Skype for BlackBerry 10 to be an Android port


  • Jules

    It looks like someone if scare of BB10 ! Go BB, you can crush WP!

    • Boopinder Fenderbender

      My cousin from india uses skype in india.


      no thanks i will buy the note 2 its pure ANDROID!!!!

    • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

      Why don’t all you BB i****s just get an Android phone?

      Better OS, Native Apps (no need to port apps) and better phones.

    • imrightyourewrong

      Yes Boopinder you’re right!

    • Ontario Teachers and Public Sector Rep

      On behalf of the public sector unions of Ontario and Canada, I hope RIM does well so it can continue to pay tax money and support raises and pensions for my people.

      GO RIM GO!

    • Smart Microsoft..this time

      “..In other words, Microsoft is wasting an opportunity here..”

      -I disagree! Microsoft is being smart, they own Skype. Why make a brand new Skype Native-for BB-app, and give an edge to the competition when all they need to do is give BB an old, crappy and slow port version of Skype; people will think that all apps run like that on BB and won’t buy a BB phone.

      Sucks to be #4 and to be BB but that’s what happens when you arrive too late to the game!

      BB should have bought Skype.
      -On other news the BB Z10 won’t be be sold on Japan…tough next months for BB indeed!.

    • Huawei4Real

      This isn’t good for BB. Android has barely managed to climb out of having 5 years of bad ports of iOS apps and poorly written apps on their own. To then port these to BB means crap made into a bigger pile of crap.

      Although, having said that, Android has continued to grow in leaps and bounds regardless of the majority of apps seeming to be written by a monkey. So BB might still have a shot, as long as their users don’t mind using garbage apps for a while.

  • WhyBother?

    70,000 Apps, 69,000 Android ports, 1,000 Native.

    Just buy a new Android and get access all Android apps not just Gingerbread ports.

    Blackberry has a long road ahead still.

    • Tom

      Android apps run in a VM (‘player’) on BB10, but that’s how Android apps run on Android too – that’s how Android was designed!

      So, what’s with all the concern for the speed of ported Android apps?

      Perhaps a lot of the existing ported Android apps are crap, but probably the big names will port their good quality Android apps – and take a little more care at it – once they see BB10 taking off (and once JB arrives on BB10).

  • Beyonce

    Microsoft isn’t even going to bother with a Skype app for BB. They’re in direct competition, so Microsoft really has no incentive to create an app for BB10. On the other hand, BB should continue to refine their Android ports so they work as great as possible.

    • Tom

      So what if they are Android apps? It’s tough to launch a brand new OS these days, so using Android apps to kick start BB10 is a great strategy.

  • Kid.Canada

    @WhyBother – please tell me how you came up with 69,000 apps are android ports? You have proof? Yeah I didnt think so either…

    • BlackberryStuckAt#3

      Check BB World, enough said. Sensitive much? Truth hurt?

    • MikethemaN

      @kid.canada: you are the one who clearly doesn’t recognize/understand reality. What buddy said is 100% true. Not only that, but of the 1000 or so native apps… Well to be nice they SUCK.
      Overpriced compared to android/iOS and not nearly as usable or polished.

      Anyone who argues otherwise is either a bb shill, or has no clue what they are talking about.

    • imrightyourewrong

      Exactly Mike. The Z10 is overrated and overpriced, just like BB10 is overrated.

      The amount of thumbs down and shilling going on here in support of Blackberry is just incredible. Is it simply because it’s a Canadian company? That’s not good enough. If Blackberry decided to sell a turd in a box, would all of you Blackberry sheep still support it?

      You Blackberry sheep are actually praising that Blackberry will be focusing hard on improving the Android experience on BB10? Are you people for real? How deluded and mentally insane are you? If you want Android then GET ANDROID!

      You people are delusional loons for hating Android, loving BB10, yet supporting and praising Blackberry’s efforts of Android emulation.

  • Ethan

    I really hope devs jump on BB10, it appears to be a great platform and I believe BB is pouring more care into it (they kind of have to)than MS into Windows Phone. Hopefully BB takes back that 3rd place from MS.

  • ad19

    A well designed and tweaked Android port runs really well on the Z10. The reason Android ports get a bad rap is because Android developers convert they’re app with no modifications and expect it to run the same. It appears Microsoft and BlackBerry are working together to make the user experience the best it can be.

  • BRAD !!

    it may be gingerbread ports for now but in the coming months the Android runtime will be upgraded to 4.1 jellybean

  • ohboy

    good thing Android exist – since all the wonderful things that z10 claim to has are from Android – Thorsten Heins just try to takes our money as many as he can then he’s going to bankrupt the company

    • Ohboy indeed

      Learning how to write properly should be a prerequisite for trolling

  • Dave

    People are acting like when the Z10 launched s**t was going to be all flowers and rainbows. Good things take time, and BB just needs a little more time. If you want to buy an Android b/c it has a ‘native’ Skype, that’s garbage anyhow, all the power to you. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Took a s**t ton of slave work too. Give the developers of the phone some slack

    • 2years

      It’s been two years already…

      Just saying

  • SauceBauss

    Hopefully oovoo will be native, iv been using that to keep in contact with family over seas. Seems to work better than Skype.

  • phone guy

    Blackberry should be glad that Android are open source

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Guys guys guys relax! Blackberry knows pretty well itself that apps need to have a smooth and native experience in BB10/Z10 in order to succeed. It’s only matter of time till they start making beautiful native apps. They need to get in the picture, get some sales and then start to evolve the BLackberry World. I am confident that Blackberry will do a better job than MS in terms of apps selection and experience. Remember Android tablets were not selling bec of poor apps experience so Blackberry has to learn from them or they will fail!

  • WTF

    If BB owned Skype and MS needed Skype on Windows phone, would BB port it to them ?

  • Superfly

    Mobile syrup staff must have shitty cheap android phones and tablets because skype works absolutely perfect on my note 2 and nexus 4.

  • Paul

    2 years is right. It took much longer to develop ios and android. BB deserves a solid chance. Unfortunately what happens is that you get used to using apps like skype thst are available and tgen someone buys them up an uses them to build a different platform. In the end the user suffers

    • Rio

      It took a lot longer to develop BB10 lol.

      BB10 is based on QNX which RIM bought and has been in development for a very long time

  • Barack Obama

    I don’t see BBM on windows or apple, so shouldn’t really except a native Skype on blackberry I guess. Android port is nice though, better than nothing.

  • TZM

    I want Blackberry to succeed but their app store is horrible. BB needs to do something about it and soon!

  • hahabya

    Paying 500 for things that u can get for 350 – that’s blackberry experience

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    Skype is owned by Microsoft.
    Why would Microsoft care to support BB10?? The port will be barely functional.

    Microsoft supports iOS and Android because they are the market leaders and they need to keep their products relevant in the mobile environment.

  • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

    I truly believe WindowsPhone8 will overtake blackberry in the US Corporate environment and as the undisputed number 3 mobile OS.

    Once WP8 game integration is fixed with the new XBox720 launch…watch out.

    Console fanboys where the ORIGINAL fanboys…before even iFans and Fandroids. XBox is a strong brand with many fanboys (and girls)

  • dayafter21

    Skype for android stinks. I actually had to look for different apps as I had no signal in my apt and was using wifi to make calls. So now you can use it on blackberry for twice the sucky experience. Sweet!

  • Happyboy

    Blackberry Should focus on getting these apps of themselves nevermind android

  • xenrobia

    Wow… look at all the corporate trolls trying to bash the new BlackBerry. I guess if the competition can’t build a better OS, or device, they have to resort to gutter tactics on the blogs. Pathetic really.

  • Trevor

    @MikethemaN – What are you talking about?
    40% of BB10 apps are Android ports, that means the rest (60%, I know you probably couldn’t count it, so I’m helping you.) are native.
    Go troll somewhere else, and get a life.

    • MikethemaN

      @Trevor: you see, you fall into the category of a bb shill or someone without a clue. You also have not tried the platform and witnessed what I have. Almost nothing has changed since play book. Clear and dry. Not get out of your momma’s basement, get a job and do something with your life.

  • spaz

    In my last. Skype is going downhill since Microsoft purchase them. They have done nothing to enhance the service. This is the typical Microsoft effect.

    • Tom

      Agreed – Skype is good for voice and video calling. It’s ABOMINABLE as an IMing program on any desktop OS.

      The main thing I despise about it is that if you’ve been chatting with someone on one PC, and you sign into your account on a different PC, Skype will pop up a new window on the different PC and forcefully vomit out all the chat messages that took place on the first PC but not on the second. If you sign in on a mobile device, same thing happens. This actually crashed the app on my netbook and iPod touch several times. And it can’t be disabled.

      Offline messages are even worse. On Microsoft’s own (soon to be discontinued) MSN service, if your friend is offline, you can send him a message, and he will receive the message once he logs on, regardless of whether you yourself are online or not. With Skype, that message will never be received by your friend unless you are still online when he logs on.

      File transfers are extremely unreliable and anything more than 5 MB is better to email or even Dropbox.

      What’s worst is that Microsoft is going to migrate all MSN accounts into Skype. Your username and password are still the same, and your contacts and blocklist will all be imported successfully, but you’ll end up losing reliable offline messages as I described above, and file transfers will be just as bad if not worse.

      Why do I use skype anyway? Like with MSN, it’s because everyone uses it out of bad habit 🙁 I would love to 100% switch to Google Talk on the desktop, but that won’t happen anytime soon.

  • Miknitro

    Skype is so BB10 users can talk to the five owners of WP other wise, bbm smokes Skype like the trash it is.

  • AhCup

    To be fair, getting Android app port is still better then don’t get any port at all. It may really give them the leg to win the 3rd place over Windows Phone.

  • Howz

    If it is an android ported app(skype), how the updates will work, when Skype receive an update?

  • freestaterocker

    Interesting. Kinda like the wait-and-see approach Google is taking with WP… In the name of competition and improvement, all this corporate douchebaggery needs to stop! It only serves to hurt the end users and real innovation.

  • Tom

    I have used skype on iOS and Android, and what I absolutely HATE about both versions is that it loves to sync your chat history in your face if you were chatting with someone on another device. It happens all the time when I sign into another PC as well. Extremely annoying and it even crashed the app on my iPod touch twice.

    Also, I heard that for those stuck on WP7, the skype offered there can’t run in the background to receive calls – you have to actively open it for that.

    There’s no good voip app that runs on all platforms, sadly. Each platform does best with its proprietary one – Apple has facetime, Google has Google Talk (much improved on 4.1.2, and you can finally route audio through the handset ear speaker), and BB has its new BBM of course!

  • m00rb

    Skype is an awful instant messaging and video chat service to begin with. Who cares if it’s only an Android Port? Download Tango or Viber or use BBM voice/video on your BlackBerry. I don’t even use a BlackBerry but I wouldn’t even care if Skype were on it anyways.

    It is the most bloated POS program regardless of platform. I hate using it on my PC. It’s always the highest resource usage for any program even when idle on Windows 7.

    This would be a good opportunity for Google and BlackBerry to get together and integrate G-Talk well into BB10.

  • jas

    Microsoft buying out rim very soon.. nothing against rim but rim has no other

  • Nathen

    I feel REALLY sad for BB users who will NEVER even try a Nexus 4 and truly SEE how Awesome it is. For half the PRICE!!

    Oh well , I guess people will always be naive.

    • StephenBB81

      Problem is if you are a BB user the Nexus ISN’T truly awesome, the Best Android phone I’ve owned thus far was the SG Note2 and it was a good fun device.
      But as a BlackBerry primary user the Note2 well more so Android is still terrible. The Notification system is lacking compared to OS7 ( BB10 is also lacking) The email handling on Android is meh, you need many apps just to get to par if email / document handling is your usage. the Browser on Android is great, and their are some great games, but that is where it ends, Android is the device for the semi employed, or the desk jockey that can do the majority of his work from a computer.