Yet another look at the upcoming “BlackBerry Z10”


  • 2c

    first 😀



      Jan 30 isn’t the date. WHEN will be for sale? May lol!!!?

    • Danae Macabre

      Rip rim!!!!

    • I cried when rim died

      Still no devices for sale so they have to keep up the leaks lol how sad

    • 2c

      ^^^^ That 2c is an imposter! I am the real 2c. I don’t care if you all think I’m a troll. I will never stop posting the truth. The truth is RIM is dead! RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • The real 2c

      ^^^^^^^ That 2c is an imposter. I am the real 2c. I don’t care if everyone thinks I am a troll. I will never stop posting the truth. The truth is RIM is dead. RIP RIM!!!! 😀 😀

    • Sam

      Same garbage as the iPad, and why they put it on top of the iPad?
      Go android only
      Rip rim as well as apple

      Thumb down I don’t care!

    • Darth Paton

      I swear, the majority of people who comment on this site are children…

  • Gsizzle

    That’s a sexy device.

    Best of Luck to RIM, hope they kill it next year!

    • 2c

      RIM is finished. BB10 will be DOA. RIP RIM!!!! 😀 😀

    • hahabya

      The only thing they are going to kill are their jobs

  • D’Tanga Small

    I like that the screen is 4.2 inches. Big screens are nice but I personally prefer a smaller screen for my phone.

  • Nishant

    Looks good

  • Glen

    Looking good RIM. Hopefully they’ll have more high quality apps before launching this device.

  • ggal

    this looks good i hope the quality leaves up to the hype

  • Rich

    Can’t wait to get my hands on one. See you on launch day.

  • Dalex

    It looks quite nice, I’m getting more and more tempted everytime we have a new leak. I hope the battery life is great and the OS is fluid.

  • Todd

    RIM has already released this device in India. I just got back from there a few days ago, and I bought 3 of these. Its an awesome device.

    • hoo dat

      Praise the device as much as you like, Todd, it doesn’t excuse you from your shameless display over at HoFo last night. After claiming you had a device you then posted a picture that you claimed was you holding the phone. Turned out, on top of the many other lies you told, you had stolen the picture from a Vietnamese dev’s blog. By that time your story had been picked apart and shown to be a sham, it was the icing on the cake though.

  • Franko

    too thick. wouldn’t be surprised if Apple tries to sue them too, not that I agree with their stupid patent wars, but I could see them doing it.

  • xenrobia

    I’ve had a hands on with this and it is your typical high quality BlackBerry device. The BB10 OS absolutely rocks, it’s very hard to go back to any of the old OS’s after playing with a BB10 device for awhile. The IT managers that I know say that with BlackBerry Balance it is the ultimate in BYOD and that nothing out there comes remotely close in functionality, or performance; they may even subsidize employee purchases of the new BB10’s they’re that good. I am really looking forward to the release of the new BlackBerrys.

    • shawn

      All what IT managers? Stop making up stuff

    • Buffett

      xenrobia is either an employee or a loser who lost money on rim stock 🙂

    • xenrobia

      You can’t attack the message, so you attack the messenger – very mature guys. At least try to give the pretence that your age is greater then your shoe size.

    • Joe Public

      Shawn you are obviously an android user and feel the dollar store OS is meant for business but it isn’t. We can see you’re frustration as all the grown ups have real phones and you are stuck with a toy for the children to play with and pretend they are businessmen and dream of the day they get a real phone.

      Run along as its you’re nap time.

      Dare to dream Andriod user dare to dream.

  • Paul

    Screen looks very nice. Overall very good. Hope they make the biggest comeback next year! My next phone <3

  • Piff

    I can’t wait to test drive one of these.

  • Britney C

    Too little too late, RIM. Seriously.

  • nexus3

    Dear mobilsyrup your comments section wont expand in chrome browser for android

    • Ron Mexico

      Turn off mobile view

    • Plazmic Flame

      Same thing with Chrome browser on iOS

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    I am so sick of my android phone (Galaxy S2) how slow it is. I don’t want to upgrade to another slow huge phone like the Galaxy S3, I don’t want to be an iSheep so iPhone is not an option. and no way in hell I want a windows phone. Only thing left is to try blackberry. and this phone looks like a good option.

    To all the i****s that are saying RIP RIM, suck it cause you are dumb brain washed hillbilly morons.

    • Rim is dead and irrelevant

      Rim died a while back babe, lol it was a funny death too. Now we all have to read bs articles and leaks about devices that are 5 years too late.

      Rim sucks, and the blackberry brand is crap.

      Buh bye rim a dim dim hahahaha

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    you are a dumb redneck hillbilly “Rim is dead and irrelevant”, go back to virginia and drink some moonshine

    I prefer a company to be slow and make a proper product rather than make shitty products quick to the market like Samsung

    • Peter Hung

      Hahha rim is dead big boy lolz

  • Mike t

    Comments won’t open on iPhone either! What’s wrong with the Mobil version of this site!!!
    A cell phone site whose mobile version is crap?

    • hoo dat

      Works fine on a BB 9900 LOL!

  • john

    sweet jesus, i’m in love

  • Joe Public

    I see the welfare dollar store android phone users out in full force on yet another blackberry article. I guess they still dream of the day they can afford a real smart phone but that dream will die as windows blackberry and apple don’t make welfare dollar store phones. Oh well keep flipping those burgers and one day it might happen.

    Dare to dream android users dare to dream.

    • Joe Public

      Android = welfare dollar store quality phone
      RIP android

  • Crank

    Ironically Mike T, this site will load on an iPhone if you use Dolphin in the destop mode.

    But ya, it’s pretty sad when a site dedicated to mobile users is so poorly thrown together that it won’t work on mobile browsers.

  • 2c

    I have small dangly bits and I like to take it up the bum.

  • Dan

    The OS looks boring and stale just like Android and iOS. I hope RIM succeeds at least to stay afloat but I’m sticking with Windows Phone 8. Lumia 920 FTW

    • hahaha

      Really! who’s your pusher? 🙂

  • Plazmic Flame

    Looking mighty damn fine! Still torn between the Z10 and X10!!!


      I’ll take the Z10.

  • Jack

    – Design wise, the front looks great but the back seems to be a little less stylish.
    – The UX of BB10 looks great and innovative on all the videos I’ve seen so far. (Haven’t been able to try one yet)
    – The icons and menus looks like Android and iOS. For me it’s a con but with the actual market, it should probably be a pros since customers don’t like or want to adapt to new things.

    All in all, if they can come up with a good battery life and with great OS performances. This phone will be a major option for consumers in 2013. They will be able to buy a Playbook for $150 with that phone.

    • phreezerburn

      The Playbook is a battery miser so the OS is already proven to be fantastic in that regard. Anything else?

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    “Jack” you don’t like the icons? do you like the icons on Windows phones? if yes, go buy a windows phone.

    It is an icon, a picture that representst the program, most usually that is copyright by the application like facebook logo or twitter logo or…, what do you want them to do?

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    app screen looks terrible, the frames around the applications need to be removed, blackberry logo is too big and in a wrong position (bottom), too many lines, not enough apps…what’s the point?

    • Joe Public

      I know its confusing to have a brand logo on a product, its obvious you must be a android user as this concept confuses you as all android phones are the equal to the no name brand.

      Save those pennies and keep flipping those burgers, maybe one you can get a real phone.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      yeah I guess Apple has been getting it wrong all these years. LMAO.

      Much like your comments the phone is crap and waaaaay too late. But hey, get used to all the ported android apps.

      How does it feel to suckle off the app scraps of a no name brand? I hope you’ve saved some money, you and the rest of the peasants at RIM will soon be in line at the welfare office.

  • Miknitro

    Good looking phone.
    I’m so looking forward to the fresh competition to the current gang.

    Go hard RIM.

    A JB packing OneXL user.

    • phreezerburn

      Note II and a Lumia 800 here with the wife and daughters all sporting iPhones 4s and 5. I’m very much looking forward to the BB10 handsets as are the CFO’s of two companies I’m contracted with. If the thing presents well when we get our look see from Sasktel, there’s a little over 100 active handsets they’ll have sold within one company and one of its subsidiaries. I’d guess half of the mining and agri-business will come back to RIM over 2013-14 and pretty much the rest within two years if it plays out well for that first batch.

      Enterprise may not be the largest of markets for a handset maker but they are the foundation of the service provider’s balance sheet. Hell, enterprise contracts can even be used as an asset when financing in North America and the EU so none of the majors will go without being able to offer both flavours of the BB10 to that portion of their customer base.

  • Money is everything

    Nexus 4 is better and cheaper.

    • Joe Public

      Oh joy its another welfare dollar store phone selling for a loss. The questupon is how many burgers are you going to flip to get the happy meal phone. Stop comparing quality to plastic crap.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      Funny comments, since RIM would be bankrupt if they werent selling cheap phones with DIRT cheap plans in the Philippines, India, and Nigeria.

      RIM is nothing more but a discount brand now. HAHAHA, 99 dolla on the prepay in Walmart discount bins near you.

    • Joe public

      You must be confused as the buy one get 4 free .99cent android phones already have taken up all the bins and shelf space in walmart and the dollar stores…

      Go back to sleep android user and dream of the day you can get a real phone….

      Dare to dream little android user dare to dream…..

  • Blackberry By Choice

    pre-ordered on rogers. launch day here i come 😀

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      what’s the point? walk in on launch day, walk out lol, you actually think the phones will sell out? LMAO

      I guess you were also one of the two people who stood in line when the playbook launched.

    • chm985

      I think it’s a good idea to pre-order. The playbook is two years old and i could not find one for Christmas so imagine how popular this will be

  • Joe Joe

    It is a sweet phone!
    However, to the regular public ie: not anyone on this website.
    This phone does not have what it takes to stand out from the rest of the bunch.
    People dont care what QNX is or what it does.
    All the general public thinks of right now is that the current blackberry that they own is brutal, it makes them look stupid infront of all their other friends who have great features and apps on their phones. With all the negative press that RIM and blackberry has gotten over the last year an a half i doubt this will be anything that will “Save” them.
    Look at windows phone, they are treading water and hardly keeping their heads above water.
    I am sorry to say it because i will probably buy this phone but most people dont care about blackberry anymore. Sure its a great phone, but it should of been released like a year and a half ago.
    Blackberry has this negative image with people that all it can do is email and do bbm.
    bbm is easily replaced with whatsapp, email is easily replaced with any push service.
    Even the tweens that were all googoo for blackberry last season dont care for them anymore.
    A little too much too late

  • 2c

    I’m just kidding guys.. this actually looks decent

  • Sweet

    I was hoping they would have put a fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the front, just below the brand name, and use that for authentication instead of passwords/codes. Apple will most-likely be doing that in 2014.

    Having said that, RIM’s Z10 does look really nice. I hope it doesn’t have a cheap feel.

  • sanchela

    now doubt they will price it over $600. RIM has always overpriced their devices. outdated hardware and soft, who would even consider buying it? maybe a couple of Canadian rednecks I guess

  • EuroPolska

    RIM APPLE, your stock is tanking even more. Try innovating.