Microsoft Surface Pro now available in Canada, price starts at $899.99


  • Midknightsun

    I give Microsoft kudos for trying something different but at this price point, the Pro is doomed right out of the gate.

    • Rio

      Yeah, it actually is interesting but very sad that when someone buys the 64 GB model, all they are left with is 25GB of space

    • $1016 Flop

      -A $899.99 ($1,016 taxes in) Tablet with keyboard?

      -Microsoft OS takes about 24 GB or Memory and the 64GB has 40GB or USABLE memory??

      -For that money you could get a Macbook Pro; sell it two years later and get 50% of what you paid for…no Antivirus needed!

      Microsoft can be the number #3 ecosystem, W8 needed/s a few changes, and it had the time and the will of the people to try it, but at those prices..nobody will jump in!
      Microsoft, and BB need to accept that people WON”T PAY PREMIUM PRICES for their products!! if they don’t get that soon; Nokia will accept to release Android phones and tablets and the battle for #3 player ( not ecosystem) will begin!

  • 7bb7

    It was sold out for in-store pick-up at 7 AM, BOTH at Future Shop and Best Buy. How can they have planned such a small number of devices in their inventory for the launch ?

    • icyhotonmynuts

      Rogers/Apple did it when they launched the first iPhone (3G) in Canada. To create buzz with a “shortage”.

      “It’s sold out everywhere! It must be good if everyone wants it”

      Nice try Micro$oft.

  • Miknitro

    Good luck MS, I sure cannot afford it
    I remember when MS used to be affordable and apple was expensive, MS sold lots then.

    • DonSod

      Are you saying Apple is cheap now? Ha! Yes, the price is up there, but unlike a Mac you can actually be productive with this thing!

  • Alex

    A 10.6 inch for 900$ Tough sell.

    • Michael

      Everybody knows what a tablet is, right? It’s a black touch-screen slab, like an iPad or an Android tablet. It doesn’t run real Windows or Mac software — it runs much simpler apps. It’s not a real computer.

      But with the Surface Pro ($900 for the 64-gigabyte model, $1,000 for a 128-gig machine), Microsoft asks: Why not?

      The Surface Pro looks like a tablet. It can work like a tablet. You can hold it in one hand and draw on it with the other. It even comes with a plastic stylus that works beautifully.

      But inside, the Pro is a full-blown Windows PC, with the same Intel chip that powers many high-end laptops, and even two fans to keep it cool (they’re silent). As a result, the Pro can run any of the four million Windows programs, like iTunes, Photoshop, Quicken, and, of course, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

      The Surface Pro is beautiful. It’s clad in matte-black metal, beveled at the edges like a Stealth helicopter. Its connectors immediately suggest its post-iPad capabilities, like a memory-card slot for expanded storage. The screen is bright and beautiful, with 1080p high-definition resolution (1,080 by 1,820) — but when you connect the tablet to a TV or desktop monitor, it can send out an even bigger, sharper picture (2,550 by 1,440). There’s one USB 3.0 jack in the tablet, and a second ingeniously built into the power cord, so you can charge your phone as you work. Or you can connect anything you’d connect to a PC: external drives, flash drives, keyboard, mouse, speakers, cameras and so on.

      Are you getting it? This is a PC, not an iPad.

      As though to hammer home that point, Microsoft has endowed the Surface Pro with two unusual extras that complete the transformation from tablet to PC in about two seconds.

      First, this tablet has a kickstand. It’s a thin metal flap that disappears completely when closed, but holds the tablet at a nice angle when you’re working or watching a movie.

      Second, you can buy Microsoft’s now-famous keyboard cover. There are two models, actually. One is about as thick as a shirt cardboard. You can type on it — slowly — but you’re tapping drawings of keys, not actual keys. It’s called the Touch Cover ($100 with Surface purchase).

      The other keyboard, the Type Cover ($130) is thicker — a quarter-inch — but its keys really travel, and it has a trackpad. You can really type on this thing.

      Either keyboard attaches to the tablet with a powerful magnetic click. For tablet use, you can flip either keyboard around to the back; it disables itself so you don’t type gibberish by accident.

      And if you really want to go whole hog with the insta-PC idea, you should also spring for the matching Wedge Touch mouse. It’s a tiny $70 cordless wedge, not much bigger than the AA battery that powers it, with supercrisp buttons and a touch surface on top for scrolling.

      Now, when I wrote a first-look post on my blog last month , I was surprised by the reader reactions. Over and over, they posted the same argument:

      “For that money, I could buy a very nice lightweight laptop with a dedicated keyboard and much more storage. Why should I buy Surface Pro when I can have more for less?”

      Why? Because the Surface Pro does things most laptops can’t do. Like it weighs two pounds, with touch screen. Or work in portrait orientation, like a clipboard. Or remain comfortable in one hand as you make medical rounds, take inventory or sketch a portrait. Or stay in a bag through airport security (the TSA says tablets are O.K. to stay in).

      You also hear: “But haven’t there been full-blown PC tablets before?”

      Yes, there are a couple. But without the kickstand and keyboard cover, they can’t change instantly into a desktop computer.

      So it’s true: for this much money, you could buy a very nice laptop. You could also buy a five-day cruise, a Gucci handbag or 250 gallons of milk. They just happen to be different beasts.

      All right then: the Surface Pro is fast, flexible and astonishingly compact for what it does; that much is unassailable. But in practice, there are some disappointments and confusions.

      CONFUSION 1 The Surface Pro runs Windows 8, which is two operating systems in one. You get a tablet operating system, whose Home (Start) screen is filled with colorful tiles that represent apps and real-time information. (Since Microsoft refuses to give this environment a name, let’s go with TileWorld.)

      TileWorld has been jarringly stapled to the regular Windows desktop underneath it. You wind up with two Web browsers, two control panels, two Mail programs, two completely different looks.

      That weird duality makes zero sense on regular desktop computers, but it’s somewhat more reasonable on the Surface Pro. This machine has two modes — tablet and laptop — so its two operating systems each serve a purpose. But you still have a lot to learn.

      CONFUSION 2 There are two Surface tablets. One came out a few months ago. It’s called the Surface (not Pro), it costs $500, it weighs 1.5 pounds and it’s 0.4 inches thick. It runs only TileWorld apps — full-screen, generally simple apps, not real Windows software — which is not very compelling. If you’re going to buy a tablet that doesn’t run real software, why not just get an iPad and enjoy its library of 300,000 apps?

      The Surface Pro is thicker and heavier (just over half an inch thick, and 2 pounds). But — glory be — it runs both TileWorld apps and all those traditional Windows programs, which makes it fantastically versatile.

      Unfortunately, the confusion isn’t the only dent in this Surface. The speakers aren’t especially strong. The screen and keyboard are both slightly smaller than what you’d get on a real laptop. The magnet on the power cord is stronger than on the non-Pro Surface, but attaching that cursed cord is still a flummoxing operation.

      You should also realize that of the base model’s 64 gigabytes of storage, only 23 are available for your use. A full 65 percent of your storage is eaten up by Windows itself. (On the 128-gig Surface Pro model, only 83 gigabytes are free.) Ouch.

      The real heartbreaker, though, is the battery. Microsoft says the Pro will get about half the battery life of the non-Pro Surface, which would mean about 4.5 hours. I say, you’ll get 4.5 if you’re lucky; I barely got 3.5 hours from a charge.

      Guess that’s why there aren’t many other two-pound, half-inch-thick laptops with Intel i5 processors.

      So in the end, the Surface Pro isn’t for everyone, it isn’t all it seemed at first, and it isn’t all it could be.

      Even so, there’s a lot to admire in Microsoft’s accomplishment. The Surface Pro is an important idea, almost a new category, and it will be the right machine for a lot of people. It strikes a spot on the size/weight/speed/software spectrum that no machine has ever struck. You can use this thing on a restaurant table without looking obnoxious (much). You can hold it in one hand to read a Kindle book while you’re standing in line.

      And wow, is it happy on an airplane tray table. Lean back all you want, pal. I’m getting work done.

      David Pogue
      New York Times

    • galaxblob

      You lost me pretty quick in this review:

      “You can hold it in one hand and draw on it with the other.”

      If you’ve used a lighter tablet like an iPad (at 1.5 lb) you know that this just isn’t practical for more than a couple of minutes. Reminds me of one of those beer stein holding competitions.
      The Surface Pro weighs closer to 2 lbs., have fun with that.

    • Still Overpriced

      I used to think that the MS Surface and the Surface pro were simply “overpriced Tablets” now thanks to this post written by Microsoft-people I am aware that these products are “Overpriced-over engineered products that nobody NEEDS and Wants and Buy”

      -The Surface (Tablet) sits between the N10 and the ipad; and competes with none of them!

      -The Surface pro: if its a full blown PC at $1,000 it fails for simply having a 10″ screen. If you want to use MS applications you want at least a 13″ (Word Excel, games etc) and for all the uber-connections that it has the 3h battery kills it!
      -If the surface pro is a tablet, then its simply too expensive and too heavy.

      Simply the worse of both words at more than double the price: a SMALL LAPTOP with POOR Battery; and an Expensive tablet.

      People can see this and are aware that they can get a N10 or similar tab (better battery cheaper and lighter) and if they need a laptop they can simply get either a Windows laptop or a Mac one and get bigger screen and better battery life, and running only one OS.

      In a nutshell: The Surface pro is an absurdly expensive- answer to a question nobody asked!

      Microsoft: you should google “Market research” is something that tells you what people’s needs are and what they would be willing to buy. You don’t mae products and tell them to people to buy them; people buy WHAT THEY WANT, and nobody needs a tablet with compromises with a notebook with compromises at high prices.

      Surface 10″: should be $349-399 TOPS!to compete with the N10 (kinda)

      Surface Pro:That combo as it is now, won’t work. Make it 13″ drop the CPU to something more cost effective; call it a touch screen-laptop; get rid of the “Tablet OS” free up memory and give it a decent laptop battery all for $599 ($100 more than the Nexus 10″ -32 wifi) and it will sell
      So it will be the Microsoft laptop, but as you can see there is no reason for this to exist. Just make a tablet that competes with the N7 and or N10.

      Focus focus focus MS!
      For years you have done MANY THINGS ok. But if you want to make a tablet you are competing with Google-Samsung and they only make ONE thing and they do it WELL.

      I know that your pockets are deep and that you can afford this flops, but MS hardware = (fill in the joke)

      MacBook Air refurbished – $860 (most expensive laptops solution)
      N10 16Gb -$480 delivery and taxes in !
      In both cases people will look to get either a good tablet or a good laptop. Each of the examples are cheaper, offer a better performance and a better re-selling value.

  • kirilmatt

    People seem not to understand that this is an “ultrabook” class device, not a media tablet device. This is priced competitively in its class for what it offers.

    • Piff

      With no touch type cover? I don’t think is competitively at all.

    • $1016 Flop

      “Ultrabook” my dog!!

      -The fact that Microsoft calls it that and adds a stupid price doesn’t stopp the fact that people see it as a “Tablet with Keyboard, with a memory-hog OS and an absurd price”

      Want a Tablet? get an Ipad or a N10? need a keyboard??
      Just buy one.

      Want a Laptop?? just get a windows or an apple version!

      The surface is the perfect example of “worse of both worlds” it sits between a tablet and a laptop; it offers compromises and its More expensive!

      Ultrabooks and 3D TVs are just as necessary as deep-fried Mars Bars (TM)
      -You know you don’t need it, you know you can get something better out there at any moment; you know there are tons of better options and if you decide to go with one, you know the price will be high and you will get it later!

    • EvanK


      This has the same specs as an ultrabook, and it’s only $900 whereas most ultrabooks start around $1000 and up.

  • Steve Dion

    Include the touch cover at this price point and I might be in. Give it a couple months price will drop like crazy. Nobody is buying this stuff. They might sell a lot at launch but I think it will die down very quickly.

    • jack

      I am not sure that the price will be sinking like a stone. If you didn’t see the AMA the Surface team did on Reddit it is worth a read. Panos and the team have built a really cool platform.

  • Matrix

    wow 900 + tx for the Surface Pro ??


    no I don’t want to pay over 1000$ for a tablet scoring only 3.5 hours in the battery life test.

    • jack

      funny thing is you will probably pay 250+ for another tablet and then pay 600+ for a PC or MacBook on the conservative side and then you will look really goofy with both a lighter wallet and a heavier bag. Also, as mentioned in the AMA on Reddit they hinted strongly that the accessory spine on the Surface Pro was extensible for battery keyboard accessories. Be a hater if you like but I prefer to invite Microsoft to compete with Apple and Google.

  • screamer

    We always have to see how much it is to produce them. Around 250 $ where does all the money goes? I won’t buy all these things anymore. Need a good smartphone and a computer! That’s it!

  • kirilmatt

    I do agree that at that price a touch cover should be included

    • $1016 Flop

      At $1,016 taxes in, does it come with a N4, N10 and cheap windows laptop??

      -Can Microsoft see that for $500-600 taxes in you can get a Windows laptop with more memory, battery, storage, bigger screen??

      Why would someone pay that much to get 3 hrs battery, less storage, smaller screen and…….for a Microsoft product!!

      You are better off getting half a dozen black turtleneck-sweaters, spending $100 in frapo-lates and getting a macbook pro, and sit at a Starbucks, pretending you are an “intellectual barista”!

      MS Surface: the new MS Pebble; the new MS Zune!!

  • villain

    I completely understand the surface pro is as much as an ultrabook as a tablet with a full OS… BUT the end of the day the public will still see this as an overpriced tablet in a see of cheap alternatives.

    I want a surface pro but I’m not willing to chuck MS over $1000 after tax with no accessories.

  • dajebus

    I will get one but not made my Microsoft. Acer or Asus will do it right.
    Microsoft hardware has always been OK but overpriced.

  • kenypowa

    Lets see here. $900 + $100 keyboard + tax for 28gb of usage space.

    No thanks. I will get a Nexus 10 AND Nexus 7 AND a Nexus 4 for less price than this brick.

    • DonSod

      Are you kidding me? You can’t compare this to those tablets. Those are great tablets, but this thing is in a class of it’s own. They, like he iPad are essentially toys. This is a productive workhorse.

    • John_hates_blackberry

      A productive workhorse? Really? Tell me, after I’m done being productive and workhorsey where do I store all that good material? I love the IDEA of the Surface, I don’t think the price is right. If it is supposed to compete with ultrabooks or needs more storage. If it is supposed to compete with tablets it needs to be priced like a tablet.

  • Michael Bryenton

    Just got a 128GB Surface Pro through the online Microsoft Store – weird because I could have swore they were sold out earlier.

    • Tyrone

      Not sure if that a troll or not but if you’re serious you wasted your money.

  • rockman

    Just too expensive.

    Similar specs on a laptop would cost $499 CAD, and you could buy a larger 128 GB SSD for another $100 to 150, and the keyboard is included.

    The mark up on this is too much, even if it does have a higher resolution touchscreen. Too expensive.

    Doomed out the gate imo too.

  • Bill Murray

    Mac book air 11″ is the same price, and osX doesn’t take up much storage, plus you can pirate windows and parallels if you really want to run Windows.

    • Crocography

      @bill murray: your comment is a false, do some research.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Waaaaay to much for this , Microsoft = FAIL again

  • Matt

    I was up at midnight mashing my F5 key. Since BestBuy didn’t put their stock online till later I went with the first company that could, and that was from the MS site. Hopefully they don’t mess up the shipping like they did with RT (unless I get a discount because of it 🙂 )

  • ebleyes

    I’m a very patient person, In two years the third generation of the surface will be worth it.

  • Jimmy Johnson

    Space issue??

    From BGR:
    With Office 2013, Chrome and Evernote installed along with about 1GB of files and a dozen new-style Windows apps, I had about 85.3GB of available storage left on the 128GB review unit I got from Microsoft.

    Just add a 64gb SD card. You’d have 140 GB of space in a kick a*s form factor.

  • tomatoes11

    I was pretty excited for the Surface RT, not pro, but they really dropped the ball on that one with screen resolution and price.

    The pro seems to be following the same trajectory.

  • ta

    Someone is saying that fabrication cost may be $250. I am sure they can’t differentiate between a toy and an ultrabook. The processor price is $ 225 alone. 4GB ram and an ultrabook class storage(not tablet class) and do your price math. I know the price is high for a customer like me, but the price is we’ll deserved.

  • ta

    With the Intel core i5 processor (not the ARM or atom) we can run everything like Photoshop, autocad, matlab, maple. For a tablet with arm processor (ipad or nexus) it’s a dream which won’t be true in next two year. I wish asus or others come up with similar specification but slightly lower price.

    • SkyDome

      Good luck running Photoshop or Autocad on 10″ screen

  • Superfly

    Are people forgetting that everyone on earth has used usb sticks, flash memory cards, and external harddrives all over their house. Who cares about storage space on a full pc. Fully compatible with every storage device available. stupids. …

  • Kakashi

    At first I found this thing intriguing… but if you think about it… it’s not the best of both worlds… it’s kind of the worst of both worlds.

    Doesn’t do the job of a laptop as good as a real one (tiny keyboard with a crappy tiny touchpad on it).

    Doesn’t do the job of a tablet as good as an Android or iPad (tablet apps, text size/display issues and other stuff mentioned in reviews).

    I’ll stick with my Macbook Pro + Nexus 10.

  • MovieMan87

    I am looking forward to picking mine up soon. Is it pricey, yes but it perfectly fits what I am looking for. I love it. Its a very solid device and I think its a fair price for all the R&D that went into it. It is NOT AND IPAD, it is a full fledge computer that is compact. I hate how people complain about having to buy a touch cover, does your Ipad come with a keyboard? Hell no. So if your not interested in the product why the heck do you come here and complain.

  • Shuuwai

    At the end of the norms will see this as an over price tablet. That said, this isn’t a tablet, and to the point it’s like a tablet/laptop. I was going to buy one, but the weight is 3 lbs, its too heavy for me. -_-;; I am still waiting for a company to make a tablet/laptop unit that’s under 2 lbs. MS should had drop a keyboard add-on in the pro version. This tablet is windows in your hands, its better than Android! No I am not dogging android, I have a Samsung galaxy 3 LTE. The bad part is that not many windows games use the touch screen. -_-;;

  • jm

    People say this is too expensive?.. What about that brand new ipad with 128gb… That things over a thousand and all you can do is play games and watch movies, not to mention it is no where near as powerful as an i5 or HD4000… heck even the 64gb lte version is a 1000 after taxes

  • R u Serious?

    Microsoft is delusional as usual.
    Doomed from the start…
    Ballmer needs to go

  • Daniel AJ

    Is there any store in Halifax that would have any?

  • James T.

    Lined up at a BestBuy in Calgary this morning only to be told that the 3x 128gb Surface Pros slated for that store hadn’t arrived yet.

    For anyone looking to buy from Microsoft Canada’s site (which still appears to have availability), it’s a bit misleading because I just spoke to Microsoft customer service and they are not actually expecting stock to ship out until February 15th for Canada, so they are putting some orders on hold. So you may be able to order it online, but you probably won’t get it for a while….

  • Ryan

    Just so people know, the Yorkdale store is sold out of these.

  • rockman

    “This has the same specs as an ultrabook, and it’s only $900 whereas most ultrabooks start around $1000 and up.”

    The form factor is not ultrabook though.

    Ultrabooks are expensive because they are ridiculously thin, but they also have larger hard drives, a keyboard, and larger screens. Ultrabooks also sometimes have dedicated GPUs.

    Surface Pro is relatively thick considering the processor in it. The RAM size isn’t that great and the hard drive is very low.

    So comparisons to Ultra books may need to be toned down a bit. They are in the same price range, but the functionality is not as comparable I don’t think due to the smaller RAM size and far less HDD space.

  • Tom

    At $899 this is in the territory of professional tablet PCs, the type with fancy digitizer pens that have buttons on them for right click etc (VERY handy in OneNote). The Surface Pro’s screen is basically like an iPads, so while it accepts any generic capacitative stylus it’s also vulnerable to the palm screwing up your input and only left-click input is possible. Not good.

    While this isn’t meant to compete with ARM-powered tablets like the iPad and android tablets (the Surface RT will fill that role), it’s not very competitive as an ultrabook or a tablet PC, I’d say. I imagine anyone using this as a PC would stay in Desktop mode most of the time and finger touch just isn’t of much use there, except for some casual games.

    I’ll stick with my Lenovo thinkpad X220 tablet PC.

    • Brad

      Tom, what are you talking about? Have you done any research about the Surface Pro? The included digitizer pen is NOT a dull capacitive pen…and it can right click.

      Please have at least a little knowledge before you start embarrassing yourself on the internet and misleading others.

  • GlassBackBadIde.a

    I don’t undersand all this fuss with windows 8 and tablets and other junk when my windows xp machine runs fine for the last 7 years. why waste money on useless junk when your smartphone can do everything that expensive machine does.

    • phreezerburn

      Wireshark or PLC programming on a phone? Do tell…

  • schultzter

    On the Reddit AMA they more-or-less confirmed it booted from BIOS like any other PC. So I’ll keep my eye out on eBay and kijiji to pick one up cheap and install linux on it – now that will rock!!!

  • phreezerburn

    Using an Asus Vivotab Smart for the same things as the Surface Pro and for $500 it’s a job well done. Full version of Office along with Wireshark, Photoshop, Windward, AVS Media Suite,Quickbooks and about to drop my PLC applications onto it for a little late night code tweaking as well. Add to that my browsers run every single website covered by 90% of the Apple Store’s Browser-Shortcut-Apps, I don’t think I’m missing a single thing. K-Lite Mega codec pack anyone?

  • Cenedra

    I had a desktop for 15 yrs, until I decided to join the laptop generation. I have 2 laptops (HP19″ & HP17″)which I love both. I wanted a tablet that does just about the same as a laptop without all the extra heavy laptop bags to carry with my briefcase and handbag. A tablet that would fit into my briefcase like my e-reader in my handbag.Have read so many negatives on tablets out there with androids. The HP looks pretty good and was hoping Surface would be my answer for extra memory ports at a reasonable low price.
    The size is nice, the features in the PRO is GREAT! The price way out of the ballpark. With the keyboard sold seperate..not good either. Microsoft needs to seriously rethink this.
    Would love to find a tablet…one with a NORMAL USB port to attach a memory stick or regular SD slot for the extra memory. There is NONE to be found. NOT COOL!
    I was so hoping Surface had these features…..