Video of RIM’s Blackberry Z10 parts leak online


  • xenrobia

    The Best Phone Ever.

    • LOL

      Its amusing to see RIM “leaking” all these “News” about their new phones. First to stop people from getting a new phone durig the Holidays, and now trying to make as much noise BEFORE CES starts; they know that once CES begins RIM will not get any press.

      The saddest thing is that THE ONLY thing that RIM supporters want is the date when they can go to the store and BUY one and HOLD it in their hands. That’s the only thing that matters and that the only thing RIM on’t tell you.

      Its beginning of January, they are announcing BB10 on the 31st and Maybe the availability of their phones on that date. If the phones were coming to STORES on Feb, they would have told us that. Expect phones in stores in March 2013. Past Chinese, Indian new year, St Valentines and maybe even Spring Break!

      At this rate the N4 will be avaialable everywhere before you can go to the store and TOUCH a BB10 phone. In the meantime, expect a “Coming Soon” on January 31, then a “Coming VERY Soon on February….That’s RIM for you.

  • Spanish Prince from Toronto

    Only 25 days away until we see this baby in action!!!!!!!!

    • LOL

      On Jan 31st they will launch (a Launch with no phones??)the BB10 ecosystem. On that day they will announce when they will release the phones.
      You won’t be able to TOUCH a BB10 phone before March 2013.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Nice phone , but its the price that concerns me on whether I pick this phone up or not .

    • Jarvis

      While price is important, and traditionally RIM has been rather expensive. You have to consider the build quality / quality of parts as well which may justify at least some of the higher price point. At least, over some of the other flimsy offerings.

    • LOL

      If RIM STILL thinks that their phones carry a premium like in 2009, the phone will be a flop!

      The BB10 flagship has to be close to the price of the N4. If it has LTE AND SD card it might sell for $100 more than the N4, but not more than that.

    • LOL

      Re: Quality and components, assembly etc

      That’s rubish!
      Think of the nokia 900 Made of one block of aluminium, with arguably one of the best cameras EVER and the weight of a brick, at a flagship price….then they put Windows in it and the phone is not selling at all!

      Those people that worry about “quality of components” are icustomers. If you are on any other ecosystem you want the cheapest flimsiest lightest back (saves cost, space for a BIGGER battery and, saves thickness for the case that you are going to put to protect the phone anyways)

      The most important things for BB10 phones are the quality of the BB10, The price of the phones (they are the underdog of the underdog in the industry now) so you have to sell them at low price to meke them jump ship. Even a “normal price won’t sell it has to be a low price. Otherwise why not just get a Samsung Galaxy S2 for $150 that us upgradable to Jelly Bean and has amazing support for another 18 months.

      The price has to be LOW!
      By March everybody must have bought a phone.

  • jimmy the gee k

    I hear the price will be 799.99 outright or 199 on contract. Typical rim pricing, just too bad no one told them they aren’t the only pony in the show anymore.

    • willy

      nice rumor, go smoke some more crack buddy lol

  • hoo dat

    Jimmy, where are you getting that pricing from? I know people who are fairly high up in the Big3 and one of the new upstarts and none of them have any idea on pricing. If you’re claiming to know then your the first person in, at least, North America outside of the upper echelons of the carriers and RIM who does.

    Congratulations on breaking this story!

    • Nothin But RIM

      Sean… care to clarify ie. give examples? which ones?

  • BB Kev

    Just curious. How many other phones have hdmi out?

    • Sean

      A lot of phones have hdmi output now.

    • Nothin But RIM

      Sean… care to clarify ie. give examples? which ones?

  • sp

    damn you RIM…. lol just give me my phone already…
    my wallet is ready to be thrown at your company…

    cant wait til February!!!

    • LOL

      Yes you can!
      You will wait for February, then they will tell you that the phones will be in stores in MARCH.

      Hug the idea, embrace the concept.

  • Lewis

    Lots of phones have hdmi out……….with a special cable that converts the USB to hdmi (samsung for sure has this). I don’t know how many have micro usb as a separate stand alone port though.

    • Joe public

      FAIL…… Sorry androids best plastic dollar store phones LACKS hdmi both the galaxy S3 and note 2 do not have hdmi ports. But that’s okay as android users only need to have phones with 4,6,8 or 12 cores to run the clunky android OS.

  • Lewis

    should have been “have a micro hdmi as a separate stand alone”

  • Aboveposter

    lots of sammys have “have a micro hdmi as a separate stand alone” Its not new.

  • traceamar

    Its the size that bothers me… I am currently using a Sony Xperia t which is smaller with a bigger screen. Dont get me wrong guys, love RIM, but I just dont like huge phones.

  • Mike Neufeld

    And when they out price everything but the Iphone, The official death of RIM will come! When the Bold 9900 was released, it was $700 outright. There were a ton of high end Android devices that came in lower. Prime example- Playbook 4G. Did it sell at it’s rediculous price when it was released like 4-6 months ago? when the WIFI 32GB was like $149. I can only hope RIM can be competitive with their pricing structure but as the past has shown” their professional products cost a premium”, if you call them professional.

    • Joe public

      I think you better go check bell and rodgers and see what SAMSUNG is charging for 8.9 lte tablet off contract $649.00 with only 16gb storage, 128ram, slower processor “single core”, no hdmi. The blackberry playbook LTE off contract is 549.00 has everything the sammy has and extras hdmi, more ram, more storage 32gb, faster processor and dual core.

      Come on little android user do a little research before spewing crap, maybe one day you will get a real phone..

      RIP Android the stop gap welfare, dollar store and barging bin phones

  • fanberry10

    check this vid on youtube: Published on Dec 18, 2012 New song from LIL E called “No Sleep Till BlackBerry 10” dedicated to all of Team BlackBerry to get ready for the release of BlackBerry 10 – January 30, 2013…The song is very cool and catchy!!!

  • Eugene

    The phone with hdmi is : Sony ion , Motorola razr hd, Samsung phones use mhl adapter for hdmi which is works almost the same as hdmi.

  • truther

    2009 called and they want their phone back!

    • LOL

      ..Then 2009 heard about the “Coming soon” to be announced on Jan 3st and then decided to keep a phone they CAN TOUCH!

      You can’t make calls on “leaks” “renderings” “Rumours” or comments from “Industry Insiders”

      The phone could have been ready last Dec. but The CEO is tired in the mornings after watching NBA games and the developers are busy posting cover versions of “gangnam style” on youtube.

  • Sweet

    I was hoping they would have included a fingerprint scanner, and use that for authentication instead of passwords or codes. Maybe next year.

    Does anyone know wether the phones are going to support a headphone controller like the iPhone and iPods ? It’s super useful, and probably a deal-breaker for me, unless RIM has come up with something better.