Canadians receiving notifications that the Nexus 4 is shipping again!


  • abc123

    Got it! Just hope there are no delays at the border like with my Nexus 7.

  • greg

    Got mine this afternoon, will arrive on tuesday.

  • Sean

    Is this only for people in the 1-2 weeks. Mine was in the 3-4 weeks so i guess i might start seeing shipping information right around Christmas

    • Plan Shopper

      I’m in the same waiting window as you. Using the 1-2 week order as a guide, we should see ours between Jan 3 to 7.

    • Plan Shopper

      I just emailed Google support and I immediately received this:

      “According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of January 02.”

      I’ll probably have it the evening of January 7.

    • Plan Shopper

      My second order was in the 6-7 week window and they just responded with:

      “According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of January 23.”

  • ily

    Still waiting on mine! 🙁
    I’m really hoping to receive my toy before Xmas

  • ChochiWpg

    Got my notice about an hour ago. Expected to arrive by end of day Tuesday.

  • theMediaman

    Yup. Got mine, and preemptively started bragging.

  • COBwiggy

    Anyone have any idea when the next batch will be going on sale?

  • Lexcyn

    Got mine, will be here next Wednesday.

  • King Scorpio

    This seems good news.. my order was placed at 12:06 PM…Anyone received any notification for order placed at 12:06 or after that….

  • Mark

    Mine is sitting across the border in Ohio…too bad they’re not shipping from TO as some people had speculated but I too should have mine by Tuesday night. Now all that’s left to decide is whether to jump on the N4 + Wind $40 unlimited plan or to sell it and scoop Fido’s $56 plan w/ a Razr HD 😐

    • jnrbshp

      Why not use the $56 fido plan with the N4?

    • Mark

      Having spent $425 to get an N4 shipped+taxed (and damnit I hope there’s no border tax coming) I’d rather go with the 40/month from Wind, since over 2 years $16 less x 24 = $384 saved. However if I sell the N4 and get a Razr for free from Fido, then I get my $425 back and the 400 bucks extra over the next two years is a wash. I think I’m leaning towards the Razr now that this deal exists, better battery and kevlar > glass backing for a butterfingers like me, case or no case.

    • COBwiggy

      Mark, if you’re selling it let me know! Twitter: @samwiggans

  • Mark

    Mine was 3-4 weeks but I got my shipping notice on the 13th. Perhaps i was an oddity bc everyone on Google+ was cursing me lol

  • GuiSim

    I have a feeling we’re all going to pay custom fees ! yayy

    • COBwiggy

      No custom fees, I had one (that unfortunately got stolen), but it was shipped from the USA and there was no custom fees or anything, not even a signature, UPS guy just dropped it at my door

    • King Scorpio

      No. If you see your order you will see it is placed to Google Canada corp. So there is no way you have to pay custom. Its just that they are shipping directly to you from US.

  • Rocky

    Got mine yesterday! expected tuesday by end of the day. Cant wait!

  • Rej Lafond

    Got mine….says it should be here on Tuesday. My first Nexus 4 when through customs pretty easy so hopefully this one doesn’t get tied up with all the other packages coming through this week.


    confirmation recieved

  • Mark

    Oh and PS I will note the following in order to provide a glimmer of hope to those waiting to have theirs shipped by Christmas – as recently as yesterday I emailed Google support and they told me to expect my N4 to ship on the 19th. Looks like they are indeed padding their estimates. My mother would be proud – she was always a strong advocate of ‘managing expectations’. Happy to be getting mine earlier rather than later than they said I would.

    • Randy – 1

      Was your credit card chaged though? I am in the 1-2 week window, but no charge yet on my credit card (nor pre-auths). This seems to tell me that nothing has happened with my order.

  • LW81

    got mine. xmas will be extra special this year.

  • Jesus

    quick question, im trying to order, but it says “Ships in 6 – 7 weeks” if i order today when will i be charged? the moment i place my order or when the order is ready to be shipped?

    • Codewala

      It will be charge when it ships. Not when you place the order.

  • Nitin Gaba

    Got my shipment notification! Arriving on Thursday though 🙁

  • ile2010

    Mine shipped yesterday, scheduled to arrive on Tuesday.

  • Jop

    Got mine! I was in the 1-2 weeks. Ordered a second one for my sister using her account 10 seconds after I ordered mine, and she’s in the 7-8 weeks window. She’s not going to be happy. 🙂

  • Frank

    Got mine about a half hour ago! SO excited! Best part is it will deliver before I head out of town for 2 weeks over the holidays!

  • dirtychoncho

    My order said 1-2 weeks and i haven’t got this email. 🙁

    • NMP

      didn’t received it as well. at what time have ou purchased your N4?

  • WasabiNexus

    Mine was in the 3-4 weeks. Just got an email that it had be shipped and the scheduled delivery is by the end of Dec 19, 2012.

    Looking forward to it.

  • Jerry

    I received an email today notifying me that mine shipped yesterday.

  • Iphone guy

    I picked up my Iphone5 at the store for 179.99 for the 32gb on black friday. When can I get a 32gb nexus 4? oh wait I can’t. I think its a great device but the lack of 32/64gb models is a deal breaker for me.

    • Peter

      Yay $179.99+taxes+3year commitment. But I guess you iSlaves are fine with being chained down and r.ap.ed. Enjoy you obsolete toy.

  • Gord Dew

    Ordered it on Dec.3, said window of shipping 7-8 weeks, haven’t seen anything yet, but with this news its hard not to get the optimism up

    • Plan Shopper

      Yours will ship out on Jan 30th.

      Calculated by 8 weeks + 2 days (longest week + 2 days) as this seems to be the going formula.

  • N4

    Damn that tax in the picture. Perks of living in AB.

  • Cyrano

    when is there a 3rd round… i wonder should i keep waiting or get a j butterfly when i travel next month

  • ActivesiN

    my order said 1-2 weeks but I did not get the email 🙁

  • sky

    my order said 1-2 weeks but I did not get the email

  • Acco

    Got mine. Delivery to Vancouver next Thursday.

  • MobileQuirks

    Got the confirmation for delivery next Tues. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus 😀

  • maanco

    Ordered mine at 3:09PM EST Dec 3rd and received a 1-2 week estimated shipping. Still haven’t received my shipping notification with tracking number.
    Seems like those who did received the email did so around the 1:00-1:30PM time range. As I’m posting this it’s 2:52PM.
    What does this mean for the rest of us?!

  • Moody Jones

    Just got the email
    Its been shipped and I will be receiving it on Tuesday.

    Time to sell the s3 at hand.

  • Andrw

    got a shipping email as well. 1 day off the expected delivery time though.

  • maanco

    BTW I confirmed the 1-2 week with Google Play support.

  • jonny

    Only a small amount of people got shipping notice.

    Not even everyone in the 1-2 week group got notice.

    I will be canceling my order and buying a Note 2.

    I am sick of how google has been treating me.

    • pro

      Wait, you’re sick of what? You ordered knowing the shipping time-frame was 1-2 weeks + (2 days processing)
      Its still within that time frame, so what’s the issue?
      There is obviously a higher than anticipated demand for these – so just chill, if you don’t wanna wait, then cancel and stop complaining.

  • Evan

    My order went in at 3:10, didn’t get the email yet…. On the initial email it says 1-2 weeks.

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    7 – 8 weeks for me, by the time I get it i’ll have forgotten that I ordered it…

  • Greg

    When are bumpers coming back in stock ?

  • in Calgary

    just a slight correction to the post about under 5 mins. – my order went through at 1:06:06 PM MST, for 1-2 weeks shipping, and I’ve received my email confirmation it’s on its way.

    I know it’s nitt picking, but it’s at least 6 mins, not 5.


  • Calvin

    7-8 weeks for me. Still no email. Guess i gotta keep waiting. Wish i could get it before Christmas but no luck.

  • Josh

    Does anyone know when a new block of phones will be available for order? I’d really like to order one and have been watching the site / industry sites for info and haven’t seen anything that says when they’ll be putting another block of the phones up for sale.

  • nathalav

    Got mine this afternoon, will arrive on tuesday it shipped from Kentucky yesterday but i just got my email at lunch time…

  • Sid

    Yippee.. we are receiving ours on the 18th of Dec!! It’s coming from Milwaukee.

  • ALopez

    F this. BB10 all the way. Android is a JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RIP Android, the RIMPIRE is BACK BABY!

  • Fugu

    Got me email this morning. UPS lists delivery date for Dec 20th.

  • Baconeater

    Super happy to receive the shipping notice today! With the range of emotions that many people have been going through, Google has done a great job of letting one feel alive ( if I can be allowed to put so nicely).
    1-2 weeker ordered 12:05:13.
    The drama will be done when I get my N4 and confirm that it actually doesn’t have any issues…

  • thisguy

    My order is 1-2 weeksD sent on December 3, 2012 12:06:37 PM EST … no email for me yet 🙁

  • Peter

    Fingers crossed that UPS is a little ahead of schedule, otherwise it’s Tuesday for me. Guess it’s time to go pick up a micro sim. 🙂

    • Peter

      Ahhhhhh…. 6 glorious hours with my N4. Thank you UPS for being on schedule.

      All I can say is that I will never look at an OEM device again. Already started squirrelling away money of my next Nexus smartphone. 🙂

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Hope all of you receive your new Nexus 4 phones and drop them and break the back glass plate. MORONS buying stupd designed phones.


  • GlassBackBadIdea

    Hop e all of you r eceive your new Nexus 4 p hones and drop them and break the back gla ss plate. MORONS buying stupd designed phones.


  • Omega_Jimes

    My original email said 3-5 business days. My phone shipped last night and as of 10:45 this morning it’s already been to three ups distribution centers. I’m actually going to get to try an Android phone before BB10 comes out!

  • Pierre J.

    Yep, got the shipment notification.
    Should receive it on Thuesday 18th.

  • Dave

    I was in the 1-2 week window, and I got my notice, too. Expected arrival on Tuesday (I’m in Toronto). Made my day!

  • Justin Ngo

    Got mine today. Super excited.

  • new_tradition

    Gah, I need to stop reading Nexus 4 shipping threads/news. I’m in the 7-8 week bracket-there’s no way I’m getting this phone by the end of the month, and possibly not even in January.

    But this damn hope keeps rising in me, with all the randomness of Google’s shipping, and I just keep hoping I’ll be the lucky one that get’s their phone shipped by accident. Damn it ;A;

  • Cmarenburg

    Does any one else think that google is adding a little bit of a buffer to their shipping time? I mean by now after being out for a month LG and Google. And maybe once LG/Google get production of units per day to meet demands shipping times will decrease? Although google seems to hit the one-two week time frame.

    Any ways. I just want them to get some more in stock. Because the Nexus 4 looks like a slick phone.

  • AlexB

    Time to spawn camp on the buy link all Monday!

  • Nathen

    Jan 20th for me . 🙁

  • David

    Why do we have to pay the provincial taxes ? When I buy from Amazon, Newegg and NCIX I don’t have to pay them…

  • Dirtychoncho

    Just got my shipping notification yesterday and the phone arrived today. I was in the 1-2week shipping time frame and my order was at 12:06:20pm PST. Christmas came early for me!