PC Financial mobile banking app for Android coming “this Spring”


  • iphoneee

    If it’s not a low-interest paying bank account, why would I save my money in it?

    • NeedAJob?

      Better late than never. Both Android guys that have jobs can use it when comes out. Although I suppose the others can use it to monitor when the monthly dole cheque comes in. Can you pay for subsidized housing with this app? Android users want to know.

  • Wilbour

    When they set it up, will we all get starting balances like the screen shot? Is it spring yet?

    • NeedAJob?

      As an Android user, I suppose the best you can hope for is a screen shot of money.

  • RoboCop80

    Here’s hoping they don’t waste my ‘no fees’ on a WP or BB 10 app.

  • Dan

    I use this app on ios it’s buggy as hell. It would take an amateur programmer the weekend to create this and and it’s taking PC years. What the hell?

  • Ken

    Yeah what’s up with an online bank that still doesn’t have decent mobile banking apps for the major platforms or even a mobile version of their website?

  • DoucheNoz

    Wow this Roman guy is loaded! He can afford to pay bank fees!

    • NeedAJob?

      $24k…how is that loaded?

  • Dizzle

    @Ken, totally agree. PC Financial dropped the ball a long time ago. Happy I made the switch to ING, with a fully functional Android app and FREE email transfers. I really did like PCF before…what a shame

  • Ali

    It is about time. It took them so long. What is wrong with them? I could build an App for them in a week at most! for free! I would only charge a tiny 1 cent for every $1000 transaction…Lol

  • Piff

    All i have to say is finally. This makes it a little bit harder to leave android.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Spring? Give me access and two days. Done.

  • hellomoto

    John Doe is ballin’!!!!