LG video hints at new devices, just in time for CES


  • Tommy Thompson

    ” and a phone that’s docked in what could be a larger printer” if you are referring to what’s at the 20 second mark…that’s a top load washer with a touchscreen…

    • Ontario Teachers

      Just a reminder that Ontario teachers are being bullied by the government and having their way of life DESTROYED with illegal and unfair wage freezes. Please support your teachers.

    • Tyco

      RIM is dead.

    • Malik

      are you serious? who the hell needs a touch screen clothes washer?

    • Tyco

      Android makes my bum hurt :{

  • Who Daaat

    lool Seriously..why did they put a washer.. there should be a reason..maybe its filled with Nexus 4 phones

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Wow. I swear I heard that music in the 90s.


  • Malik

    bet they spent alot of money on that crapy video.. it really didnt show or prove anything

  • Ken

    To the Ontario Teachers post here in this area I hope the Ontario government puts your union in its place like back in the classroom. This is the wrong place to post your BS.

  • hurric

    what a shitty ad

  • Keith

    The problem with LG you never know when they will abandon purchasers of their devices.

  • nick

    a connected washing machine? haha