BlackBerry Z10 teardown reveals internal component similarities to Samsung Galaxy S III


  • Dave

    Suck it haters

    • Brad F

      so this phone is the same as a phone that came out half a year ago? good work blackberry.

    • james

      Fart B – u suck in life.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    There’s a reason why Thorsten was carrying around a SGS3 around when asked what his phone was before the launch.

    • ConcernedCitizen

      Why do Z10 enthusiasts take this as an insult? The device has been in development since a year ago and the latest and best specs were found in the SGS3.

      Some of you need to Keep Calm and Stay BBM’ing.

    • LargonRT

      LOL! No surprise. RIM comes to the game SIX years late and then copy designs from Samsung and Apple


  • wef

    R.I.P RIM, go Sammy!!! sammy forever!

    • Sterling

      RIP RIM is right… Cause Research in Motion is dead… Blackberry has risen like the phoenix.

  • rick

    I’d rather wait for the Q10. It has a smaller screen and a big 2100 mah battery, should be good for at least 2-3 days of battery life.

  • Miguel

    Samsung is just raking it in aren’t they?

  • bubu

    Cheap cheap cheap! Samsung NAND everywhere. Expect the NAND to get corrupt eventually.

  • Dylan K

    Just goes to show that Samsung doesn’t need to sell phones to be profitable. Half the components in all the most popular phones are made by them. Good choice, too.

  • Still Getting a Nexus

    BB said last year that “the advanced components for the BB10-phone were not ready” Lies!

    Is this is the future of BB10-phones?? (to have the components of the current top S-phone….one yr later?)

    In 2012 those components WERE TOP of the line; in 2013 they are MID-upper Tier, and they have dropped in price.

    -This reflect the KOODO PRICING: $550 for the S3 or for the Z10; your choice!

    -Of course Option 3 is the $430 All in for the N4!

    • sp

      get your Nexus and please shut up already.

      God so annoying

    • EvanKr

      Why are you all so spec obsessed? It’s all about the experience, why does it matter if it’s a dual core or quad core CPU, or if a phone gets higher benchmarks than another phone? Apple sells millions of iPhones and they’re far from having the latest internals.

    • Brian

      I’m the biggest BB10 hater here and even I agree. Take your Nexus 4 spam and shove it, enjoy your LG quality!

  • screamer

    Same specs than the s3 which is fine but not for the same price. Because blackberry need to get back in business

  • Haxor99

    Real Techies will prefer Android, don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

  • ActivesiN

    yawn, my nexus 4 has better specs and came out before the z10

  • Happyboy

    I’m staying with iPhone no need for blackberry or android

  • johentie

    yah these are the best specs you can still get (roughly) but QNX compared to android is WAY LESS of a resource hog and the power management on QNX is WAY beter..

    what’s the best u can get now? a quad core, which no phone really utilizes.. and the battery drainage is ridiculous.. maybe they coulda gone with the S4 pro chip.. but even then having QNX which allocates virtual memory to each process instead of having a monolithic kernel that groups all the process is just BETTER!

    • Matt Z10

      You’re excused from my rant below :p at least you know whats up

    • AWSguy

      Will you ditch a Note 2 and buy a BB10? Everyone can lecture on how good everything is, but talk about where you will put your money.

  • Matt Z10

    top specs for android running two layers of OS (google and touchwiz) QNX which if any bothered to read about has the most efficient kernel I’ve every seen! separate ‘mini hubs’ for processes puts it at the top of multitasking experience for dev’s and consumes. ever wonder why your widget filled android sh*ts its self when every page has one????

    what i take away “mid range specs and cost for a top line experience” sounds like one solid plan to me.

    • AWSguy

      @sp, GS3 and the Note 2 have different processors. The North american GS3 has a qualcomm snapdragon dual core processor, where the Note 2 has a quad core Exynos processor. The international GS3 also has an exynos processor, bot not the newer 32nmHKMG ones.

      The Note 2 processor was made by samsung from scratch, and they know how to use it. Exynos devices usually are known for their smoothness, and note 2 stands out in this regard. You can hook it up to an HDMI TV and play need for speed, it wont lag a bit. Additionally Note 2 comes with Jellybean 4.1.2 now, which is smoother than 4.1.1.

      Note 2 is a different beast, and no, it DOES NOT lag. Not at all.

  • johentie

    and even with quad core the N4 still LAGS on stock ROM with Stock Kernel..

    so what’s the point?

    • AWSguy

      Too bad, my Note 2 DOES NOT LAG with touchwiz.

    • sp

      @AWSguy thats a load of crap and you know it.

      my S3 on TouchWiz lagged while trying to type a text message…. SERIOUSLY?? a text message

    • bubu

      You’re lying. I’ve used the Note 2 and it lags.

    • KL


      My bro’s Note 2 lags a bit, not as bad as my GSIII but to say it never lags is not true. He’s on 4.1.2.

  • AWSguy

    Look at the bright side. BB 10 OS drivers are written for samsung GS3 identical hardware!!!

    We can probably work on a BB10 port to GS3 and and Android port for BB10!!

  • Matt Z10

    while you’re waiting for your note to keep up with demand you can use it to eat your dinner off of

  • johentie

    @AWSguy… i’m not doubt the note II is a nice device.. but it’s just friggin HUGGE mann! where do u keep that in the summer time?? cause its not comfortable putting in your pocket.. ur gonna have to carry a man purse in the summer just for you phone!

    and the NOTE II WILL lag overtime.. just like all android devices on stock.. the more crap u put on it.. the more it’ll lag cause the way it allocates memory..

    my S3 was tolerable cause of the ROM/kernel i had.. and my nexus 4 was tolerable cause of the ROM i had.. but even then when there’s too much s**t running it was laggy!

    my wife had the NOTE II until she sold it for the Z10.. she was on stock cause she didn’t want me to touch her phone haha.. but she always complained it lagged and it was slow..

    • johentie

      dammit my grammer/spelling is horrible.. sorry!

  • Wow

    People stop bashing bb, iPhone 5 fastest phone out, well maybe not as of now but it was up until end of 2012 and it’s a dual core for f*** sakes… Software means alot people, it’s like having the most powerful engine with a horrible transmission… You need both to succeed… Hence why quad core androids get crushed by dual core iPhones hahaha and the new bb is amazing, giving up my iPhone 5 for it. Go bb go

  • chuck

    So its over a year outdated?

  • anona

    What’s the camera sensor?

  • Imakesense

    Dont like? Don’t buy. This is a legit contender. It’s a very capable processor and has more ram than some people’s laptops. There are always those that want a quadcore 2ghz 8gb 6in screen and will never be happy. Will this save blackberry? I don’t know but it shows they are trying and gives them a jumping point when they redesign in a year with the available tech. The internet complains too much.

    • Brian

      Legit contender? Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here – it’s an alright device spec-wise but it’s being reviewed quite mediocre.

    • Imakesense

      The fact that it makes even a small share of android/ios users take a second look means to me that it is a legit competitor. Every other bb is a non-competitor. bb10 can and will be tweaked and patched just like iOS and android and the hardware will last the 2 years you’d expect currently available devices to last.

  • Mark

    If QNX is so much better then android, how come z10 battery life is coming out as “pathetic” from every early adopter and tech review? That new kernel is not working great eh?

    • Dogg

      If you read a little further down nearly every article they say that drainage lasts for a day or 2 (depending on how many social notworking sites are synced up). Once the syncing is done, battery usage goes back to normal.

  • Camfella

    @Wow “….software means a lot people….” Then why are you buying BB10? Are you aware of the lack of apps?

    • KL

      Software = OS.

      Apps = ecosystem.

      OS =/= Ecosystem.

  • Craig Borrowman

    Substitute “iPhone” for “Samsung Galaxy S3”, and you’d have yerself a lawsuit there!

  • DMan

    I’ve been playing around with the BB10 quite a bit the last week, and though I love my quad One X+ the BB10 is just smoother. I’m thinking of getting one, trying to port the android apps I need over and have a nice “grown up” phone.

    As for battery tests, any one knows it can take a week or more for the battery to settle. So the reviews I read on new devices should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • GoRimGo

      after 6 days my battery is much much better then it was when i bought it… of course LTE is a battery hog but i keep everything at full!
      screen brightness 100%
      LTE on all the time
      Wifi on all time (even not connected)
      NFC is off
      Exchange Active Sync is on for

      at the moment i am at 25% and i took it off the charger at 6:50am.. so not bad.. i did moderate to heavy usage…
      – music to/from work 50mins one way
      – side loaded some apps
      – bbm throughout the day
      – browser
      – played some blackjack
      – fb/twitter checks

      so pretty decent i’d have to say.. my N4 definitely needed a charge when i got home.

  • Felix

    Really sucks

    • placator

      Don’t be so hard on yourself Felix…you probably only suck, not really suck

  • Bill Murray

    Tear down an iphone you’ll see Samsung parts in it too. Big Deal. Samsung is a technology conglomerate… They sell to everyone.

  • nexus 4 life

    nexus 4 still a better buy regardless

  • sirroy

    surprise surprise…..the BB Z2010 has the same technology / specs as the sIII from last year……Way to Go BB.

  • Patricia Dulaney

    Thanks for this information. Really interesting.

  • Spencer

    To all those people commenting that the new Blackberries are the same as half year old phones, my response is: It’s the same components on a better OS.

    To all you I sheep…you brag macs are better computers but they ALWAYS have less power than Windows cpu’s. Why, because the OS is designed better.

    With BB10 being designed specifically for the components used with it and being idealized for the S4 processor, it negates the need for the latest and greatest. It is using things that work and work well instead of testing components that might. Consistent reviews show that its speed compares with many of the top contenders in several aspects (and it multitasks better than all).

    You don’t like Blackberry, go back to buying everything Apple pitches, or stick with Android…and shut up.