SpeedTest app now available for Windows Phone 8 devices


  • Simian

    Somewhere in Redmond they’re rolling the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner out of storage & chilling the champagne.

  • Scotiaman

    Wondering how much Windows paid Ookla to make the App? 🙂

  • Ron Mexico

    Really? Is anyone buying Windows phones anymore? I thought people stopped doing that a decade ago. Why would you buy the same hardware but lock yourself into a closed, proprietary platform when Android is available? Seriously, essentially the same hardware but you are gimping yourself with a close OS from a company that seemingly invented anti-competitive behavior and crushing competitors? We really want MS to come back?

    Wake up people. It’s Android or nothing.

  • Oldschool

    Wow, you live a sad life Ron Mexico. The difference between people like you and the isheep is the isheep have friends and lives, they’ve got a phone and they’re happy. Why is MS full of Google loving weirdos? Google doesn’t need you promoting them.

  • Ron Mexico

    I happy so long as people don’t buy Apple. We don’t need more turtleneck wearing weirdo’s sitting in Starbucks with their tight jeans. But I honestly wonder why somebody would shackle themselves to a closed OS on otherwise identical hardware. Android gives people joy and happiness, why choose sadness and frustration with a closed platform?

    • Rob

      You’re delusional. Ask google to open source their advertisement algorithms… They won’t do it because that’s how they make money. Same as how Microsoft and apple makes money with their products.

    • Ron Mexico

      That irrelevant Rob. If there was a large, effective, comparable and open alternative to Google search and ads, I would say to use them over Google. But there isn’t. But with mobile platforms, there is. Android is open. Win8 and iOS are not. Case closed.

  • cyber_k9

    Why opt for a closed system like iOS or Windows Phone?

    Some people prefer a more secure platform – Android does have more malware due to its open nature, and also a lot more software piracy (I know it’s possible on iOS with Cygwin, and maybe similar on WP, but there’s much less).

    Others may simply prefer the interface (I am smitten by Windows Phone’s beautiful UI), or the built-in functionality (eg. iMessage, iTunes, Maps on iOS; Office, XBox, Bing/Nokia Maps on WP, etc.).

    Some people see Android as more complicated and “busy” – very customizable, certainly, but not something everyone wants to get involved in.

    Either way, a “closed” OS isn’t a bad thing in itself.

    As for the “company that seemingly invented anti-competitive behavior and crushing competitors?” comment… you are aware that’s what Google is now, and Microsoft isn’t the same company it was back then, right? 😉

  • ile2010

    Would’ve liked to see this available on 7.8.

  • drtolson

    Interesting… On my version of the Store (on my 8x), the app doesn’t show up (here in Canada). But, I selected it from the link provided and told it to ‘send it’ to my phone. We’ll see what happens.

  • InfinitiGuy

    Slow speeds. Must be a Window phone issue.