What’s new in the BlackBerry Z10 software update


  • nickn

    This update proves that BB released just one more product that was not ready to be released initially. What are they doing now is damage control….I am afraid that even with this latest update OS software is not near ready for mass public release. Good luck to all Z10 owners.

    • Tales

      Ya, you’re right, companies should only release one version of an OS, never update it and just hope they got it right the first time. Give me a break. Every mobile OS regularly pushes out updates. Look at the recent botched release of iOS 6.1 and by your logic this product should have never been released to the public. Just because you are insure that people may actually like another type of phone that you don’t support doesn’t mean you have to go bashing them.

    • Nothin But RIM

      you’re an i***t. All software gets updates and most updates come as a result of feedback which comes from being out in the market. iOS has been out how long and they still have issues with updates and android as well. Nothings perfect, especially not software. Get your head out of your a*s.

    • May 14??

      Oh yeah!
      Going from to its a HUGE improvement!

      BB’s software upgrades are so long that they look like IP addresses!

      Software can only do so much for a SMALL BATTERY. The thing that puzzles me is how the Z10 with a bigger chin than Jay Leno can have such a SMALL BATTERY!

    • tom

      Did you get iOS 6.1 upgrade yet?

    • RICayman

      Good luck to BB10 owners. I bought a Z10 and returned it a week later. Boring, no apps, and not exciting at all. I decided to get a HTC One – nice device and abundance of apps.

      Sorry BBRY, you just can’t cut it.

  • tim

    Hopefully some Apps.. Christ, if I could check my bank account or get some Instagram i’d be pretty stoked.

    • Dan

      Just use the mobile site of your bank. Thanks to the great browser on the Z10, it works great. Bookmark it to the home screen, and it looks and functions just like an app.

  • Matt Z10

    And by what means to do you make such a claim? Things change all the time and in the amount of time it took Blackberry to make their new OS things changed again and again. looks like they’re bringing their OS up to speed to me

  • wotzit2ya

    Did BB send the check yet huh mobilesyrup lol

    • WP74Life

      Blackberry is the only canadian mobile company.
      MobileSyrup is for Canadians.
      If you’re too dumb to realise that then good luck with life.
      BTW, MobileSyrup is doing a great job at being NEUTRAL.

  • Bill Murray

    Wow iPhone is way better bcuz it yolo’s

  • Larry

    @Dan It is pretty obvious that you don’t do your banking on your phone if you think that the website is comparable to the app. If It were to go to my bank’s website the first thing I would have to do would be to zoom to be able to enter my credentials – the form fields are tiny. Then I would constantly have to scroll and zoom to navigate the site and read the information I need. These are pretty flat websites.

    The app formats that information much more usefully at this point from the bank apps that I am using.

  • Brianb71

    It seems to me that Blackberry is doing their homework and listening to customers and rolling out updates as soon as possible. Nothing ever comes out of the box perfect these days especially where software is concerned. I think that by the time April/May rolls around we will see an even more polished version of BB10 rolling out. I also believe that there will be some major apps rolling out for the platform in the near future as well.
    It’s time to be optimistic about Blackberry’s future, even if it is cautious optimism.

  • johentie

    actually the OS went from OS to

    the other numbe ru quoted was the software release version..

    get it right if ur gonna troll… damn these ignorant morons can post anything on the net!

  • hmmmmm

    @ MS , just got the 4.1.2 update for the note 2 from Videotron…not too bad, only waited 3 months.
    is it me or not all apps are compatible with multi windows view…

  • Imthiyaz Hameed

    I’m on Bell but have a Koodo Z10, I’m wondering are updates dependent on the carrier you are with or the carrier the phone is originally from? As I have yet to receive any sort of update and it says I have the latest software at

    • joe public

      Just borrow a micro sim from a Telus fido or Rodgers if you have an unlocked Z10. I have a kodoo Z10 and on bell I just borrowed a buddies Rodgers sim and did the ota update.

  • Nicolay

    @Dan, you mean your bank does not have a mobile web site? Because TD and CIBC, Scotiabank do. I expect RBC and BMO to follow suit soon.

    • Anonymus

      RBC Have it too.

  • Nicolay

    I meant @Larry.

  • DrugStoreCowboy

    This update did fix some issues that I had a problem with. The gmail calendar syncing issue is now fixed properly, and the other issue is in “Bedside Mode”, where the phone would either go completely silent or “normal” profiles only. I wanted just the “phone calls only” profile, and now that works properly!

    So far, so good BlackBerry!

  • ben

    I’m finding some nice, subtle enhancements like being able to left swipe in the hub to get back to a summary view. Browser is noticeably faster, not that I had complaints before. The battery changes also look to be quite an improvement for how I use it. Overall, an excellent first update!

  • Jesse

    Any idea when and if this update will hit Sasktel? Still says 10.0.9 is the latest up to date software

  • ITGuy

    I think that people need to look at this from a different angle. It isn’t about getting a market share as high as iOS or Android. It is about keeping the current customers while gaining some more and making a profit. You don’t need 100% of a market to be successful. Nobody calls Ferrari a failure just because they have a smaller share than Honda.

  • MP

    nice update but what about fixing the syncing issue with outlook so you don’t need a third party app to get your calender and contacts merged like older versions of BBs.