Google: Nexus 4 shipping to Canadians again


  • Blaise Petric

    Does this mean they’ll go back on sale before February?

    • SAM

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      RIM is in its final stages of life.

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    • ned

      I give up.
      Gonna wait for BB10.

    • FunEE

      The funee thing is that the N4 will be widely available by the time BB10 phones arrive to stores.

      Talk about being late to the party!

  • Sean

    Got my tracking info yesterday currently scheduled to arrive second week of January 🙂

  • Kody

    Got mine yesterday! Expected delivery is January 8th.

    • Tom Gray

      Mine shipped on the 28th
      Expected Delivery is January 8.
      Now the torturing wait. LOL I wonder if they can see how many times I click on the tracking number? even UPS would be like….seriously?…lol

  • eddiebaseball

    Was in the 3-4 week window, received a notification yesterday. Expected to arrive next week, which technically makes it over 4 weeks.

  • Blaise Petric

    Disregard my previous comment. I purchased a Note 2 today and I love it.

  • yawn

    People still hung up on the n4, it’s not even that special of a phone. Even for the price. Might as well stick with the old galaxy, not much different and you still get a shitty camera.

  • irfworks

    Mine shipped as well. Currently scheduled to be delivered on the 4th. They were a week late on their 3-4 week promise but they are offering shipping credits if you ask nicely!

    • Kody

      Did you call them and get the shipping credit? Or was email sufficient?

    • Jake

      They are not a week late i called they do not count weekends and the time the time item is en route as delivery times. Dec 3 to Jan 4 is right on time. Don’t waste your time they are in there legal rights not to refund you.

  • Andrew P

    Just checked the Google Play website, it’s still showing as sold out on the website.

    I’m having a hard time with this. I don’t need a new phone, nor a tablet, but come on! Google has been caught with their pants down twice within a year (and these are not their first attempts at selling to consumers). They know software, they know search, but they really need to do some homework on consumer sales

    Oh well. Hope everyone gets their devices.

  • P

    Wow so late. I received my Nexus 4 like a week and a half ago. I was one of the lucky few that ordered within the first 3 minutes of it going back on sale on Dec 3rd. I hope everyone get’s their Nexus 4’s pretty soon! It’s an amazing device. Best early birthday/christmas gift to myself ever : )

    • Ross

      I also received mine two weeks ago from the second batch.

  • DrBadass

    nexus 10 please

  • Paul Q

    Estimated Delivery time for me is jan 4th but theres mistakes on the address for mine, no house number lol just the street number.. Hope I get it asap

  • 2c

    is this bb10?

    • Derp

      quiet noob..

  • Jordan

    I was in the 5-6 week bracket so I’m getting mine a week or two early. Says it’ll arrive Friday.

  • Ron Mexico

    Who cares? This shouldn’t even be considered a consumer device, the availability is an absolute joke.

    Google should stop selling hardware altogether if they can’t supply a product for more than 15 minutes. They are becoming the joke of the industry with their half baked attempts.

    Apple/Microsoft must have a good laugh when they see how bad they are at this.

  • deltatux

    Still no emails from Google but the Play Store purchase date keeps changing, apparently it’s showing that there was activity on the device on the 29th… status still is under “pre-order”…

  • Kid.Canada

    Passed on the Nexus 4 due to the lack of an sd card slot. Got the S3 instead and couldn’t be happier. 16GB internal storage for apps. 32GB SD card for everything else (music, movies, pictures) and I’ve already used 18GB of the 32GB so this device clearly wouldn’t worked for me in terms of storage space. Tried out my buddies Nexus 4 and it’s definitely an awesome device for that price.

    • Weslley

      I couldn’t agreed more. I got my S3 at the beginning of this mouth and thanks to Google, I’ve got a better device, better camera and could use my old SD card with my mp3s and photos right away after bought it.
      It was weird that the S3 was the third of the list of the best devices of the year even though it had a better marks on the reviews according to Mobile Syrup. Oh, well… Im happy with mine
      Happy New Year!!!

  • TZM

    Nexus 4 was never meant to be a consumer device. Its well known in the dev circles. Saying that, this is the way all Android phones should be sold no matter who makes them. Pure Android and no crap on top. Google needs to step up and stop the skinning of their wonderful UI experience.

    • newBgeek

      Google needs to step up and CREATE a wonderful UI experience. What they have now is buggy and half-baked.

  • Thrasher

    Ordered Dec 3. I was a 3-4 weeker. I got the shipping email on Friday. Expected delivery Jan 7 to Calgary. Was hoping it would get here next week. Oh well, at least it’s on it way after a loooooong wait.

  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

  • Tom Riddell

    When they going to be able sell more still sold out E-Bay there going for 500 Bucks CND.

  • leo

    cancel my order, cant wait for so long

  • jason s

    Still says sold out in Canada. I would love to try this thing out but likely won’t get a chance. Am holding out until BB10 comes out. Hopefully that is not a huge let down like this is.

  • Andrw

    Mine has shipped. There are those in the 5-6 weeks that have theirs shipped I believe. There is still hope.

  • Plan Shopper

    I have 2 orders in the system. Both were ordered on Dec 3. The first one came in the 3-4 week window and the second came in the 7-8 week window.

    Both are to arrive on the 4th! Tracking currently says that the devices are in Maumee, OH, United States as of 12:29 on the 29th.

    • deltatux

      The hell? I’m in the 7-8 week window but I never got the shipping info…

  • harpoon

    got mine just before xmas, love it. Best phone I’ve used.

  • Kanji

    Looking at tha price of the tax increased the total cost quite a bit :O ! How much does it cost if shipping to alberta?

  • Thrasher

    @Kanji: Shipped to Alberta it is $393.94. Better than the rest of the country but still slightly overpriced compared to the “advertised” $299 price tag. In an ideal world there would be plenty of 8gig-ers available with free shipping for a total of $313.95 in Alberta but we do not live in an ideal world.

    • Geoff

      $393.94 is right, but it’s not advertised at $299 (I think you meant $309 for the 8gb). That’s how much I paid for the 16 gb version which is advertised at $359.

  • Thrasher

    What I’m trying to say in my previous post is that it all adds up. First they grab your attention with the $299 price, then you find out that it is $10 more in Canada, then you realize 16GB ships faster (or 8GB is sold out) – another $50, then they slap $17 for shipping, then you have to pay the government $54 and you end up with a price of $430 out the door (not including screen protectors and cases you are likely to get). Still much better than competition but it kinda reminds me of those car TV ads where they only show you the base price which you will never even get close to.

    • ace

      or you can start at $699 for an iphone 5, realize you have to pay another $100 on top of that to get the 32gb version, pay an extra $119 to the government, then have to pay another $30 to get a new charger another since the new connector is out, or buy a $30 adapter that will work with all your other chargers. Get locked into a 3 year contract at $100+ a month, (not including overage fees)… and you cant even use your phone if you travel anywhere but your country…

      so you decide which one is better… ill stick to my unlocked google phones

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Let the glass breaking begin

  • superfly

    Hello nexus 4

  • Jeff

    Already got the first nexus on December 19! Next one will arrive by coming Friday!!

  • Iberry

    I got my notification yesterday

  • Aiden

    Ordered Nov 13th got it Nov 27th. I feel bad for you guys 🙁

  • Piff

    I have lost all interest. I will stay with my HTC One S for the time being.

  • yammy

    I’ve been checking the Nexus 4 status on Google Play and it’s still “sold out”… Is there an opporunity to order in January?

  • Ivan

    If it were for sale now I would buy (from google and not x10 price on ebay) without hesitation. But at this point, it’s starting to look like I’ll have found a new shiny bauble that will probably be available long before. Considering only the phone and specs, I would say winner. But to truly be a great phone it has to be in my hand. For this reason and only this reason, I consider the Nexus 4 a Fail.

  • Mike stone

    Watch out guys. I bought my nexus on December 3rd too. On December 19 I got my shipping notification. On December 20th UPS said they delivered it. They didn’t. I got my money back from google but now I have to wait for the next batch of Nexi. Moral of the story is to phone UPS and make sure the driver requires a signature otherwise they might say they dropped it off when they really didn’t.

    • Geoff

      My coworker got his in the last batch and was horrified to find that the driver just left the phone sitting on the ground on his front step. Literally anyone could have taken it, and that’s possibly what happened to you.

  • rip

    bought 8

  • BREW

    Ordered mine at 12:18 (6-7 week) and expecting it next Friday!

  • Graham

    I’m still on the fence. Sounds like by the time I’m able to get my hands on this, something newer better may be out. Stating the obvious, I realize. But frustrating to see that they still can’t get stock in order.

  • philip

    Love my galaxy nexus and don’t see Nexus4 as that big an improvement. I’ve got a Lumia 920 for the camera and for something different to play with. So now I’ll just wait for the Nexus 5 with a 1080 display.

  • Sgt.Romanov

    Meh , I will wait for the BB10 . not so hyped about the nexus 4 anymore

  • Dominique L

    Got the notification on December 28th! Expected delivery is January 8th. I ordered on Google Play during the second round of Canadian availability, at 15:20.

  • Al

    How did you guys order it. I tired to order it from the site and it says they only ship and process american credit cards…. I want a nexus 4!

  • andy c

    I was given a 6-7 week window when i ordered on Dec 3rd.

    It will arrive next week

  • Greg7462

    Expected on Jan 7. To all those that received it already, did you have to pay those ridiculous brokerage fees from UPS? The devices are being shipped from the US so i’m kinda concerned

    • No UPS Fees

      No UPS brokerage fees, you paid tax during checkout.

  • ….

    Guys don’t get too excited yet. Like some of you guys, I too purchased this phone on Dec. 03 and I too was very excited about its arrival date.

    But be prepared, I don’t know if this is always true but the phone doesn’t look like it’s brand new packaged. When I unboxed it, the screen is full of dust; the screen stickers has scratches on them; it’s missing the chrome rim stickers and there are many nicked areas that can be found on the chrome rim. Seriously didn’t feel like they’ve given me a brand new phone…feels like a refurbished phone.

    However, I ‘kinda’ like the phone and don’t want to go through more troubles. Even though the unboxing experience wasn’t great, I’ll still live with it but doesn’t mean LG and/or Google can treat us customers like this.

  • Gario

    I can’t believe $16.99 shipping charge and Google shipped the phone by UPS Standard. Ordered an iPhone from Apple, free shipping and got it in 3 days all the way from China.

    • Eluder

      Ya, but you’re paying nearly double the price for an iPhone. Apple’s margins are excessively high on their products, they can easily ship you a phone from china for free.

  • ….

    I bought a brand new Galaxy S3(100% new) on Kijiji, and sold for for $450 just to get the Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 is good in a way but I kind of regret it.

  • mahd

    Just got the email on Dec 28th, coming all the way from Louisville KY and it won’t arrive until Jan 7, 2013. Well, at least I have something to look forward to 🙂

  • Ghostrider

    Ordered on 3rd Dec.
    original schedule was 6-7 weeks.
    Already shipped now and arriving on 4th Jan

  • PXY

    Was in 6-7 week period due to bad timing… still no email. Hope the rest of you enjoy it while i wait.

  • Noor

    Got my shipping notification on the 28th. UPS says it should arrive on the 8th. Good Luck to those who ordered!

  • Melo

    Got my shipping 28th. Scheduled to arrive Jan4th. TORONTO FTW! .

  • habskilla

    There no extra UPS charges.

  • Anonymous

    Melo you serious? ‘toronto ftw’?? $40 something bucks in tax..yea it’s sure ftw…

  • Trevor

    Placed my order on the 3rd of Dec, and was in the 7-8 week range.

    Contacted Google a week later to ask if I could cancel my order, and was informed that I can only cancel an order within an hour of placing it. Later that day I received an email from them telling me that my order was targeted to ship on Jan. 30, 2013, but if I still wanted to cancel they could attempt to intercept the order.

    I agreed to them intercepting it and didn’t heard anything for another week, in which I emailed asking if they could cancel the request to intercept, which they said that is no problem since they couldn’t intercept the order anyways.

    At this point, still no shipping notifications, Google Wallet still says status is pre-ordered as of yesterday, and I imagine it will still be Feb before I receive it (I hope).

  • Greg

    Anyone who ordered their Nexus 4 on Dec 23 heard anything about when Google will ship those orders?

    My email says 7-8 weeks but I’m hoping that I’ll get my belated Christmas present by mid January.

    • Greg

      Correction: I made the online purchase on December 3rd, and the email I got was 7-8 weeks. Anyone heard anything when Google will ship the phone for Dec 3rd buyers?

  • Lee

    Hmmm. Looks like some people are giving up the nexus 4. does this mean the next stock will at LEAST last for more than a day? I HOPE SO!

  • Kian

    Some people are giving up! People who are patient may have a better chance.

  • Taigi

    Got it, sweet device.

  • Jordan

    Anyone elses device stuck in Maumee, Ohio? Mine’s been there for 3 or 4 days now. I hope that’s just customs clearance but I doubt it.

    • Stefanie

      Customs clearence in generally in Windsor. Mine is in Maumee too, I assume it just hasn’t moved/been updated due to the holidays. I expect to see an update tomorrow, and I imagine the scheduled delivery date will change from the 4th to the 7th or 8th.

  • Cowbell

    Am I the only one with my phone stuck in Maumee Ohio?

  • Jordan

    To anyone who has received their phone: what was the UPS brokerage fee on your shipment?

    • No UPS Fees

      No UPS brokerage fee, taxes were paid during checkout.