What’s wrong with iOS 6.1? A lot, according to carriers and consumers


  • Arid

    I only updated to 6.1 last week when the jailbreak came out and notices battery issues as well (on top of ios6 being crappy). Shouldn’t have updated at all.

    • Brad F


    • Eduardo

      You are charging it wrong!

    • Ron Mexico

      As much as I hate Apple, what’s the big deal? You buy a phone at a discount, do you really expected endless updates forever? Apple fans just want to whine. If your OS is working, why apply updates at all?

    • Bill Murray

      My blackberry works just fine

    • Rio

      6.1.1 update already out to fix the issue 🙂

    • Thaiboi

      I don’t update. I probably would but Samsung Canada always delays the updates so much I figured what’s the point. The good part is I don’t have to be a beta tester like iPhone users seem to be here.

    • some guy

      @Ron Mexico.
      I think the issue is that you have no choice. If something goes wrong, and it will, you have to restore the device. Guess what? You’ve now just updated your phone.

      Apple forces the user to update in certain instances, and IMO it is only to screw over jailbreakers.

      Either way, in the grand scheme of things, we are all just dollar signs for these companies. They could care less as long as people line up to throw more money at them.

  • Oldschool

    Let the good times roll…

  • yoda

    Ya this update suuucks!…. iphone 5 for sale tomorrow.

  • Hilman

    I thought they just worked? You must be holding it wrong lol.

  • ile2010

    I didn’t notice any battery issues, but I’m seeing some 3G issues. LTE is fine.

    Still, I’m far from pleased.

  • Rhett

    You would think with all of the bad press and shotty workmanship that Apple has done/gone through in the past while they would really want to have this roll out without any hiccups as serious as this.



  • chrome262

    No issues, and Jailbreak worked great. LTE ever works better, no 3G issues. Never expected Great battery performance from my Iphone 5 or my Galaxy 3 so, while I can believe connectivity issue with other carriers, battery problems are something everyone will say regardless of it actually presenting itself. Every update on every phone I have owned has someone always complaining about battery life.

  • Lostspaceman

    I’ve been running 6.1 on my iPhone4 since it was released, no issues at all… just sayin

  • MDRam

    You’re charging it wrong…

  • SN86

    I just upgraded from (4S) iOS 5.1.1 which was perfect in every way to 6.1 and noticed that connecting to the TELUS network takes a while after a reboot, it shows Searching for a while and that never happened before. And in low signal areas I loose all 5 bars (-112dBm) and it remains there until I try to make a call, it wouldn’t automatically try to find a stronger signal or it looked like that.
    I have not noticed any battery drain issue though.

  • Jeff

    Third option Jailbreakers, go to an Android nexus and don’t bother with the Jailbreaks, you can tweak all you want and won’t have to put up with Apples BS.

    • AWSguy

      You dont even need a nexus. YOu can get HTC, Samsung etc – the bootloaders are unlocked. (Samsung honors the warranty even if you root the phone, go figure!)

    • Imakesense

      Thanks for coming into an iOS post to spout your android fanboy nonsense. It’s really helpful. You are obviously an android user, so why are you being gross and try to “convert” people that didn’t ask?

  • MaXiM

    How the mighty have fallen…

  • Collindubya

    Great thing about android, new updates bring more stability, faster performance and don’t make the device less productive

    • Me

      Bad thing about Android, a phone is supported for like three months and is never updated again.

    • iOS 4

      I’m not defending Android as the update situation sucks, but I’d rather not be supported than what happened to my iPhone 3G back in the day of iOS 4 that pretty much made it unusable and it didn’t even bring the best things of the update (multitasking, custom backgrouds, etc)

    • Phandangle

      Or you could upgrade to android 4.2 on your nexus 7 and have your battery life go down the toilet while the device is ASLEEP. Look in the mirror man, no one has a perfect software update record.

  • Rick

    Apple isn’t what it used to be

  • Matt

    android is winning, apple pls stick to computers and try not to f**k that up too

  • Craig Borrowman

    Galaxy Note 2’s battery life is phenomenal, and even better since the last update. Mmm, Jelly Bean!

  • Kanyes shoes

    I’ve had no issues

  • gramz

    im getting overheat my phone gets really hot im with rogers so wen will this update come

  • Ice cube

    Running a jailbroken iPhone 5 on 6.1. Having none of the issues listed above, and still enjoying hardware more reliable than any of the androids I have owned, up to and including a terrible SG3.

  • Dalex

    You are charging it wrong, holding it wrong, taking pictures wrong, mapping it wrong, not scratching the aluminium wrong 😛

  • Maz

    Any latest Android phone such as Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, Galaxy Note 2 or S3 has better battery life than iPhone 4S or 5. Why is that? People pay premium and stand in line for hours for iPhone because it is Apple! Why pay premium for a iPhone with this many issues reported?

    Better yet, get an android and you’ll be happy with it!

  • Maz

    Any latest Android phone such as Nexus 4, LG Optimus G, Galaxy Note 2 or S3 has better battery life than iPhone 4S or 5. Why is that? People pay premium and stand in line for hours for iPhone because it is Apple! Why pay premium for a iPhone with this many issues reported?

    Better yet, get an android… pay less and you’ll be happy with it!

  • Pat

    anyone wanna buy my iphone?

  • snardos

    This isn’t a bug people. It is the new “Winter Mode”. It allows you to use the phone outside in the cold and keep your hand warm.

    • Nathen

      “Winter Mode”.

      L M A O

      That was too Funny

  • tomatoes11

    Its starting to seem like updates are hit and miss most of the time. Software and hardware designed at the same time together always seem more stable than an update. Maybe I’ll just change phones once a year if I don’t lose too much money.

  • Brandon

    Coming off a ton of android devices including the galaxy note, Xperia arc, l7, htc raider, and the galaxy nexus, then going to an iPhone 4S, I can confidently say that my iPhone battery surpasses every android phone I’ve had. I love android, but I don’t understand why people are having bad battery life on either platform. Yes, android is more open, but the battery life sucks. iPhone is closed, but the battery life is better. For me anyways. And seeing as how I’m not a dev or hacker and just an average consumer, the iPhone suits my needs better and performs better to what I do on my devices. Even on 6.1.

    • Allan

      Got to agree with the Android fans here. My Note 2 and S3 both have phenomenal battery life on Jelly Bean with latest updates. The S3 can go 3 to 4 full days on standby. The Note 2 can do 3 days, but I use it all the time, so not sure exactly. My co-worker struggles to get 1 day with light use from his iphone 4S. Battery life has definitely sunk like a stone after latest ios update. If you turn off the phone overnight, a week on standby is not a problem. Try that with an iphone.

  • yoda

    time to go Z10…Iphone 5, your f**king out…Z10 you’re f**king in!

    • Luke Skywalker

      You sound like my coach!

      Wait a second…

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Unplugged my iPhone at 7 AM today. Still at 72%.

    I’m not saying that there isn’t an issue. I’m just saying that anecdotal evidence isn’t proof.

    Also: 6.1 and a new jailbreak are released at almost the same time, then complaints start rolling in about poor battery life. Coincidence? I think not.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      Oh, and who says that being turned on by donkeys is wrong? Who, I ask!?

    • Alberto G

      Since we are all on the evidence bandwagon here…. but didn’t anyone ever tell you correlation does not equal causation? Coincidence yes but still a coincidence, nobody is prepared to abandon their philosophy on open software model and adopt a closed model such as apple likes to force users so readily to over something as trivial as a coincidence, rejoice Iphone users for you all receive better battery life than your Android equivalents, but it’s not due to software as you might think, android users enjoy bigger screens and many more hardware features while packing smaller batteries…. Just think about that.

  • Paul Q

    Until the next Steve Jobs is born again.. Apply will slowly fall down

  • tomatoes11

    Haha You would think that Apple would release proper updates when they charge people 3 or 4 times cost, have 100 billion in the bank, have a closed system that is easy to update, have more software staff than most people etc.

    know idea how people can support them. It is like electing a government that charges you ridiculous taxes and pocketing profits without doing a proper job.

    No idea how Apple fans can support getting raped.

  • Anthony

    I feel like Apple is really going to have to up their game this year. Speaking from personal experience, most people I know–including myself–have iPhone 4’s. This June marks the third anniversary of the iPhone 4’s debut, which also means a lot of 3-year cell phone contracts will likely be expiring; most people buy their phones from the Big 3 which only offered iPhone’s at 3-year contracts, or buying it outright.

    I have been relatively happy with my phone–it does everything I need it to. Neither of the two newer iPhones, nor any of the new Android, Windows, or Blackberry phones have persuaded me enough to cause me to break my contract, and pay my remaining phone premium to upgrade. I have been severely disappointed with iOS 6 however. After I upgraded, I lost a quality mapping system (until Google made their own app thankfully) but even worse, my battery life pretty much vanished. My phone used to last me a whole day and night without needing charging and now it doesn’t last me a full day at school. I hear that Apple has great customer service, but that’s if you live in a city with an Apple Store. I live in Victoria, so I have to go to Vancouver if I want to go to the nearest Apple Store, but that also means I have to give up an entire day, and pay up to $160 for a return trip (with my car) for the ferry. I know a lot of people said that it will be a deal breaker for them if Victoria doesn’t get an Apple Store by the time they’re up to renew their contract, since it’s not like Victoria’s that small of a city.

    My contract will be expiring this year, and I plan to consider every phone available at the time. If Apple doesn’t come out with something new or amazing (or figure out how to not screw up people’s phones with every OS update), I have no problem with switching to another OS; I just want what’s good! The only real bummer would be not having iMessage because so many of my friends have it, but I’d learn to manage without it.

  • Marco

    Did you expect any better from crApple?

    They just patented the world’s most buggy OS! No one better copy them! LMFAO

  • Tom

    Funny how my iPhone gets updates while android phones don’t. At least I can count on Apple to provide a quick fix to this problem yet Apple haters will always complain about how the company is.

  • Phucmeister

    With all the wrongs, might as well say “You bought the wrong phone” !

  • S_Hanson

    When will all of the iSheep flock to a new pasture?


      Apparently they have. Your using an Android now aren’t you?

  • S_Hanson

    Obviously when you look at IOS the grass is greener on the other side. My WP7 works great and has three times the battery life of an iPhone.

  • Mojo

    I have 6.1 on 4s and have no issue with the battery or the signal.
    Besides, jailbreak is still available for 6.1.1. They didn’t patch it yet.

  • Ron M

    this may sound like I hate “apple” but I don’t … but apple fan boys if you where to turn your back and buy an android mayben you may get an Iphone update that does work! This is a world where “Money Talks” so buy an android. sure nmay not have all the bells of an Iphone, who knows you may like the android. Just saying!