Rogers pushing to boost wireless subscriber numbers, giving 3 months free service


  • 2c

    RIP RIM!!!!! 😀 😀

    • bob

      You do know that Rogers first released the blackberry in canada right? also please explain what this has to do with anything…

      side note mobile syrup needs captcha

    • skullan


      MS also needs to associate the forums account to the posting accounts + add captcha as well.

      They also need to be able to ban IPs (yeah, short duration resolution, but meh).

  • User

    This is funny.

    Raise the price of phones up to $70, but give a client three months service that likely costs them pennies.

    Win win for Robbers.

    • bob

      I don’t think you understand network costs and revenue……. Also all they did was get rid of christmass pricing, these are the standard prices.

    • STY

      I don’t sign three year contracts, leases, etc. for measly pennies. Gotta do better Robelus.

  • nrj4life


  • Rich

    Keep waiting~ we’ve seen some drastic changes this year in terms of plans and it’ll only get better.

    Whether you’re a WIND / Mob fan or not, this is what competition can do for everyone.

  • sp

    gotta say….i thought about going to WIND and getting those unlimited plans. just still not convinced about the service and reception on the networks.

    maybe i can put up with a year or so more of this and get retention to give me a better plan or more discounts. lol

    go competitive pricing!!!

  • skullan

    Dear Rogers.

    Unlimited Canada Wide
    Unlimited Texting + MMS
    VM, Callerid
    6Gigs of data.

    $50/month + taxes, no crappy hidden fees.

    Published, non-promotional.

    I will cancel my Telus account and switch to you.

    • WJ

      Is that the plan Telus is offering you right now??

    • Alx886

      I’m almost there, been working on it for a while, currently at unlimited canada wide talk, text, 3gb of data, call display and vm for 60.00 I thought this was a better deal that the fido 56.00 for 2gb of data so it’s an extra gig for 4 bucks.

      I see what you mean though, it would be nice to hit that magic number of 50.00 and get everything we need.

    • Big Ang

      I take it you want a free phone as well at that monthly price.

    • sp

      yeah thats not gonna happen.

      as much as we all want to believe and want that

    • Ian

      I’ve been with Rogers for 10 years. Right now I have a post-paid $35 voice/text Rogers plan with no voicemail, no incoming CallerID and no data. The Rogers dealer I dealt with was very stubborn when I said I wanted a hardware upgrade from my BlackBerry but with no data. All he could or would offer me is a Nokia Lumia 710 with Windows Phone 7 or a Nokia C3 with S40. I took the 710, and like it enough that my next phone will probably be Nokia or HTC running Windows Phone 8. I suppose I’m sticking with Rogers mainly because they’re the “devil I know”.

    • skullan

      @Big Ang,

      No. I would bring my own BB and Nexus S.

      If they were to offer a 2 year discount at $199, then yes, I would likely buy into a new contract and get a phone for that.

      I’m not unreasonable, even the data could be downgraded to 3Gigs. But should not be less.

  • Vasyl

    +1 to skullan

  • mhls

    It’s a trap!

  • Mark

    Rogers looking for new slaves

  • dave thans

    Here’s an idea… Remove data caps and charge $10 to do so and watch your customer numbers skyrocket. We are tired of cash grab data caps.

    I hope my fellow Canadians strike against the big there until they stop imposing data caps. Paying an extremely High amount of money for vary little product is crazy y

  • dave thans

    PS. The spectrum auction is this year, expect companies like wind to be SE to compete and hopefully we see the destruction of the big thee.

    Happy new year. 🙂


    Hmmm I wonder why they are trying to boost numbers when you can go to Rogers own sub brand fido and get unlimited calling with texting and 2 GB of data for $56 as opposed to paying $95 from rogers. I look at Telus, Rogers and Bell and wonder why anyone would go with them and instead just pick each ones sub brands and get the same plan for $35 less. But hey if some troll wants to pay an extra $30-$40 every single month just to say they have the honour and prestige of being with bell or telus or rogers then go ahead. But if you are with FIdo, Virgin and Koodo you do understand that you are getting the exact same coverage and call quality.

    • andy c

      I have a feeling most Robellus customers fall into the following catagories.

      1. uninformed.

      2. granfathered/retention plan.

      3. corperate.

      someone correct me if i’m wrong but fido/virgin/koodo have LTE?

      Full disclosure: I fall into catagory 2 with two lines.


      Yes Andy you would be wrong. Just simply going to either Fido, Virgin and Koodo and looking at the phones you will be able to see that they offer LTE phones as well as data . Its never good to assume because you know what it spells. If you ASSuME andy you make an a*s out of U and me

    • pacalis

      When I price out rogers and fido for my needs, they are very similar in price over the length of the contract for a GS3. I have Fido at $250 + $56/month and Rogers at -$150 (best buy credit) + $63/month. The Fido is over a 24 month, which is a big thing, but I’ll also pay slightly less with Rogers over that period. After 36 months, I’ll have paid slightly more with Rogers.

      Wind looks horrible. Windtab save you nearly nothing off the cost of an overpriced device. Those are essentially 3 year contracts with low inducements. The only value is in the US calling, if that’s something people need.

  • Joes

    What are you talking about? Wind has 40 per month for all that and more. You save 200 a year. Even if you missed the sale for the 199 gs3 on tab, it’s still a better deal. Or am I missing something on the math here? 150 best buy compared to 600+ savings over the course of 3 yrs?

    • jon

      Don’t forget with Wind, when roaming in the U.S, the rate is 20 cents per minute. With Fido, its $1.40. Don’t know about the others. Its cheaper to roam with Wind than it is to use a payphone.

    • STY

      And with Wind, if you pay $5 extra, U.S roaming goes down to 10 cents a minute. That’s cheaper than anywhere.

  • Kay

    I just upgraded to the SG3 and got a “Super Plan” through Rogers Loyalty:
    200 Mins
    Free evenings from 6pm & Weekends
    My10 Canada wide
    Unlimited Texts
    And got 50% off the value pack for VM, Caller ID, etc
    Total monthly cost $66.43 + tax

    BUT now I’m pissed cuz if I had gone into the store to upgrade to the SG3, would have received all of the above for 3 months. Ugh. I felt good about my deal, but now I realized I’ve once again been Rogered.

  • baslam

    I don’t understand this idea of 3 months free and then pay $80.00 every month after that for the next 3 years. Why can’t the phone companies actually have good plans. We live in communication era; how does 150-200 minutes a month suffice and actual person. I hope CRTC really steps up and takes steps to help consumers out of jaw of contract life! I would like to see plans which actually make sense; why do we still have to pay so much in roaming? And what’s the deal with Text messaging gouging?
    Some of you might read this and say, “Has this guy been under a rock?” If you are one of those please guide me to a better plan with Rogers where I do not have to pay an arm and a leg. And also why do we have to pay extra for services like voice mail and caller id; just because it is common sense that one should have a voice mail.

  • Android is becoming a joke.

    Android = Junk

  • tootsi roll

    I keep seeing more and more Mobilicity and Wind users. When I signed up with Wind 2 years ago, I barely knew anyone who was with them. Now they are everywhere! Robelus is feeling it.

    Even if you don’t care about the new entrants, or have tried them, but it did not work out, at least be thankful that they exist in Canada, because it affects all of you in a positive way.

    I, for one, am never going back to the Big 3 and their bastard children.

    • rick

      kill the bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2c

    sadly people will still signup for this.

  • Big small 4

    Hey i****s if you aren’t happy paying for services in Canada, you can either create your own network (good luck find the 4 billion needed to run 4g lte across the country), or move to a country that gives you everything you want for cheap. Insane how many people complain about cell phone bills. It’s the one thing you use the most. It makes sense that it cost you more. Do you complain to the government because you have to fill up $100 gas every da because you work on the road? Should they step in and lower it because it cost you so much? No! Get over it, and stop posting on newspapers forums no one with significant power reads them. Btw all the small 4 have data limits/zones/hidden fees/no phone subsidy/Canada roaming (yes you read right look into how much you pay when you leave their spotted umbrella borrowed “2-3g networks”). Remember that they are business and are there to turn as much profit as possible, just like everyone here would do if you were inttheir shoes. Move on ppl!

    That’s all for me

  • Guest

    What’s Robelus? Clearly uneducated people who can’t spell decide to comment on Rogers articles. You guys are the only ones to ever complain. How come you guys never complain about your car insurance, credit card interest or hydro bills. Cell Phones are just as important to us now as those other necessities. Only because The Big 3 have a customer relations department is the reason you cry babies exist.

    • AC

      well said! Could not have put it in better words. These cry babies belong on BGR with J. Gellar.

    • Artom

      Wait, so you have just compared Rogers to a car insurance company, while admitting that both are evil bloodsuckers, and this, somehow, is supposed to help your argument?

      Thank you. I needed a laugh!

      Have a good night, gentlemen.


    • jdm

      I agree with “Guest” and the comment about misspelling. He or she is guaranteed going to get a lot of dislikes but he/she is spot on with their point.

    • Telecom2000

      Guest, AC, and jdm… same nerd high-fiving himself.


  • Guest

    Artom. Thank you for the laugh you poor a*s sorry little sob.

  • Telecom2000 is MAD

    Telecom2000. You mad bro ?

  • Nik

    Probably the best promo between Telus, Bell & Rogers.

  • MC_Android

    Hey question: does a data plan with Rogers/Telus/Bell (I’m with Bell…so targeted company in question) automatically get LTE speeds if the phone is capable of it? I have a retention plan of 6gb of data (from 2011) and have the GS2 i9100. It isn’t LTE enabled. Does this mean that if I get an LTE enabled phone, I would automatically get LTE speeds? I don’t see anything on the Bell website specifically mentioning LTE plans

    • KK


      Gotta get one of those LTE sim cards to get LTE speeds. May wanna check whether you are in LTE coverage as well.

  • Slype

    If people are dumb enough to fall for these sales, then they deserve to be fleeced month after month.

  • robbers

    most people are uninformed. Yes you can get a wayyyy better deal with the subrands of the big 3, but the main difference between the subbrands and the main one are the devices. People are willing to pay WAYYYY more just to get a better phone, even if it cost them hundreds, if not thousands over the 3 year contract.

  • Amy

    BIG 3 prices are way too expensive for the average Canadian.