Additional Samsung Galaxy S IV rumours hit the web


  • Nobel

    Wow. That’s a beast.

    • Blackberry World

      2600 mAh sounds like the right choice for a 4.5″ device, it woulf give you enough juice to call (who does that anymore) text, email, get data all day, Skype, and keep all those power/data/battery/-hungry apps that are ON ALL THE TIME, plus you could use the phone to navigate to from work, while listen to music during dinner/gym, audiobook in bed, alarm the following day.

      In summary something like a Galaxy S2 with a 2600 mAh battery would last you ONE FULL DAY in REAL USE.

      -But no! they decide to put a 5″screen and drop the advantage of the battery down the drain! Now you have to unplug it as you go out the door in the morning, plug as soon as you arrive to the office and keep on looking for plugs all day long.


    • Blackberry World

      2013 is the year OEM have finally the year of stupidity:
      4.5″ is simply perfect for one hand operation; why not add HD screens, the biggest batteries they can add and the thinnest bezel they can put?
      4.7″ could even do it but is a strugle to fit in your pants/pocket unless they reduce the bezel.

      At 5″ with no jeans that are S-IV-ready do they expect us to get a “Hello-Kitty- man-bag?”

      5″ is a fail!
      $500 for a phone like that or $400 for a N7 with 2″ more, no TouchWiz and the fastest upgrades,the fastest Kernels and the highest re-selling value??
      If I have to walk down the street with a Buzz Lightyear-lunch box that can carry my phone, I might as well go BIG and SMART and put my N7 next to my sandwich and apple!

      -PS. there is no way I will trade my pants for “CARGO-Pants” just to carry my phone, and if I need a man-purse, I will simply buy a 7″ tablet.

      You have to be Dupid to get one (Dumb and Stupid)

    • gjeff12

      Hey bbw, what kind of jeans a re you wearing? Super-skinny jeans? In that case the hello kitty purse might suit you.

    • Glass.Back.Bad.Idea

      I agree that big screens are not for smarphones, they are for tablets. but I am afraid many people (i****s) will not care because if the Note2 is selling well, the same will be the case for the S4

    • Glass.Back.Bad.Idea

      I hate Touchwiz and I hate Giant phones. Touchwiz is slow. I am willing to prove it to anyone and can bet $1000. when the screen is off for few minutes, press the home button and tell me how many seconds it takes for teh screen to turn on, I will tell you, it is more than one second. I have an old LG phone with Android 2.3 and the screen turns on instantly. This Touchwiz is evil. anything Samsung does on the phone is Evil.

  • skazzers

    But it was TouchWiz so it will fail.

    • Dalex

      Yep definitely… Because you know the GS3 and Note 2 were complete failures… Wait…

  • Brad

    Maybe they should skip 4.2.1 it has it’s bugs.

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    Sounds sick!! Too bad it comes with TouchWiz :/

  • BIll Murray

    It’s too big. Too uncomfortable to use. Just make an 8mp that works good at night. I cant see the pixels on the current 720p screen, so why 1080p? It’s too big. It’s way too big.

    • Photog

      Would much rather hear “Samsung is working with their camera division to place the first 8MP micro 4/3 sensor in a phone, This will be the first phone with interchangeable lenses, and will ship with a flush mounted undetetcable standard lens.”

    • some guy

      Considering devices like the Xperia ZL are the same size or smaller than the S3, but pack a bigger screen, would it not make sense that Samsung could do the same?

      If they cut hardware buttons and go for a smaller bezel, they could easily pack a 5″ screen into “smaller” hardware.

  • bulletwithbatwings

    how will it be better than the Xperia Z or ZL? The ZL is almost bezel-free and the Z is waterproof. I love my GSIII, but I hate that phones have been going through “me too” motions.

  • talarico

    ” 4.99-inch Super AMOLED Full HD display ”

    Love all the rumoured specs for the next galaxy but Samsung should make the SGIV the same size and the SG3 – 4’8 is plenty big.

  • iphoneee

    No Apple Maps…no thank you google

  • Ryukun

    Altius(J)? Like the up and coming indie rock band alt-J?

  • TP

    When Apple was stuck at 3.x” and Samsung was producing a flagship 4″ phone, people laughed at Dell’s 5″, which they said ‘this is not a phone, not a tablet, what is this monster?’
    Look at how things changed in 2 years..

    I still believe 4″ (Nexus S) was the best to hold in hand.
    I am having a lot of difficulties to reach to the corner of the screen (where there are usually) menu or setting buttons) with one hand when using my Nexus 4.
    Even 4.7″ is too big for most users.

    • Eduardo

      I used to think the same about the Nexus S, perfect size. I got so used to my S3 that whenever I pick up the Nexus S I feel like the screen is waaaaaaay too small.
      I still miss the curved screen though

    • WhoDaaat

      You like it big Eduardo.. lol..just kidding man..yea my S3 has the perfect size and I thought that was too much..I wanted to get the note II but it was too big for me…

  • dv

    killer phone.

  • rulerxy

    I don’t understand all the touchwiz hate… touchwiz has to be one of the least intrusive overlays out of all the devices.

  • Peter

    Wasn’t the S4 supposed to be with the new Intel/samsung joint OS????/

  • jbarns

    I like the strategy of 4.99″. Still under 5″ so not too big yet. They should sell a mini right next to it at a 4″ screen to please all the others.

    If Samsung can pull off the same phone size as the GS3 but more screen, this will be awesome.

  • monsterduc1000

    To all of you who hate touchwiz, you do know that there are other launchers right? This is Android ya know. Customizability is a prerequisite. You do have the ability to customize your phone with alternate launchers like Nova or Apex…

    • some guy

      Yep… never understood people complaints about the overlays. (other than delayed updates)

      As soon as I got my gmail account on my S3, Nova went on.

  • MattyMattMatt

    I want a super phone with a nice 4.5 screen that is bezel to bezel, that’s what I need.

    • Stupid

      Can’t agree with this statement enough.

      Add better camera and a battery with two day moderate use or one day extremely heavy use.

      But practical is hard to market hence sell so most companies shy away from this sort of thing.

      Maybe a few more years and we’ll be there.

  • HiKsFiles

    5″ is a little big IMHO and for my small hand but that’s not a deal breaker for me. Having some sort of variant to the gt-i9500 like we have for the GS3 (SGH-i747 in lieu of GT-i9300), now that sucks big time! I miss my good ol’ GS1 (gt-i9000) just because of that.

  • CE

    All I need now is to get some info if there will be a Note 3!

  • gjeff12

    I do remember them saying something about wireless charging for the s3. Still waiting for that…

    • some guy

      I don’t get why people want wireless charging….
      is it really that hard to plug in and unplug the current charging cable?

      Would it not be slower to do wireless charging vs wired charge?

      I guess maybe I’m just one of those crazy wired always works better than wireless people.

    • skullan

      @some guy.

      USB ports crack, break or just stop working due to repeatedly being plugged in, unplugged or the phone moved while being plugged in.

      This is one reason I’m interested.

      But you’re right, it all depends how fast it charges.

  • coop3422

    I love the size of my s2 i9100. Wish I could get something in that form factor with top of the line specs :(. Also, going forward I don’t think I’ll get anything that isn’t a Nexus. I love Android, but the fragmentation is awful. If there’s one thing iOS has over Android, it’s the ease of software updates as soon as they become available. That has value to me.

    • Blackberry World

      The Samsgung Galaxy S2 and all its variants from 4.3″-4.6″ are the best phones in the market right now:
      If they could release the 4.5″ screen with the size of the 4.3″ phone or the 4.6″ the size of the 4.5″
      Bigger battery (2000-2300mAh) LTE, HD screen and SD card it would be a killer in 2013!
      The phone is 2yrs olde and it is still being made due to strong demand. OEMS have to stop adding more cores, more RAM, and bigger screens!

  • BIll Murray

    You android fans have got to wake up…your giving into these manufactures obscene phone sizes just so you can be anti-iphone, and say your device is better. I admit, the iphone isn’t a revolutionary state of the art device, but that’s not a reason to say that your 5’’ phablet is the best phone out there because its got a quad core processor that has the computational power to solve all the worlds problems in less time then it does to creep some hot girls fb page. I’ll get an android when I can hold a beer in one hand, and text in the other, but at the moment, this task is impossible with a high android phone. And those of you with Shaquille O’Neal hands who happen to be reading this… I don’t want to hear it.

  • Henaway

    That might be beast enough to make me consider an early upgrade. We’ll see what the real deal ends up being. And if Canada actually gets the Octa chip … or if they downgrade us for mysterious reasons.

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    5 inch screen :O might as well be a Note mini.

  • Allan

    5″ screen is too large.
    Hard to hold and use in 1 hand and will eat at the battery much faster than with a smaller screen.
    Not necessary for a phone.

  • Zaafir Siddiqui

    Forget about this, HTC is taking my money with the M7!

  • lol

    If you can’t hold a Note 2 with your 2 hands, maybe you should just stop be depending on phones period…no need to hold it with one hand all the time, get a life and do one thing at a time with your two hands…
    My Note 2 fits in all of my old pants, that argument is just ridiculous…and nobody uses it to call anymore, it’s for viewing media and browsing the internet and use it with skype as well, why would we prefer a smaller device for all those essential functions?

  • Miguel

    I’d rather wait for the M7

  • Miguel

    Sold my one x and got a S3. I’ve always regretted doing that.

  • Richard

    I’ve been through galaxy’s 1 thru 3 so 4 is exciting. Bigger screen is better. Won’t buy anything without a removable battery and LTE. The galaxy 2 was best in sun light and had wicked voice dial and text. Anyways the spare battery thing is the best thing ever. Wireless charging seems cool. Screen, camera, removable battery, led notification and being free from apple, Ms, bbs closed systems are most important to me.

  • Slype


    That comment made my day. I was thinking along the same lines.