How Does The New Twitter App For Windows Phone Stack Up Against iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10? (Video)


  • iphoneee

    iTwitter iTwitter iTwitter

  • Greg

    The iPhone looks like crap next to the other 3.

  • Michael

    Windows Phone the most beautiful OS ever created. Hopefully with these apps and exposure hopefully it will get the attention it deserves among the competition, thanks Daniel, gonna download it now.

  • S2556

    Its funny that the windows phones screen is way bigger than the iphones yet the iphone displays more information haha

    • Michael

      Windows Phone goes for aesthetics its easier on the eyes than iOS it looks cleaner, iOS goes for content more which results in it looking more crammed . It’s all about choices, me I prefer Aesthetics.

      Mobile Syrup should do a fair unbiased video comparison of Windows Phone, iOS, Android and BB10 features. That would be awesome way to see how they compare to one another. +1 if you agree and hopefully Mobile Syrup will make it happen.

  • Nathen

    What a useless waste of YOUR TIME !

    I cant believe that people actually do this crap.
    Seriously think about it, what better way to spend you time could you possibly be doing other then this Tweet stuff.
    *shakes head*
    Man this Twitter and Facebook are really making a society of people that are becoming Mindless souls.
    Sorry in advance if I have offended you but this is really Sad. No wonder Kids are failing in education.

    • G

      …says the guy with poor grammar skills

  • Michael

    Some people seem scared of a Video comparison, its a chance to see which mobile OS shines.

  • Dylan

    The refresh rate on WP8 is pretty bad. The screen kept flickering like crazy through that entire video and was really noticeable compared to the rest of the pack.

    • Crocography

      The refresh of the Nokia 920 is higher than that of the other phones but that is not the issue.

      Also, Dylan, there is no such thing as the refresh rate on an OS, it is the video processor/screen combination. Anyway what you are seeing is the way the video camera is processing the image at (x) amount of frames per second on a screen that refreshes (x) amount of frames per second. In this case the video camera appears to catch the Nokia phone at a particular frequency to give it the appearance of those horizontal colour lines running up the phone’s display.


    • Anonymous

      The Nokia Lumia 920’s display has a refresh rate of 60 hz, which is equal or superior to those found on the other phones.

  • Anthony

    Great comparison…thanks Dan

  • Jamie

    BlackBerry rocks

  • jplunks

    you can make the fonts smaller on the Nokia 920 to show more tweets

  • Mark

    Not sure why you would want/need a Twitter app on Windows Phone.

    • jfmanzo

      Well people/me hub integration is very nice, but there are certainly many uses for a twitter app. You can’t follow hashtags from People for example, among many other issues. I don’t usually tweet from the “me” hub just because it doesn’t occur to me.

  • wpuser

    Yes, you can make the fonts smaller on WP 8 by going into settings and the accessibility.

  • gezaim

    I would love to own all 4 of the phones. Depending on my mood for the day I could choose my phone. #ineedamoneytree

  • wp7.5user

    The search function has been downgraded with this update. You used to be able to search and restrict results to “nearby”. That function has been removed. Very disappointed.

  • bobfreeze

    Not on WP 7.5/8 ;(

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Twitter is for trolls, tools and hacks who think they are important.