HTC and Apple settle patent infringement suit, both will now “focus on innovation instead of litigation”


  • DrBadass

    It’s okay apple you still suck.

    • Rio

      You know People get mad at apple simply because they dont know whats going on.

      HTC was smart and came to an agreement unlike Samsung. Apple notified Samsung 1 year in advanced that they were starting to cross the thin ice but Samsung looked the other way and they got what they deserved.

      Apple warned them and gave them a chance but they thought they were all that and lost a couple billion along with some of the business they were getting from Apple.

      Samsung recently halted one of their new facilities simply because Apple started to move some of its business elsewhere. Like it or not, Samsung Makes a SHIT TON of Revenue of Apple components.

    • LOLer

      Let me rephrase what you said:

      Apple makes a SHIT TON of revenue from Samsung components.

    • Rio

      Samsung greatly benefits from making the Parts for Apple <– that was my point.

    • RIM?


  • Alex

    @drbadass; so do you! 🙂

    • tech

      they blocked htc evo , one x and some more phones for the peak time when htc could have made money. Now htc is struggling thanks to apple for disturbing their sales.
      and you say other people suck when apple is the one going after companies that actually make good phones?

  • Dylan K

    I’m just wondering whom is licensing to whom…

    • phreezerburn

      Apple is from Microsoft.

  • Nathaniel James

    Are you kidding me apple? When will they learn? They tried the same bullshit with Samsung and had to apologize because they made themselves look like an a*s. There is no comparision or similarity to ANY android or apple device. The closest you can probably get is apps. Not hardware, software, or build quality. They need to learn to back down and accept defeat. That is all…

    • Rio

      Did you read the Samsung Article properly? Lol The reason they had to apologize is because the judge considered the samsung tablet not cool and unpopular enough to ban.

      Secondly this is a good thing, now both parties are licensing to each other. It is win-win

    • phreezerburn

      Same judge also said there was “no way” anyone could mistake the two devices which was Apple’s big complaint thus all the jokes about Apple targeted user base being too stupid to recognize their arse from a hole in the ground.

  • asdf

    laser focused on product innovation? Erm, you better start innovating then.

  • No BBM

    HTC has never copied anyone in the first place. Must be some background patents and rounded corner BS. Let’s stop all this legal nonsense. Apple copies android all the time and even RIM that’s why the Apple owned Media want RIM to fail because whomever grabs those RIM patents will finally have FIPs security to add to their platform.

    • Kouji

      HTC has been making touchscreen smartphones before I even heard of an I… i-Anything!

    • Kouji

      Oh wait! There was the iPAQ but that was made by them (HTC) and still before I even heard of an iPod or any of Apple’s iStuff

    • phreezerburn

      MS is the king of all touch screen patents and none of those are aesthetics patents but all multi-platform functionality.

    • noknok

      They copied Nokia Lumia’s design & colours on their latest Windows Phones

  • D

    Apple is starting to lose their swagger

  • some guy

    lol… Yeah, okay Apple… I believe you.

  • zzZZzz

    Better settle than having to issue another apology, amirite?

  • Tomatoes

    HTC better not have taken the short straw. Apple rapes their isheep fans enough that I don’t want them raping Android OEMs.

    I hope Samsung and Sony tell them to F off instead of settling like HTC did.

    • phreezerburn

      Hey if HTC is truly in bed with MS, they have an enormous patent portfolio to draw from. Folks tend to forget MS was proactive in patent acquisition during the 80’s and 90’s like no other. At one time is was said that MS true gross worth couldn’t be measured as the patent’s purchase valuation wasn’t an accurate representation when applied to the marketplace.

      At one time MS was considered too big to allow its continued existence (by a great swath of the American politico) as a single entity and that alone is why they didn’t eviscerate Apple when they most certainly could have and also why they didn’t just start nailing other corporate entities to the barn door in the early to mid 90’s. Lucky for Apple that “too big to fail” trumps “too big for the marketplace” within America’s politico. They pulled all this stuff in the early 90’s and the iPhone and the iPad would be made by separate companies.

  • Never again

    I have no respect for Apple whatsoever…why? because they don’t respect anyone at all…
    Just found 4 exclusive songs on my hard drive that I bought on iTunes 5 yrs ago, can’t even play the damn songs on my computer with VLC or any other program! Never again…

    • Rio

      Yes it is Apples fault you do not know how to use a computer. lol

  • applesucker

    The hilarious part is Apple now has to pay for all of Samsungs legal fees in the UK lawsuit. Even parking and cell fees of all lawyers involved. Way to piss of the judge for effing around on a court ordered apology. On top of that Apple tries to hide the appology on their site! Their probably going to get fined for that too. It maybe a drop in the bucket for Apple, but it sure is embarrassing. Can’t wait for the retrial in the US. Good chance there will be, thanks to the jerkoff juror foreman.

  • Sub-Joker

    My personal belief is that apple is realizing how their image is going down with all of these greedy lawsuits. and that’s why they wanna settle it with HTC.
    I mean look how Samsung sales went up after the 1 billion rule. ppl now view samsung as the victim and apple as the bad guy now.
    Again, this is my personal belief. I hope the long run of this is fewer lawsuits, and more money going into R&D.

  • Apple Sales Guy

    We could have put them out of their misery, but we decided to have mercy and offer them a deal.

    Luckily, they were smart enough to accept.

    Bravo HTC


    • applesucker

      “We”??????? boy are you one sad sack of sh*t! You really actually think your talking on Apples behalf. You are one deranged isheep. Lets see, Apples worth about 600b+ and they make a donation of 2.5 m to Sandy victim. Lady gaga worth about 150m. She make 1m donation. I can see why you Apple tards are so out of touch. Ya wanna put someone out of misery! Then make real f*cking donation! So much for being the richest company in world. And dont start with at least they did bs.

    • PkaTka1

      @AppleSucker… how much did Samsung or HTC donate again?

    • applesucker

      Samsung donated 3 million to hurricane Sandy! A half mill more ok. So stfu and look something up before you post. Its on Samsungs main site. Go read a book and learn something.

  • Teddy

    @Apple Sales Guy sells iCrap somewhere in the tiny store tucked away in a mall, and nobody from Apple, except his immediate supervisors, knows that he even exists. Yet he uses “we” when referring to Apple, haha!

    That, my friends, is a prime example of “delusion”.

    You. Are. A. Nobody.

    • Distortion Field

      LOL. You sound angry.

      I’m guessing Apple Sales Guy got exactly what he wanted out of you.

  • Never again

    Rio, I won’t install iTunes, I’m not that stupid to use this program…if you can call it a program…

  • zzzZZZZzz

    The issues I have with this ruling are:
    – HTC had LTE patent 100% against Apple, now I’m worried that this deal grants Apple defense against other LTE countersuits
    – not having the deal made public, we can’t call Apple a thief 🙁

    • Tomatoes

      That is exactly why Apple probably settled with HTC. Now Samsung might have to drop the iphone 5 from their December trial.

      It is all good though, Apple still gave up some signiifcant ground in the war. Technically, it is now possible for Google sell every Nexus device without any legal worries provided HTC is on the box. Samsung or LG can design it properly like usual and then have one HTC shill or coffee boy on each team and call him the “lead” software designer. They can slap Google, Samsung, LG etc. on the hardware and then just say “software designed by HTC” in the smallest print possible on the box or have it printed on the non removable battery or something.

  • phreezerburn

    The US is the ONLY COUNTRY to grant aesthetics patents which are oddly a thing Disney had a huge hand in. The courts which have went for Apple are one and all in countries the American rebuilt in their own image and have retained much influence within. As I have said elsewhere, were Samsung a Malaysian company, they’d have won therein too.

  • Richard

    @Joe Actually, there was two Android versions at the time. One that was more feature-phone oriented like the one in the picture, and a full touch-screen interface. Apple fans conveniently “forget” about the touch screen version when they want to validate themselves.