Evasi0n jailbreak installed on over five million iPhones in under a week


  • Shushwap

    Good for all the iphone users…. I can now JB the wifes phone… Should make her happy

    • Boopinder Fenderbender

      My cousin from india uses the iphone in india.
      There is lots freedom in india.
      You can to breakjail in india.

    • lookingfordroid

      all aching for what android already has

  • ile2010

    Cydia has been almost unusable on the first day of the jailbreak. It’s still a little buggy at times.

    Those of us with an iPhone 5 will find that a lot of themes and tweaks aren’t compatible with our phones just yet but I’ve been able to grab most of the essentials so far.

    Also, jailbreaking cannot get any easier than this. One click and you’re good to go.

  • mike

    Over 5 million iphone users voiding their warranty’s with Apple. Jailbreaking voids your manufacire warranty. And also sometimes creates issues eith your iphone

  • D

    I resisted for as long as I could until I saw IntelliscreenX 6 and Zephyr! Pretty much exactly what Apple needs to do in those two apps! Ive got a few other cool ones as well but I needed that notification centre! The screen pulldown from the top with Zephyr was a subtle yet much needed improvement as well! Multitasking is much better and every flows with iOS perfectly! Looks like Apple implemented them their selves!

  • Kid.Canada

    @mike – you obviously have never owned an iOS device then, all you have to do is restore it to the “official” firmware when you’re taking it into an Apple store and its all good. It doesn’t store your root count or in this case jailbreak count so your pretty much safe to jailbreak whenever you want.

  • oldschool

    Those numbers are an indicator that Apple loyalists may be getting fed up with the walled garden ecosystem. Apple may have to smarten up and loosen the leash on iOS7.

  • Z0RrO

    I have turn my back to iOS and I never looked back. iOS is lagging and JB is the only possibility to make iOS worth it.

  • Allan

    Pirated apps for everyone!!!

  • ImTherious

    *baaaa* want root *baaaaa*

  • Slype

    I thought iOS was the perfect mobile OS for Apple fans? Why would they want to customize it? This is bordering on heresy and I sure hope Apple sues all these people for thinking for themselves!

  • Sam

    Still waiting for an as simple a way to root Android. The so called “one click method” is anything but “One click” As brilliant as their coders are I’m amazed hat they haven’t automated rooting or at least made it more simple than it currently is.


    There’s no such thing as a perfect OS, it all depends on what you like, i own both IOS and ANDROID devices, there are things that i like and dislike in each one of them.

    IOS has a lot QUALITY APPS, meanwhile, ANDROID is HIGHLY customizable.

    But, from a business point of view, it boils down to HOW MUCH PROFIT a company makes, and for that i will let you judge !