Rogers now expecting Sony Xperia T Jelly Bean upgrade to arrive “Early March”


  • mark

    When is Bell’s version supposed to come out?

  • James Fail!

    This phone was Released with Ice Cream on November, this is the phone was sooo dated that got “M” Killed!

    Then they promissed JB on Dec just to create sales. Then in Jan they did the Same, saying “Very Soon” now we are in MArch and they say “March”??

    Sony and HTC simply make Samsung and Nexus phone more and more appealing. Why would you buy a non Samsung or Nexus phone??

  • T

    which is the reason why most people go for Nexus.

    Once the phone is sold, carriers doesn’t give a damn about you.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, most people don’t go for Nexus. Only the niche tech crowd does for the most part. Most people go for carrier subsidy phones because they don’t know any better and don’t really care for updates.

  • superfly

    One thing missed in the wireless code….. Which everyone bitches about….. Dates for updates on future OS should never be allowed to be given out. Forces carriers to release new phones with the newest software before sale or risk no sales at all due to old software.

  • EvanK

    It’s things like this that make me glad for the Nexus.

  • Roy

    > James Bond would not be pleased about this move (by Rogers).

    JB would not subscribe at Rogers (or buy the ‘old’ “Bond Phone”).

  • Eluder

    Any other carrier release the update yet? I don’t believe so, which leads me to believe that the delay is caused by Sony and not Rogers here.

    • Eric

      JB has been released in Europe and is readily downloadable at xda if anyone wants to install it on their Rogers phone. I’ve been using it for several weeks already.

  • seroevo

    I’m sure this would matter more if you’d already used 4.0 and 4.1 on a device and know the actual improvements, but otherwise how would you know.

    I have zero interest in Google Now so it’s really only the performance improvements, but the phone is already very fast.

    I actually have the phone and am not disappointed. It reminds me of when white people cry racism on behalf of an apparently offended minority that themselves don’t care about.

    If you never would’ve bought the phone anyway, then shut up and go back to your Note 2.

  • Osama

    im no fan of robelus, but have fun paying the same price for the plans, but having to buy the phone outright from google… calm down, the update was released over a month ago, relax, Robbers will release it soon…

  • Osama

    i just update OTA, waa waa, stop crying, blah blah sony sucks, whaa whaa….

  • David

    It’s here now. I just got the notification OTA for the Rogers Xperia T update!