Huffington Post Android app gets Holo redesign


  • Rag3r

    When I try to read huff post, I instantly feel like raging because of the incredibly misleading headlines that are solely written to promote clicks. Huffpost is journalism for the uninformed and the uneducated. I would stay away as much as I could.

  • Eric

    Way better than iOS uninnovative s**t that only useless iSheep use.

  • Michael

    Holo Design is a rip off of Windows Phone Metro UI design, its funny how Matias Duarte once ripped Windows Phone as looking square like bathroom Tiles now Android is all going square for that Metro look, Clean and minimalistic. Add HTC one Sense 5.0 Homescreen to Android especially the upcoming Key Lime Pie update and you have yourself a full fledged Windows Phone knockoff.

    • Eric

      Holo is the UI you get when you Windows Phone and iOS make love.