Angry Birds for iOS updated with new levels, drops to free on a three-year contract


  • ELNY

    The obsession with this stupid game is beyond unreal. I don’t get it?

    • Jamaal

      Exactly – you don’t get it. It’s a fun game with fun characters that children and adults can appreciate.

      Super Mario, Transformers, Iron Man etc are no different so relax.

    • bray

      Marketing elny, marketing.

    • ButtonsTheMonkey

      I get it… it’s the first game I can think of that was an easy to pick up game for anybody to play. It’s a time killer and a fun puzzle game. Not to say that it hasn’t gotten crazy with spin offs, products and such. I really don’t care to own Angry Birds swag or watch the cartoon/movie.

    • Mike

      Right. A game that you don’t appreciate must be stupid.

  • Draven

    ummm…three year contract?

    • Brad

      Pretty sure it’s a joke. Ha ha.

  • 3year

    what you mean angry bird free on 3 year contract? apps have contrats too now?

    • ButtonsTheMonkey

      Pretty sure that means that they have some contract with Apple to provide it free.

  • just saing

    How you will play angry birds on a 4 inch phone
    I will laugh at you when see you using your icrap

  • jack

    what’s the cancellation fee if i wanted to uninstall after 1 year?

    • Mike

      Your first born.

  • Tanooki

    Angry birds is a good time waster. But, id rather play God of War Ascension or Uncharted.

    • glonq

      Yeah, I couldn’t figure out how to install those on my smartphone.