting the rom of 4.1 then it’s funny that the international note can have it and we have to wait for another lie again just release it. The s2 can get it before the note that is bullshit

  • NicRacine

    Hehehe, kicked Rogers off my phone this week. I went with Koodo, and installed Paranoid Android. I never felt better!

  • Ron

    I have the original Note and installed Paranoid Android on it a while ago. I love the vanilla JB interface plus the settings menu is like the tablet interface (plus you can customize the interface for phone, phablet, tablet mode).

    Rogers is taking way too long with this release, plus it’s only JB 4.1. The release schedule was originally December, pushed back to early January, pushed back to Late February now pushed back to mid March. I’m not holding my breath that they’ll honour that release schedule either.

  • Puleen Patel

    Both Rogers and Samsung are essentially playing games here with loyal Note customers, in my opinion. This is quite salad given the International Note received JB update several months ago, so it shouldn’t be rocker science to provide for the i717. And above all Samsung should be a pro at these updates given they have been doing this for a few years now. Its nothing new that they have to learn because they have never done it.

    I am convinced and motivated to ditch Samsung for Motorola. So long Samsung, you had your run at my loyalty dollars, now its someone else because you can’t hold your end of the bargain.