Solo Mobile plans to bring back the flip phone by releasing the Samsung S275


  • Reggie Noble

    Day one purchase. This phone>>>Android

    • TIME OUT!

      GO HOME SOLO!!!!!!

      TIME OUT!!!

    • james

      like their name, they will left solo when they sell this piece of s**t. this should be given out in those exhibition booths instead of usbs.

  • Shaft

    April fools!!!! Haha… Got yaaaaaa… wait… what? This ISN’T an April fools joke? Whaaaa?

  • 15ive


  • WP74Life

    Still more fluid than android.

    • Tom

      Say what again? Yeah Android sucks on a sub-800Mhz single core CPU, can’t argue with that, but it’s not like lower end WP7s like the Lumia 610 aren’t slow either (and the multitasking sucks melons – enjoy the inability to get timely push notifications on apps other than the built-in WLM).

    • some guy

      TOM! Read the sign. “Don’t Feed the Trolls!”

  • Kain

    they still sell basic bar phone phones in the UK. there is still a market for this. given on tech support forums in the UK are littered with people who are absolutely stupid as f*ck or too lazy to learn, yet still buy smartphones, they should be pointed to these types of devices.

    • Tom

      Feature phones also have a huge advantage – battery. All the optimization and engineering in the world still can’t help a dual core LTE smartphone beat a very modest feature phone.

      Back in high school I had a monochrome Nokia that didn’t even have a four-way directional pad (just up and down scrolling), and the battery could last over 2 weeks on standby! How I miss those times.

      I still keep an unlocked feature phone (Sony Ericsson T700 with a 3.2MP camera, at that time of release would’ve cost more than a Nexus 4 does today) handy, usually for travelling out of the country. It’s 5 years old and its battery still kicks a*s, and even the camera holds its own against some lower end smartphones that cram in 5.0 MP but poor optics. Oh yeah, it has an accessible file system so I can drag and drop files to the memory from a PC/Mac/Linux without any additional software needed – suck on that Apple!

  • Jayson

    I thought Solo Mobile is dead?

    • XR999

      This is probably being released to keep Solo customers within the Bell family since I think by now the customers that still remain with Solo are pretty much all feature phone users that have no interest in switching plans. If they were forced to switch to normal Bell plans, a good chunk would probably just leave for other carriers since Wind Mobile, Mobilicity or Public Mobile all offer better plans for those with feature phones.

  • Miknitro

    Has more interest then the WP phone article, go figure.

  • Bill Murray

    Does it have hdmi out? Because I need hdmi out…

  • DocB

    Technically, its a clamshell. The Motorola MicrotTAC was a flip phone … 🙂

  • Sam

    Well although I love my Note 2, I think there’s a lot to be said for simplicity and efficiency of a simple flip phone. With the money hording companies like Rogers Bell and Telus ripping us off in Canada I often think WTF, was it so bad back then? Want to communicate? pick up your phone and dial the number, then talk. The end.

  • Peter Griffin

    This is obviously mind warfare against the customers. For those who refuse to migrate over to Virgin, this is showing them that as long as they stay a Solo customer this is as good as the phone selection will get. Their next release will be the old Motorola flip phones followed by those giant brick phones from the 80’s.
    On a serious note, I loved my Samsung flip phones. Nice and compact.

  • qzcgd

    I really don’t see the issue. Bell is releasing this phone for both Bell Mobility and Solo Mobile customers, as it replaces the existing C414…. Solo Mobile clients have access to either this flip (which as a Bell salesperson I can tell you will be the most popular with elderly folks), the Samsung Galaxy Discover (a POS that runs stock Android 4.0) and the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 X (which is actually pretty good).

    Solo clients have better plans than all Bell Mobility clients (for example they matched Fido’s 57$/mo offer), can use Bell/unlocked phones with their SIM card if they purchase it full price, and get per second billing….

    So really, good for them, even if it’s just a flip phone, it just shows Bell hasn’t completely forgotten their Solo customers…

  • Donald

    Well, feature phones are the best phones out there if all you do is talk on the phone with your phone. Usually have the best call quality and battery life.

    Now if you want to do anything else…

  • Awkward Turtle

    lol wut?

  • Betty

    better then BB10

  • Koala MeatPie

    Arn’t people from Solo Mobile being unwillingly transferred to Bell because they are phasing the brand out? Where do these phones come form? Overstock? They where opening up boxes in the Raiders of the Ark warehouse and happened upon these?

  • Brad

    Early 90’s might be a little extreme….early 2000’s definitely. I’m actually surprised that they had a new phone at all.

    Still, you didn’t have to stoop, Solo