Thanks to patent licensing deal with Apple, HTC will make better phones in 2013


  • JC Chong

    Rubber banding effect… I must have rubber banding effect or I’m not buying that phone.


  • EZ

    Would be nice to have more specific details. What workarounds were they talking about, and what would HTC gain that the others would not be able use?

  • Apple Sales Guy

    Pay us to use our magic and in return you make good devices powered by some apple magic. It pays to play by the rules (*cough* Samsung)


  • SAM

    OHHHH THE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM SAMMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ehoustoun

    you know what else would help develop superior phones faster? NOT ALLOWING RIDICULOUS PATENTING ON EVERY ELEMENT OF A SMARTPHONE!!!

    • 45

      Whoa there! Don’t let common sense and practical thinking get in the way of the big corporations’ lawsuits!

    • phreezerburn

      Well there are 3 of Apple’s key patents under review right now in America and Apple is tossing around lobbyist coin like it was still Christmas.

    • cant

      Impossible. Every time they patent something, they have to pay for it. If someone could make money from them patenting every single time, why would they try and stop it? It’s like those cigarette companies; they make too much money to give a crap about our health.

  • aviking

    Im sorry HTC did Apple tell you not to put a micro SD card in your top of the line phones? Because that’s why I went with the SG3 over the oneX.

    Seems to me you guys just make stupid decisions and don’t listen to the people buying your phones.

    • caribouroader

      I’m sorry, but unfortunately it’s your loss for not buying the One X, which is the superior phone.


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!
    htc now sharing your stuff

  • Derp

    I did my part my contacting HTC and telling them the reason people aren’t buying their phones was because of the lack of a microsd card in their newest phones.. since i really like the htc build quality.

    Cloud service is not the answer.. And with smartphones being more media devices than an actual phone it seems crazy that they make them without a microsd slot.

  • Mike

    Epic. I’ll be sticking with HTC for a long time. Great devices.

  • zzZZzz

    HTC, I love my One S. Sure, it could’ve had LTE, but really not a problem. Biggest problem, that I anticipated though decided to overlook, was the lack of SD Card. Second problem was the big delay in releasing the software update.

    I don’t know about updates in the future, but if the next flagship phone doesn’t come with 16gb internal (at least) and sd slot (or 64gb internal), then b-bye HTC.

  • Silence.Alert

    I wish that they released the EVO 4G LTE in Canada. For those of you who don’t know what it is, imagine the One X with a much larger battery, mi. That is a cellphone done right. I just can’t fathom the reasoning behind HTC’s decision to allow this phone only on Sprint.

    • Abs

      Yessss! The first time I hear someone say that besides me, we think a like. Htc evo 4g lte was better in every way. Design was way better, had kick stand and camera shutter. Like you said bigger battery but also had micro sd slot. Htc made a fatal mistake by making it exclusive for sprint. I mean what would you chose if you had a company, a small minority in one country, or available accross the freakin world?? I fear these patents wont change much because at the root, I feel like all important decisions taken at htc are by monkeys. They always release stunning phones but manage to screw them up with retarded mistakes.

    • JonnyB

      Just so u know telus has released the HTC One X+ which is way better than the EVO 4g. But it is exclusive to telus. has 2100 mah batt LTE Capable and 64 GB hard drive

  • David

    My problem with HTC is that HTC sense is just unattractive, overbearing and intrusive. They simply need to understand that sometimes less is more. Samsung’s UI looks very different from stock, but the customizations that they’ve done are actually useful and the graphical elements are implemented in a tasteful manner. Motorola’s approach of sticking with stock android and adding subtle customizations have also been well received. HTC needs to stop adding a barrage of features that serves only to confuse the customer.

    • Piff

      Ever hear of touch wiz. Now that is over bearing and ugly. Sense is the lesser of the 2 evils.

  • Rainman

    I hope they license Apple’s mapping technology. LOL!

  • Talaricu

    I agree with you Derp!

    HTC needs to listen to the consumers of their phones.
    Build top quality phones with SD SLOTS and BETTER BATTERY CAPACITY!
    Why is that so difficult for the heads of HTC to understand? Build the phones the masses want, reve up the marketing of the phones, release them on all carriers and they’ll be able to compete with the big boys.

    Get with it already HTC! I really want to support you but you gotta meet me half way! 🙂

  • legend618

    get rid of sense

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Had a One X for a few days to replace my old Nexus S. Hardware wise it’s a beast but Sense annoyed the hell out of me. Sure I could’ve just rooted it and put CM on it, it’s got a fairly large dev community that made it easy to do this, but I just couldn’t be bothered and resold it. I still think nothing beats stock android UI.

    Motorola’s on the right track with Motoblur. Do something like that HTC!

  • Tomatoes11

    HTC will sell once their phones are better than the competition. It isn’t marketing or brand power or lawsuits that are holding them back. Once they stop blaming Apple and others and look in the mirror and start paying attention to detail to their products, then they will be successful.

    Currently, they just suck and both LG and especially Samsung make much better handsets than them, plain and simple. Sorry HTC fans, but you are just as delusional as HTC if you think it comes down to just marketing and carrier support. There is a lot that is wrong with their design philosophies.