Microsoft Surface Pro coming to Canada on February 9th


  • Shawn

    It’s $300-$400 too high.



    • Tom

      The price is on par with other Samsung/Acer/Asus/Sony detachable full speed tablet. You get a ULV Intel i5 and not a ARM processor.

      The speed will make a huge difference.



    • Wes

      MS you are badly marketing your products. First of all, this product should INCLUDE a keyboard!!! JACK UP THE PRICE AND SELL IT WITH THE KEYBOARD (if you want to make more money, or just include it for FREE)!!!!! The reality is that the VAST majority will end up buying it. Aren’t you marketing this to professionals? Let me see professionals trying to use this without a keyboard. Imagine working on spreadsheets or word processing…This is an Ultrabook, market it as one. If someone is buying this to play Cut the Rope or check their email, buy an RT, IPAD, or Android tablet!!

      Secondly, you really need to create better product differentiation. To the regular Joe, would they know what the difference is between the Pro and the RT? Try explaining the difference in everyday lingo to your mom and you’ll see that you’ll end up going no where. RT? Pro? x86? Arm? Or simply ask any random girl on the street and they wouldn’t have a clue. Ask that same random girl what the difference is between an Ipad and a MacBook Air, and I’m pretty sure they can differential what you can and can’t do with these Apple products.

      Wishing MS all the success, but they have royally disappointed me in my hopes that they could rival and eventually overtake Apple.

      I thought MS would bring reasonably priced products that wouldn’t reflect Apple taxes (~200$ cheaper than Apple’s pricing), but they have gone beyond Apple’s greed!

      MS RT = 519
      IPAD 4 = 499

      MS PRO 64gb w/keyboard = 919 + 129 (touch cover) or +139 (type cover) = 1048$ or 1058$
      Apple MBA 64gb = 999$

      MS PRO 128gb w/keyboard = 1019 + 129 (touch cover) or +139 (type cover) = 1148$ or 1158$
      Apple MBA 128gb = 1099$

      MS good job! You have taken yourself out of the competition by overpricing your products, something I thought only Apple could do.

      Oh btw… forget the good luck! MS will fail!!! Greedy Greedy Greedy! MS you NEED people to have these products in their hands, not sitting in your warehouses. There is one thing I can congratulate MS on: marketing their products to computer geeks and businesses. But to the masses, this will just be an overpriced tablet.


  • Hilman

    Haha, you think people are going to spend $1000 on the 64 GB model when you can get a better laptop for less money?? You are dreaming MS, add this to the long list of poorly selling Microsoft products.

  • Tommy C

    I disagree. Priced right, but needs to be marketed differently. Its an ultrabook, with decent specs, that is finally very portable.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    The first problem is that it’s a tablet with *vents*.

    Then you see the price.

  • jack

    so i can play crysis on this?

  • B

    At that price point, it’s clearly trying to compete with the Yoga, Series 7s, and the rest of the touchscreen laptops out there right now. Interesting to see how the market reacts when this comes. The Vivobook still seems like a better deal at the moment though.

    • B

      **Vivo Tab

  • MovieMan87

    I for one am really excited for this. I hate ultrabooks and love tablets. I have been looking for something that will completly replace my PC and be portable at the same time and this is it. It is exactly what I have been looking for and I am willing to drop $1000 on it.

    • KimJong-iil

      they call it laptops/ultrabook/mba.

  • kenypowa

    So for the price of one Surface Pro I can get one iPad with Retina display, plus one Nexus 10.

    or I can go for a MacBook Air.

    • Tom

      MacBook Air has no touchscreen and runs on iOS. It comes down to personal preference.

    • Mike

      Yes, for the price of one Surface Pro you can get 2 tablets running on tablet OS.

      Or you can get a full featured laptop with no touch screen.

      You are correct.

    • scrooge

      MacBook Airs run on OSX, which is very different from iOS.

    • Keith


      You could but why would you want to.

    • G

      Or for the same price you could get 10000 Oreo’s!!

      Hurray for comparing completely different things!

  • Brad F(anboy)

    $899? What’s that in Microsoft Points?

  • jjelz

    The issue here is the fact that it LOOKS like a tablet, but is actually more like an ultrabook. I paid close to $999 for my HP Ultra book and I love it, and the price was about right (I mean I would have loved to pay less, but it was on par with other ultrabooks).
    This pricing is expensive for a tablet, but the Surface is not really a tablet. Maybe we should start calling them “crossover” computers?

    If I was looking to upgrade a crappy Windows laptop I would definitely get one.

  • ekin

    I had high hope for this thing, but I’ve changed my mind.

  • ily

    For what I need which is: web browsing, live streaming soccer games and live streaming European news, and using skype to once in a while.
    I find my 32 GB Windows Surface powerful enough to perform and multitask all the tasks above without breaking a sweat!

    Love my Windows Surface! I use it everyday!

    • Frosty

      Yes, the Surface is capable of all that, but so are a variety of other cheaper alternatives including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

      The price premium vs features ratio is simply too high :s

  • Haxor99

    I like the product very much, I could see myself getting something like this one day, but not for $1000.

  • Miknitro

    Same as most that have commented so far, too much moola.
    Exactly, $1000 an has cooling vents.

    as another, well said, had high hopes, but left without any for it personally.

    This is somehow supposed to lure folks that by the cheap budget WP being flogged?
    Ballmer has no clothes or solid plan.

  • Dz

    So… The first Laptop without a keyboard and you have to pay for it.

    • jermiah

      because it’s a tablet you fool

  • Adam

    I still can’t figure out why Microsoft always creates such lengthy names for their products only to shorten them later. “Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 8” becomes “Surface Windows 8 Pro”. Didn’t they do something like that with the Windows 8 phones? I remember one of their earlier attempts at enabling stylus input in Windows – “Microsoft Windows for Pen Computing” became “Windows Pens”.

    Microsoft is the exact opposite internally. They use 3 and 4 letter acronyms for everything.

  • Ant

    This competes with other ultrabooks.. I don’t know why people are comparing them to iPads. For the same price they are spec-competitive with Macbook Airs too (and even better), so I don’t know what’s with all the negativity on pricing =/

  • Kel

    Good lord. Anyone who thinks this costs too much does not understand what it is. If you would like an ultrabook in a tablet form factor, it’s awesome. If you’re happy with an iPad / Android tablet (which is not as powerful or versatile) then it’s not for you.

    I will be getting one. Ultima VII on the go … finally! 😉

  • Keith

    The pricing seems quite reasonable for something that is essentially launching a new technological category. This is the first pro tablet and early adopters always pay a premium for anyting new like this. The price will come down some once there are other pro tablets than can compete with it.

    Now there is just a question of do I buy on release or do I see what is going to be announced at MWC.

  • fanberry10

    I’m wating for a Blackberry tablet 10″ with BB10 OS, maybe this summer. Will see what RIM has in store for 2013!

  • screamer

    They all don’t understand it is all about the price. If you want to sell you have to get the price right. 899 $ my laptop was 700 has an i7 ….
    Same with rim if they don’t get the right price then the lights gonna go off next year!

    • jermiah

      because your laptop has larger components, this TABLET has smaller components which equates to a higher price. this also explains why smartphones are up in this price range, too.

  • Damreal

    sorry 899.99 for a 64 gig and 1000 for 128 gig !! Me thinks that is to much in today’s market/economy. Especially when this thinks specs mins the i5 chip is the same as it’s RT version but with only 4 hrs battery life!!! Sorry 4hrs ffs!!

    • VelJharig

      The core i5 chip in the Pro isn’t the same as the Surface RT. The Surface RT has a Tegra 3 (ARM processor, completely different processing capabilities on board). The RT competes with other similar ARM processor tablets in terms of capability (iPad, Nexus 7/10, Tab 10.1, etc.). The Surface Pro has a processor that is literally the exact same Intel processor as the default Macbook Air processor, and it competes with devices in that class of computing product (but includes 1080p screen and a touchscreen/digitizer. It’s certainly not overpriced for its hardware components, based on the cost of competitive devices.

  • NienorGT

    Damn, I paid $1000 for my TabletPC convertible in 2010, I would need to pay more to get less today? =/

  • Micheal

    Its a premium product A-holes get over it Apple charges way more for less quality products, so many trolls trolling Microsoft these days they must be doing something right.

    • some guy

      I don’t think most are arguing that it’s a premium product. I think most are arguing that it’s a f*****g stupid product.

      $1000 for a gimped, low storage laptop, with a s**t keyboard.
      Get a laptop for the same or less that runs the same OS (essentially), has the same or better computing power and 10 times the storage…

  • Tsordi

    $1,000 for a two-pound tablet that replaces my desktop, laptop and tablet. Sounds pretty good to me. For my needs, this could be my main computing device. Your mileage may vary.

    • some guy

      Happy to know you’re doing well for yourself and enjoy burning money.

  • glonq

    It’s a poor bang for the buck, but if you really want/need this exact form factor (a tablet that can dock to be a half-decent notebook), then it’s a good buy.

    Personally, I can’t use it because it maxes out at 4GB of memory. I need (yes, need) 8GB to be productive.

  • swizzlerz

    its what I want but I purchased the surface and don’t need to be this capable when im not at home. If I wanted to work I will do minor editing from my surface.. I like my 8 hr battery life and don’t need to drop to a 4 hr.

  • NJP

    People, people…this is the first time EVER…that we have a fully featured, mainstream operating system and powerful processor bundled into a package with the capability of being a touchscreen tablet AND and PC all at the same time! And all of your old Windows 7 applications run on it! And is has “standard” USB and video connectors! And it has a great battery life with solid-state drives and Gorilla Glass! You complain that it costs a $1000 for something that a year ago wasn’t even remotely possible?? It’s not an Ultrabook, it eclipses an iPad in capability, it’s not a laptop or a PC, the portability beats MacBook Air. It’s a new bundling of all these capabilities together.

    This is actually pretty damned amazing. Until and only until we see Apple come out with OSX running on an iPad with Gorilla Glass and and I5 or better processor for similar price, then we can have proper side-by-side comparison. Until then, there is NOTHING out there like Surface save for some of the other very cool (and less pricey) alternatives from Lenovo, Dell, Asus etc.