Rogers plans to launch a $7.99 United States pay-per-use roaming fee “this Spring”


  • Uzair

    And what about people going over 50mb? Is there a cap Rogers put when people use 50mb, it warns users? That 1-5mb over will be quite costly.

    Can users purchase 100mb for $16?

    • Huawei4Real

      Still almost $150/GB. This is still a*s but not quite as bad as before.

    • Tom

      Yes, that’s not as bad as before, but I still haven’t figured out why we need a plan to roam? When I’m about to travel I’m really busy and I don’t want to call Rogers and talk to someone about the countries I plan to visit and how their plans don’t fit my itinerary.

      Just give us reasonable rates and notifications so we know what we are spending.

    • Rogers_Chris

      The cost and complexity of wireless roaming are cited as the top two barriers for phone use while travelling.

      Canadians’ connected habits are evolving, and our new roaming model is an important step in addressing the changing needs of our customers. It will make roaming internet access while travelling to the U.S. simple and even more affordable.

      You pay for what you use each 24 hour period (or day) and the rate will be $7.99 / 50MB (there are no upfront fees). So if you use 100MB in one day, your charges for that day will be $7.99 x 2. And if you use 0MB the next day, your charges will be $0. It’s a much more flexible solution than forcing customers to guess what they’ll need upfront (have to buy 250MB), and then having them worry about using too much or too little for the duration of their trip.

      As an added safeguard, we’ll notify you every time you use 45MB within 24 hours during the course of your travels as a reminder about your usage and spend.

    • Sid

      If it’s like their prepaid data day pass, it’ll cut you off once you hit 50MB/24hours and ask you to buy another one to keep using data.

      Your best bet is still to get a T-mobile sim card and use the $3-4/unlimited (min/text/data) prepaid plan for a short stay. (If T-mobile still offers it, it’s been about a year since I’ve been down there)

    • Huawei4Real

      So rogers_chris what your saying is you finally heard, after many, many years, that your customers were tired of being bent over. You realized you have an opportunity to charge a still unreasonably high roaming rate but convince people is is of some value and get even more travellers that don’t realize just how bad a value it actually is.

      I guess it’s like offering lube before you bend someone over.

    • bobblehead

      Their costs are 0.04-0.06/MB from the big US carriers, maybe a little more from the regional ones. They charge $10/MB PPU. Tell me how those margins are in any way fair?!

  • Uzair

    Also after opening quotation, the first letter is caps.

    Rogers stated, “We will still rip off customers.” Quietly.

    • Netguru

      Good one!

  • Brad

    Still not good enough. Why would I bother with this when I can use my old phone on US carrier (AT&T, T-Mobile) for $2 or $3 a day for unlimited use?

    Rogers still doesn’t get it. There are even Canadian companies offering the $3 unlimited data plans now.


  • spyderwraith

    With the unlocked phone I have I will simply get a US sim while i travel there and be done with roaming fees

  • NoWorries

    why bother with roaming charges…unlock the phone, pick up a sim from T-mobile and use all the data you want for 2 or 3 per day. So much cheaper.

  • MyBestFriendLarry

    Happy to be free from Rogers since 1998, and with BS like this, I won’t be back for another 15 years!

  • abc123

    Obviously 99% of people use less than 50MB! That’s because for anything over, they know they’re gonna have to sell their kids to pay for the charges!

    • kenypowa

      it is a difficult choice. Sell your kids or your kidney. Rogers, always there(to rob) you!

  • mike

    7.99 for 24 hours? Really? isn’t that expensive? wow 24 hours only? why not 20 bucks unlimited for the duration of your damn trip to the U.S

  • meh

    Okay, I will be fair here. It’s a good start, and you cannot exactly compare US domestic rates with roaming because when you are roaming, Rogers is paying their US counter-party a fee too, so of course it will cost more than if you get it directly from the counter-party (i.e. AT&T). $8 isn’t that bad if you think about it.

    Having said that, how we don’t have North American data plans is just stupid. My dad has a $75 worldwide data plan from AT&T, and this was from 5 years or so ago. Given the amount of travelers between the countries, you would think they would come up with something better than a per-use fee? Not to mention roaming on calls too.

    • abc123

      Rogers never was and never will be about the consumer. So you can forget about the North American data plan.

      Rogers has the coverage and the subscribers. So, you need them, they don’t need you. Until that changes, you will accept what they offer you.

  • spyderwraith

    @Mike For anything longer they want you to spend retarded sums of money for the packages they have thats why it isn’t any longer then 24 hours

  • dive4ever

    As others have said here before and today, t-mobile is the answer. Not just data but unlimited calls and texts as well for 2-3 per day depending on the speed you want.

  • wewewi



  • Tom

    If it’s just a few days or less in the US, I use public wifi and ignore calls and texts. People I’m close to would be aware I’m out of the country anyway. Over the last 8 years or so I’ve made maybe 10 minutes max of roaming calls. Nowadays all the big malls in the border towns have public wifi anyway.

    If I’m going to be out of the country for at least a week, $7.99 gets an unlock code from, and then I can just use a prepaid local sim abroad.

    Besides, all smartphones default to disabling data when roaming, because who in their right mind would enable it without a very very good reason? Most major tourist destinations have decent public wifi, and outside North America prepaid SIMs are basically pocket change. In Europe or Asia I can spend under $30 and get more data and minutes than what Robellus charges for $50+.

    Carriers can charge whatever the hell they want for roaming – as long as you’ve heard of what an unlock code is, you won’t have to pay a cent back to Robellus for using your phone abroad.

  • kman

    Rogers once again trying to put lipstick on a pig.

    99% of their customers use less than 50Mb / day when in the states? A great example of using stats to mislead…

    – how many of these roamers have their data set to disabled while they are roaming so they don’t get raped by Rogers roaming fees? Probably 90%

    – how many people keep their phone turned off while in states so they don’t get raped by Rogers roaming fees? Probably 9%.

    – how many people forget to do either of the above and get a nightmare bill full of rogers roaming rapage? 1%.

    Rogers and their CRTC enablers drive me crazy.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Rogers actually for like a year had a good North American Data roaming plan. There were specific data plans you could get instead of the normal data plans we have and use your normal data in the US, what happened to that Robbers?

    • Brian

      Bell still offers these – $35 – 500MB, $45 – 1GB

    • Kriilin Namek

      I’m still on the $40 1Gb Canada/US plan, I’m going to hang onto that one as long as I can.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Has anyone actually tried to use a sim card from a US carrier? I was just in Grand Forks/Fargo, North Dakota and the only way I could use a sim card was to a) use AT&T b)get a card and have to pay the 30$ activation c) pay for the lowest pay as you go play d) do it all over again if I didn’t use it again with in 30 days.

    The get a US sim is a great idea if your there for an extended stay.

    • Henaway

      Yes, actually. I put an AT&T SIM in my unlocked Galaxy S2 back in October while in the states for two weeks. 50 bucks gave me unlimited talk and text, and a gig of data. T-Mo didn’t have the 30 dollar plan at the time, that I could find anyway. But it was no problem at all. Stopped in, got the sim, gave ’em my Amex card, paid the $50, activated. The only issue I had was their APN settings weren’t quite right at first, so I was only getting Edge data instead of H+. A quick search and a reboot was all it took. Pretty painless. And far better than Rogers ludicrous roaming fees.

      This is why LOCKED PHONES ARE BAD!

  • FMOTL_Chris

    Why would I pay Roger $8 for 50MB when I can go with a Verizon Jetpack and get 250MB for %15. With No activation or reconnection fees and no overage charges! Rogers is dumb, there are always cheaper alternatives out there. This is why I dumped Rogers due to enormous high roaming fees. Roger $15/month roaming voice plan gives you 35¢/minute, whereas WIND charges me $5/month and I get 10¢/minute.

  • LugNutsMcGruff


    I just came back from Texas for ~2weeks and walked into a T-mobile retail store and did exactly what I stated in my post.

    What do you need to make that happen?

    1. SIM unlocked phone (Nexus4 in my case)
    2. Preferably a pentaband phone that compatible w/T-Mobile and not just AT&T
    3. A credit card

    That’s about it. In you’re case I’m not sure how Tmo’s coverage is up there.

    Doing your research before you leave/arrive is key to state the obvious.


  • Rick

    Wow what a rip off.. Nothing new for Rogers..

  • Josh

    “Apparently 99% of Rogers customers who travel to the States “use less than 50 MB of data per day when roaming.””

    This is according to Rogers, the reason customers use less the 50MB of data is because it’s so damn expensive.

  • aviking

    Yeah I could use Rogers new 7.99 us “deal” or I could just use my:

    2 dollar a day unlimited calling and texting to USA and Canada AT&T sim card or my

    3 dollar a day Unlimited calling and texting to USA and Canada Data Tmobile sim card

    • um.. I think you misread the article

      This is about data not phone/text.

  • Cam C

    A step in the right direction. Especially for the majority of people who didn’t buy their phone outright unlocked and don’t consider buying a non-canadian phone as well.

  • WirelessBoy

    Wow, the haters are out in full force again, glad to see you are still keeping up the fight! Not sure of any other CANADIAN Carriers that offer something similar, looks like the cheapest I have seen.

    Also, for those i****s who mention the AT&T/T-Mobile plans, sure, that is fine for the informed, but what about the uninformed who are the ones that get hit the most with Roaming charges, this is great news for them.

    The MAJORITY of people just want to go away and not have to worry about getting a new phone, unlocking their phone, getting a new sim card, paying for another service etc. I tried this with my Mother and my Mother-in-Law recently on separate trips and they both said they didn’t want to bother with the extra work.

    So, stop thinking about yourselves for a second and think about other people for a change.

  • Guy

    They should charge cost+15%. Try to guess how much it would cost…..

  • glonq

    Roam Mobility is still a much better deal.

  • AnthonyA

    Wait, so Roam Mobility is now $0.01/MB and Rogers works out to $0.17/MB?

    And Rogers is celebrating this?

  • Sara_Q

    I’ve used Roam Mobility and loved it. The customer service is amazing and its just so cheap. I have no idea why every Canadian isn’t using it. You have to check it out.

  • QC

    Videotron charges $0.30 per minute roaming in the US

  • Steven Schwartz

    Roam Mobility is a great deal and in a lot of ways better than a grabbing a t-mobile prepaid sim because you get unlimited calling even back to canada. Screw Robbers and their plans for i****s who do not know better.

  • Steven Schwartz

    Rogers really thinks we are that dumb. The big three are still living in the wap browser dumb phone days when it comes to data. If you do not need to call back to Canada get a T-Mobile prepaid sim, if you want unlimited us calling and calls back to Canada go with Roam Mobility.

    Rogers are just thieves plane and simple and how anyone can say this is a good deal with a straight face is just insane. 50mb WTF is that? two hours and you are done.

    • WirelessBoy

      Mobilicity – $1.50/MB
      Wind – $1/MB
      Bell – $6/MB
      Telus – $5/MB
      Rogers – $0.17/MB

      Yeah, you are right, Rogers is definately ripping people off….

  • EAK47

    120 pics with 50 mb?

    Yeah… In 2001

  • Richard

    I put tmobile simple in my unlocked when I was in Maui for 13 days . GOT EDGE Speeds. Almost as bad as no Internet at all. To many dead zones with tmobile. Guess I need nexus 4

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    I agree with wirelessboob, we should not only celebrate ignorance we should embrace it.

    Listen up numbnuts. If it doesn’t mean anything to you to help your mother/mother in law, saying nothing for yourself, then don’t dump on others who’d prefer not to be fleeced which you seem to enjoy.

    You represent exactly what’s wrong with the apathetic public that is content to hand over your hard earned dollars to companies like robbers, b***h about it, and then whine that you’re to lazy or s****d to do anything about it.

    If your folks aren’t saavy enough to get it done then do it for them and help save them a buck.

    You’re welcome.

    • WirelessBoy

      And people like you represent the minority and think you are the majority. Just because you are savvy enough you think EVERYBODY else should be savvy.

      Of course I helped my Mother/Mother-in-Law to try and save money, I took the time and explained everything to them, but it was their choice to not take my advice. They just want something simple like taking their phones with them and use it like they use it here. That is why this new roaming offer will help save people like them money in the long run.

      For the Tech Savvy people like us, we see it differently, but unfortunately we represent the minority, not everyone is like us.

  • Rogers_Values_Suck

    I understand that customers will never be satisfied with wireless providers and will never say thank you but Rogers is VERY EXPENSIVE and i once called them and customer service rep said some “Value statement” to me, something like… well sir, yes we are expensive but u dont get this this and that with the other providers… which was true in fact but i mentioned 10 other things with the other service providers that Rogers doesnt provide… plus if anyting, they have the WORST customer service ever, even WIND has better customer service. so if im doing to pay sky high prices for my services might as well go to Telus.

  • james

    This offer is a joke! Think about it if you have a 4G or LTE handset you could use up your 50mb allowance in about 1-2 seconds. I will just keep using the free wifi available at restaurants, bars, and some stores. The inconvenient truth!!

  • Juanto

    That is a joke. The abuse on roaming fees that Canadian operators impose on their clients is unparalleled worldwide. Most European, LatinAmerican or Asian carriers will price their highest rates at a fraction of what Rogers, Bell or Telus apply. As it was done in the EU, roaming fees should be capped by regulation, given that “competition” has not worked for the customer and has just created an oligopoly of the big 3 providers. Their call centres explanation of “we just pass on the fees we are charged by the foreign carriers” is also untrue. “Special offers” such as this from Rogers are just a cynical joke. They are still so much off-the-mark. None of the big 3 has any intention to eliminate the big cash cow that is roaming fees. Why would they?

  • Dave

    Canadians love … Ripoff Fee. bring it on Robber!

  • Daniel AJ

    The governments of Canada and the US should sign a Roaming Regulation agreement, and then regulate maximum wholesale roaming prices. The current price level is ridiculous and hurts the economy on both sides of the border.

  • stormkroe

    “We offer 50 MB because that’s all customers use per day while roaming in the U.S.”
    No s**t, that’s because they don’t want $8500 phone bills. You know, all 3 screw us sideways, but if one of them just came out honestly and said “Meh, whatcha gonna do about it?” I would probably sign up with them for the honesty alone.

  • No Value

    So you’re telling me that if i go to the US for 1 week (7 days) i’ll be paying you $8 x 7 = $56.00 and thats only for Data? You forgot to mention you’re charging me $0.75 per SMS and $1.45 per voice minute.
    Yeah thanks.

  • Andrew Y

    Great idea, although redundant… You can simply call and change your data feature to the North American Data (usually just $10/month more) and not worry about extra charges… Example: $35/1Gb data for Canada can be changed to $45/1Gb North America for the duration of the trip… Way cheaper this way…

  • John

    I heard about this roaming fee. And just like everything else Rogers does, it is one huge rip off. Rogers thinks all their customers are stupid. Maybe they’re right, to begin with, to stay with these criminals one must be completely stupid. I for one am finished with these bloodsucking leaches next month.

    One would think the government would step in and prevent this kind of shady practice of Rogers and or any other of these carriers that want to rip customers off. But the government is just as crooked.


  • Terry Mitterer

    Does this also cover texts? Why is texting and data roaming separate anyway?