Facebook Updating Mobile News Feed, Promises Consistency With Web Version


  • JC Chong

    That looks just like Google+…

    • Andrew

      …which is superior to Facebook, therefore I see this as a good move. Honestly, Facebook is too cluttered, and it’s not like people have been jumping ship in droves to use Google+.

  • All Ways Write

    Thanks Zuck…you tool

  • Collindubya

    Cue the complainers in 3…..2……1…..

  • Tanooki

    A couple of years ago, i went through my account and deleted all my photos, untagged myself, deleted all my likes, etc.. teh only thing i have left if my name and a photo. I know that my stuff isnt really deleted.. but thats ok, im certainly not going to be giving FB anymore of my stuff.