Virgin seeking a few good Canadians to be part of their BlackBerry 10 “Tester Team”


  • Alex

    ‘… if you’re an eager Canadian, (excluding Quebec)… ”

    As is tradition. Haha.

    • Vengefulspirit99

      because quebec has a lot more rules and regulations

    • tew_cee

      RIP RIM!! 😀 🙂 😛 😀

  • sharon mclellan

    Hi, would love to be a tester.
    -because I can, love to be asked my opinion, love to give my opinion, and I am an older women and not afraid to say what I want and need!

  • Philippe Gaboury

    We keep saying we’re not Canadian in Quebec but people just don’t listen.

    • Blas

      Sure we do. That’s why you’re not included in any contests that us Canadians are eligible for.

    • Karendar

      No biggie, it’s just a promo for Blackberry phones after all. We’re not missing anything major. 😛

  • Slayer

    Quebec will get these promos when it stops being a socialist misandric province.

    • Karendar

      As opposed to being conservative woman beaters? 😉 I’ll take the former without the misandry please!

  • zed

    Stupid a$$ Qc regulations, for this and pretty much any other giveaway. Now, I don’t expect to actually win freebies, but at least to have the opportunity to enter if I should so desire. (not to mention all those unique tax differences!)

    Aaaaaanyway, on topic: the best part of this piece of news is that the phone ought to be out soon. Hopefully, RIM won’t screw it up with the pricing and availability, assuming the OS can hold its own.



  • Bklimchuk

    this was closed before the end of 2012. no more applications will be accepted to become testers in Canada through virgin mobile