Apple: Do Not Disturb feature will resume normal functionality after January 7th


  • Hilman

    You are setting it wrong lol.


      Guys no calls please until the 7th because no one will answer the phone!!! ohh my phone # is 416-TIM-COOK

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Quinn

    Any reason as to why?

  • Lil Wayne


    • Plazmic Flame

      Exactly! This is a feature! /sarcasm

      So done with iOS. BlackBerry 10 in 27 days!!!

  • Tomatoes11

    It just works. Isn’t that right Apple fans? lol

    • Eluder

      My thoughts exactly, people have been touting that Apple products just work. Well sorry to say, but after getting a 5th gen iPod touch running iOS 6.0.1, I can honestly say, they don’t work any better than a current gen Android phone, and more importantly (IMHO), they are less intuitive to use than Android. The simple home button just doesn’t cut it for me. Need my menu and back buttons, they just make navigating around apps and the OS that much easier.

  • landragon

    whohooo! big news. why do tech sites post this crap

    • Gab

      he’s helping the iphone users know of this problem.


      To see what kind of revolutionary you have in your iCrap

  • Mike

    Maybe if they issue every owner a bumper case the problem will go away?

  • Why

    Why? Why do people still like iPhone?

    There is no innovation coming out of it. UI is clunky and unintuitive. Small screen. Poor battery life and small battery capacity. Lots of software problems or software still in beta. Expensive (you get less bang for your buck).

    Is there just that many iDiots in this world?


      and the latest no more jail-braking!!!! you stuck with what ever apple offered which is ZERO

    • @maikelparets

      Yes; yes there are

  • gjeff12

    As always, its not apple’s fault cause it’s working as they planned.

  • Nek Bye

    Apple didn’t issue any patches to fix the bug must be because no one is using that feature so they don’t bother.

  • @maikelparets

    The next big thing is already here

  • Mark

    Leave it to Apple to mess up a simple schedule silent mode app. Seriously though, you think a company with over 100 billion of dollars could afford competent software engineers.


    RIP APPLE!!!!!!
    sweet dreams

  • MBCrunch

    Apple: It’s not a big, it’s a feature!

  • MBCrunch

    sorry bug :S

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    They should fire Scott Forstall.. again!

  • jimmy the gee k

    So THAT’S why no one called or text me on new years!

    Oh wait… No, it’s because I own an iPhone.

  • john frink

    This reminds me of the iOS alarm clock alarms that do not go off on Jan 1st though 3rd every year.

  • Alex

    Sorry. I’m using Fandroid. Still stuck in November.

  • D

    Damn Africa 🙁

  • Matt

    All the fandroids are sh*tting on Apple for this but I’m pretty sure I remember Android missing the entire month of December from their calendar… Just saying.

    • mlander

      You mean, back in November, when iOS proponents were “sh*tting on” Android because of an equally silly glitch?

      Everyone makes mistakes. That said, Google fixed theirs – while Apple’s response appears to be “Just wait, it will stop being broken.” I guess they expect all devices to be runnin iOS 7 by next January!