HTC manages small Q3 profit as it tries to rebuild


  • Brandon

    Bummer. I always liked their phones.

    • Dive

      HTC is on the right track:
      All they need to do is add SD Cards and bigger batteries to all their phones. Then ditch their HTC Sense: It costs money to develop and keep up to date and delays the upgrading timeframe.

      There are so many launchers/themes apps out there that there is no real value for the customers at the end. A lot of them end up using AOKP or Cyanogenmod 10 anyways !

      The dilemma for manufaturers is that if they keep on releasing software updated to all their models, people will keep on updating the software and keep their phones longer, instead of upgrading phones because they have newer software. In their minds and hope all this would happen within HTC; in reality if people buy an HTC phone and doesn’t get upgraded soon/on time they just jump into Samsung or Nexus and stay there!

      -Get rid of HTC Sense (save a lot of money) and upgrade your phones more often, your customes might keep their phones longer but their next phone will be HTC! etc etc

    • RIP HTC

      HTC = FAIL

  • Jimmy

    S4 snapdragon dual-core 4inch screen One V would be Amazing.

  • EvanK

    At least they’re still making a profit, you keep hearing about how Samsung’s the only OEM that’s actually making a profit off Android, and even though these aren’t exactly stand out numbers in comparison to Samsung, they’re still profits. And that’s more than RIM or Nokia can say.

    • AK

      RIM and Nokia aren’t doing well for obvious reasons due to their bad decisions.

      Same can be said for HTC,they are doing it wrong left and right, hopefully if they just pull themselves together and stop some of the random decisions about their products(that honestly we can’t find a good rational behind) they should pull themselves up.

      We as consumers(humans) don’t like monopoly,we love choices, we love to go and look at the different things out there, but if you go out there and decide to buy a phone with the only company doing it right…Samsung….you stop wondering.

  • Haythem

    They are failing because their One series has no expandable memory, small battery and no way to change it/remove it.

    If it had all, they would have faired much better. Heck, I’d have bought a One X over my S3.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    so you ready to listen to your customers yet HTC? micro sd slot please.

  • Denscafon

    Maybe stop selling your phones on only 1-2 carriers and you might sell more phones. EXCLUSIVES DON”T WORK! I wanted a OneX but I don’t want to be on rogers so I never got one. Learn from samsung and sell on ALL carriers like the GSIII

    • Tomatoes

      You are extremely lucky that you didn’t get a One X. I got two and HTC still found a way to make me get a GS3.

      You saved yourself two steps by getting the GS3 first.

  • rootblock

    I used to be able to instantly recommend HTC phones. Then they started locking bootloaders, and then I started just focusing on Nexus devices.

  • Bigruss8

    Although no other Android OEM is any better (except Google obviously) ensure your phones are updated in a timely manner. That alone would have many people flocking to buy the phone. Has HTC even started their JB roll out yet??

  • E

    WHERE IS THE ONE X+ AND JELLY BEAN FOR THE ONE X. Both were scheduled for October!!!

  • ActivesiN

    HTC have amazing build quality, displays and cameras
    problem is…their batteries are too small
    sense is still a hog and makes software updates very slow
    lack of sd cards is annoying as well

  • Kevin Nham

    Stop the exclusivity and start marketing your devices.

    That’ll solve most of your problems.
    Oh and stop with the random brain fart of extra random devices.

  • Ht_fail

    Htc have been failing since the desire z. They are just bad… There is no helping them. The only thing that samsung is doing wrong is that ugly physical button on the front of all their phones.

  • boojay

    I love HTC, but they will fail. They continue to hurt themselves by purposely handicapped their devices and pumping out one failure after the other.

    With their latest HTC J Butterfly/DLX/DNA, I see continued disappointment. The only thing they ever did right was launch Android and bring it to the forefront with the Nexus One. Since then, everything has been a miss.

    Return to your roots HTC!

  • Tomatoes

    The problem with HTC is that they suck. They need to stop sucking to turn this around.

    That said the HTC J Butterfly looks sexy as hell. Too bad HTC never fails to piss of the consumer some how with one or more really annoying flaws int ehir handsets.

  • Mika

    I love htc, I had a Legend then a Sensation and now I’m on a One S. I never had battery problem.. and I love htc Sense.

    I think htc Sense is what that makes the htc brand so attractive for me. I hate the Android the other company like Samsung or LG are giving us.

    I think their main problem is the marketing, the microSD card and the number of devices at each carrier.