What’s new in the BlackBerry Z10 software update

IMG_20130237 IMG_20130240

We reported yesterday that the BlackBerry Z10 was receiving its first update across carriers, with Rogers, Fido and TELUS leading the way. The software release is ( for OS version) and the update was between 150MB and 650MB depending on which version you had installed previously.

BlackBerry updated its Inside BlackBerry Blog to give us a breakdown of what exactly was updated. This was mainly a bug fix release, focusing on improving battery performance, camera low-light quality and third-party app stability.

BlackBerry has also worked with Google to fix the CalDAV syncing issues plaguing early adopters, and email conversations are now more dynamic.

The company has also improved media performance in the browser, including the handling of video feeds; I can vouch for this, too, as YouTube and other HTML5 and Flash-based video is now super smooth.

The most important fix, perhaps, is the one that we will have to evaluate over time: battery life. The BlackBerry Z10 doesn’t have great uptime, often conking out before the sun goes down. With this fix — BlackBerry says there are “over 60 battery saving improvements” implemented here — we’ll revisit our battery life tests and give you an answer in the coming days.

Overall, a pretty nice update to a great OS. We’d love to see more developers hop on board, but this is a good first step.

Check out all the info at Inside BlackBerry.