Hands-on: HTC One accessories


  • David N

    Wow. I originally didn’t want this phone. But man this is all amazing

  • Michael

    I don’t understand why one piece of the case is red. I know Beats logo is red, but the red bar at the top of the case just looks out of place.

    A bumper style case (Like the Nexus 4 and iPhone 4/4s) would be neat, since the back of this phone looks really nice.

    • Donhu Rickerby

      i think that is their “double dip” case, not the actual phone. maybe you’ll have the option of buying the different pieces in different colors to match taste.


    Ya that read thing is ugly as hell, who would mess up the sweet look of the ONE with that Blahhhhhh garbage. It’s terrible. I do want the HTC ONE THOUGH.

  • Yannick Wolfe

    they are already planning a booster pack for the phone?
    sounds like the battery won’t last too long.

    Just like Apple releasing bumpers for the iphone 4. let’s say that the reception wasn’t great without a bumper….

    • Roy

      > they are already planning …
      “they” = “Company who is not HTC and sells Booster Batteries”.

      > Just like Apple releasing bumpers …
      “Apple” = “Company who gives Prototypes to drunken Employees
      so they can leave it in a Bar AND also Company who USED to
      not test Phone completely when they had a Prototype (maybe
      because drunken Employee lost it or was a bad Tester)”.

      Thus, is is NOT “just like”, but instead “completely different”.

  • joe public

    Looks like a white Z10

    • Michael

      I’m pretty sure you’re the first person to have made that observation.

  • dc2000

    HA! HTC knew the battery that they placed in this phone is crap! Hence why they are also selling an external battery. Amazes me, good marketing ploy to make more money but who the eff wants to carry a external battery with them? Not me, I’d rather have a 3000+ mAh battery… this phone, is not for me.

    • David N

      other than a GNII what phone in canada has a 3000Mah battery? Things aren’t arbitrarily done in the mobile phone industry. Its not HTC’s fault that battery tech still isn’t where people want it to be. Design wise if HTC could put a bigger battery in the phone im sure they would. but in this case i guarantee that if you took the ONE apart you will find that there is no space for anything else.

      Lets say they could add another row of cells, that means that everything else would most likely have to be bigger too meaning it would be a 5.3″ phone or more.

    • David N

      I should also add, its not the size of the battery either, in the past its been proven that things like LTE radios and HTC Sense have been a pig on battery. Look at iphone. the battery in the 4s is only 1430mah and it gets great battery. Maybe HTC should clean up their code. =p

  • Cole

    Checking the HTC website, there is a red version, as well as black and white. I guess that’s why there are optional corner case colours.

  • Pat

    @David N
    lol, indeed for lte. maybe the iphone 4s should get lte and a bigger screen…
    oh wait, they did on the iphone 5, and it’s battery isn’t so great anymore

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)


  • mike

    All the talk that the iPhone has such great battery and I’m now dating a girl with an iPhone 4s and she never makes it through the day on a charge and my old nexus one has to finish out the day for us providing music on the ride home. Granted she uses it a lot, but there’s no option to swap battery like I have and the battery life just isn’t what all the trolls on these sites have made it out to be even by a long shot. Best battery life I’ve experienced was the HTC one s which I sold because of money trouble and bought the nexus one used.