Nike not developing an Android app for its FuelBand


  • screwnike

    o come on nike, just get more child labour and make an android app

    • Legendary

      Rio, half of android’s userbase is on 4.0 and up, and most of the other half is on Gingerbread.

      We’re not exactly talking about Donut here. Hell my old HTC Legend on 2.2 can run most apps that are out today, and most of the ones that it can’t run are due to the app using features that were added later.

    • Ron Mexico

      I say this with respect and as a long time android user: who gives a fcuk? Have you looked at most (not all) android users? Think exercise and fitness are at the top of their list of must have apps? Really?

      Also, there is the always present elephant in the room: fragmentation. As Daniel said, some functionality requires featured only available on some newer models. Like it or not, fragmention is real and is a reason some companies are not giving parity to android. Sux but tru.

  • MyBestFriendLarry

    Another large corporation that chooses to serve a smaller community of users. Oh well, they are missing out on a LARGE portion of people that use the Android OS…

    I prefer Adidas anyway!

    • A_Person_of_Interest

      In this case for Nike, ADIDAS stands for All Day I Disrespect Android Software.

    • Rio

      LARGE portion? lol please.

      Half of the Android marketshare consist of 551’s or Gio’s, that are not capable of running any apps

  • EvanK

    Whatever, I guess they won’t be getting my, or 70% of the total smartphone market’s business.

    • Ron Mexico

      You are right Evan but that is flawed logic. Just being a larger slice won’t make Nike want to support android. They’ll pick the customers most likely to spend money on luxury products. Unfortunately, historically that has not been android users.

  • Justin

    Lame… here I was waiting for it because there are other Nike apps on Android.

  • Mike

    There is also the Jawbone Up band. Last I heard they are working on an Android app

  • Henaway

    Stupid move Nike. Let’s ignore the latest mobile user base out there.

  • Quinn

    Now’s your move, Adidas!

  • Jellmoo

    When asked to clarify, Nike said that just the way their shoes make a runner run smoothly, they want their app to smooth as well. Unfortunately this just isn’t possible on the awful lagfest that is Android.

    • jellmoo

      Um… The tag that I added indicating that the above comment was a joke seems to have vanished. Damn… My bad. Please feel free to delete.

  • B

    Apple likely has an exclusivity agreement with Nike in exchange for the native Nike+ software in iOS. Smart move by Apple. I wonder where that relationship will go if Apple decides to sell its own smart watch.

    • Tom

      Generally I hate ‘exclusives’, whether it is a phone on a carrier, an version of Angry Birds on Amazon app store, or whatever.

      I’m not demanding that these companies support every obscure platform, but I want them to try to support whatever platforms are popular.

      After all, if I like something I want the option to switch platforms myself, or to recommend the product to a friend who might be on another platform.

  • AbeZ

    Sorta shooting yourself in the foot if you dont support Android at this point. Biggest user install base,thats alot of sales your losing on there NIke.

  • MC

    If you read reviews of the fuel band, then you wouldnt want to buy one anyway.

    • whoodaaaaaaaaaaaat

      Seriously waaaaaaat the faaaaaaak is the fuelband? first time I hear abt it.. and maybe last time..

  • kevin

    The fuel band is just another expensive trendy gadget taht will most likely disappear into your drawers within a month…its just a fancy pedometer and another trend nike is trying to start like those stupid armstrong bracelets…doesn’t work very well anyways.

    • AWSguy

      Who in their ringht minds will buy a device like that which has absolutely no use? Pedometer connected to a phone? Nike should just stick to selling shoes.

    • pocketdigger

      the reason nikkers chose yapple is because they know what user base is most likely to dish out big bucks for a product that is really just inferior.

  • Dern

    Even if it was on Android I still wouldn’t buy it.

  • Rob

    After the Nike+ franchise, this is not surprising. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have an agreement with Apple.

  • the handsome one

    And now they can use this to jog all the way to Starbuck’s… With 4 sales to every 1 apple sold, how can you justify ignoring the biggest is in the world? Speechless…

  • the handsome one

    OS… Sorry…

  • User

    Jellmoo AKA Troll. Being a user of both iphone(5) and android(samsung s3).
    Iphones are just as bad.
    Plus my opinion is Iphones are for “simple” minded peopke where as android is for people who like “MORE”.
    Doubt you have ever held an android device in your palm. Your just another Apple fanboy.

    • Rio

      He speaks the truth. Android is great and DOES HAVE A LOOOT MORE features but it lags.

      Heck try running a simple game like temple run and look at the difference on an iPhone and S3. You are the one that hasnt held an iPhone, otherwise you would see the clear distinction in performance, even if that means sacrificing features.

  • Barack Obama

    What about for my Z10??

  • LJK

    I don’t even own a FuelBand but fine be that way Nike.

  • Jimmy.D

    Android #1 . must be your device that is a ‘lag fest”. Android is amazing anyone who doesn’t have it DOES NOT know what they are missing out on. (:

  • S2556

    Too bad Nike, I was looking into one but an android compatible app is a must.

  • A Dent

    How much did Apple pay them to not look to other OSes?

  • jplunks

    Where is the WP8 love???? I sense a more closed ended approach more so then anything else

  • galaxy blob

    two word review:
    Fool Band

  • JC

    Not that surprised; before reading the article I assumed it was because they have some sort of agreement with Apple. I remember the Nike+ being integrated on my iPod touch.

    Plus the app would probably only be compatible on Android 4.0+ so they’re not really missing out on as of the market as some people have said.

  • habskilla

    screw them

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Not that surprising. I dunno if it’s spite here or if people really think like me but most droid users (ie. 95% on here) probably wouldn’t go out of their way to buy this thing anyway. As someone’s already said, looks like a trendy device that will get lost in a drawer in about 2 months time.

  • daredevilinside

    Nike is the Apple of athletic wear.