Apple releases iOS 6.1.2, fixes Exchange calendar bug


  • WP74Life

    Typical apple stuff.
    You happy with that 800$ piece of crap ?
    Rotten apple.

    • Rio

      More updates on iPhone in a month than Androids get in a year! lol

    • jack

      ^ is that a good thing or a bad thing? u can say that its so bad because people keep finding things wrong with iOS or you can say its good because they fix their mistakes.

      more updates doesnt mean its necessarily better

    • Alex

      Keep on trolling!

  • Happyboy

    I wonder if they fixed the Wi-Fi issue yet

    • MikethemaN

      Sorry but the wifi issue isnt a problem with the software. Its a problem with your existing install base on the phone, and the fact you took an ota update rather than doing it through itunes. It is wide known and not just an ios issue whereby when you traverse a major os number (5-6) that there will be some unknowns and incompatibilities. If you do a clean install (think windows) via itunes and update to your apps one by one you can ensure compatibility. Never had this fail once yet on several hundred “problem” devices.

      Be happy you get updates and support for several years after purchase. That is not a commonality these days.

  • skazzberry 2.0

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Fandroids go to hell. Isheep rejoice. Long live apple! Rip Rim!

  • wifi

    My Iphone 5 always loses WIFI connection at home and I end up over-using the data on my network. It’s frustrating!!

  • gord

    @wifi My iPhone5 has been working OK on my wifi. Have you considered it may be an issue with your home router?

    • wifi

      I didn’t consider it. It’s a good point. It might be the router as I periodically have problems with it when I use my second computer. Thanks Gord!

    • jack

      just the apple tax, nothing to see here.

  • chrome262

    Mine has been working fine as well. Including exchange, really a useless update. but then again even with the lock screen issue I still don’t need an Anti-virus program for it, like some other handsets.

  • Thompson

    6.1.3 for the lock screen bug?

  • Happyboy

    If I don’t notice an improvement in Wi-Fi I may have to get my Internet company to replace my modem i don’t notice any issues with my two laptops so who knows

    • Porilaisten

      Maybe try changing the channel on the router if you can.

  • Alexandru

    Hi Guys,

    Apple is a great company but it seems is time to have some major changes in their products and UI.
    They should hurry though… BB Z10 and right now Ubuntu are strong choices and offer similar ecosystems as apps, music, movies, etc.

    I for a fact I would give a run to a BB Z10 or Ubuntu phone / tablet.
    What say you?

    All the best,

    • jack

      u must be drunk to even want to compare bb/ubuntu ecosystem to apple.

    • Alexandru


      Being Apple is not a forever guarantee of being the best for Eternity.
      The industry is driven by change and thirst of new things.
      The moment Apple is not bringing new ideas to the table or improving itself it will loose the leadership it has now and fade away…

      All the best,

  • gord

    @alexandru I fully agree. Apple for the most part “just works” and is great, but they need to change it up a bit, to keep things fresh. I am glad BB Z10 is getting good reviews, competition is always a good thing. I just bought an iphone5 two months ago, and I’m looking forward to good things in iOS 7.

    • bcsc

      There sure a lot of point updates lately for something that ‘just works’ even with the lockscreen issue still outstanding, they aren’t doing much to ensure it ‘just works properly’

  • ReGenesis

    I would really like to see Apple do a few things to change it up. My 2 main ones for usability just to keep pace with the competition are:

    1) Re-do the keyboard OR allow 3rd party keyboards like Android does. Had SwiftKey on my Galaxy S3 and it kicked a*s. Even BB10 looks like it is going to have a kick a*s keyboard. The stock iOS one needs a major revamp.

    2) For a company that prides itself in commercials on 1 handed operation, you can’t pinch zoom with one hand. Again on Android you could slide the sides of the screen up and down to zoom. Found that very handy.

  • zzZZzz

    So apparently Apple got hacked, their offices in Cupertino, allegedly by Chinese hackers. Just goes to show that nothing is really safe.

    • MikethemaN

      Stop reading stuff posted by alex jones.

  • sp

    you are all still holding it wrong

    • bcsc

      You win 1 internet!

  • Joe

    Something is a little off with the update. My battery was at 94% prior to the update, downloaded and installed the update (7 mins give or take) then when my system rebooted. Battery life was 100% for a good 25 mins of usage and only dropped to 99% after that time.
    How did the update “recharge” my phone? This is where things don’t add up…?

  • wifi

    It’s funny how no one is talking, or is really excited about the upcoming Iphone 6(?) anymore. Unlike they were last year…

  • Shoaib

    We r missing u Steve jobs

  • Brad F

    @Brad F (With pic and dickless)