LG Canada offers up free music for a year* to those who purchase the Optimus G


  • theking

    Why not for nexus 4 owners?

    • AbeZ

      Your already getting the N4 for like half the price, what more do you want?

    • Steve

      Incentives are to push slow moving products off the shelves. Nexus 4 has no problems selling, nor is it officially an LG product.
      However, after my issues with Nexus 4 (which I returned for a refund), I will be staying from LG products for the foreseeable future.

  • hwllonewwoeld123

    My cousin in India gets sony unlimited for free for life.

    • Katirt

      No one cares

    • phreezerburn

      Yeah but do they enjoy the nifty digital handcuffs of the CRTC and the teleco’s perpetually courting her?

  • Appalbarry

    Really, really obvious question: does “free” cover the data charges? I find I need to be REALLY stingy with my use of downloads and streaming audio because Telus’ data charges are through the roof. 1 gig included in a $50 plan, with TWENTY FIVE a month for two more gigs?

  • hunkyleepickle

    There Is the better question of went would a person sign a 3yr contact for an optimus g when LG is likely announcing their next mediocre flagship very soon….

  • wewewi

    What it this AD doing in the news?!

  • Brayden

    Sorry I’ll stick with unlimited free music through other ways..

  • kojack

    That’s a great deal. Its a great phone too. I’m so happy I have 6gb a month data plan. I may have to full price one of these just for the music.

  • mgg_L973

    I have one since Dec 2012. Too bad LG does not value all their customers. Encourage all the OptimusG owners not only the new ones. Now that would have been an incentive.