Google Play Books for Android updated, fixes “over 90 issues” and improves UI

Screenshot_2013-02-28-09-45-31 Screenshot_2013-02-28-09-44-35

Google has updated its Play Books app with a few nice improvements, some great speed increases and a new list view for your purchased books. You can also filter based on book type, which is a nice way of narrowing down a story in a long list.

Mainly the app has received a much-needed speed boost; flipping through pages is easily the smoothest on the platform, utilizing RenderScript and OpenGL to mimic the careful fold of a page. Unfortunately, the app still doesn’t allow you to import your own books, something even iBooks for iOS allows.

If you’re entrenched in the Google Play Books ecosystem, this is a fantastic update; if not, move along, nothing to see here.

Download Google Play Books for Android.