Report says a $99 Nexus 7 is coming “as early as the first quarter of 2013”


  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    Google came to take over!

    • Sam

      Rip apple
      Good job Google I will buy 4 each one will get one

  • Scotiaman

    Good deal for new users and ebook readers

    • 8-down

      Its little sad to see Google not profit as much from its devices where apple makes thrice as much profit.
      But at the end android is still under rated and may be these low price will one day bring those brain washed apple customers to android.

  • Munir

    Android and Google FTW….

  • theMediaman

    One for every bathroom in the house!

  • Munir

    This is how business should be done! Google is trying to partner with manufacturers to bring down the cost and gain market share. Where MS is trying to charge premium price for the new surface products! I am quite sure, MS will fail to capture a considerable market share.

    RIM, learn from this. Don’t try to charge 600$ for your first BB10 devices. You may sell some devices, but it won’t help you to get a good market share in the long run.

    Smart moveS Google!!

    • Dave

      Did you even read the article? It said this is a tablet for emerging markets. This will not be low-pricing due to supply chain, it will be low-pricing because the thing will be a gimped product.

    • Munir

      @Dave: Did you even read my comment? lolz… I mentioned about the market share only. Whether it’s for emerging market or north america doesn’t matter! market share is market share! Do you believe 600$ tablets will sell in asia? That’s where brain comes in. Both for the companies to market and readers to understand.

  • Dave

    Pffffft, for that price you may as well get a Playbook… Wait. Sorry, I’m getting my shitty tablets mixed up here.

  • menodumb

    I for one welcome our new Google overlord .

    • some guy

      ALL HAIL SKYNE.. *ahem* GOOGLE!


  • boojay

    Personally, I think tablets are pretty useless, but hey, for that price?? I’ll buy one!! All hail Google!!

    • Dave

      And hey, for that price, it will be a PoS!

  • hunkyleepickle

    Put me down for one in white. This is just the excuse I need for owning a second tablet!

  • Kid.Canada

    What’s the difference between the current nexus 7s and the new $99 ones guys??! I’m planning on picking one up too if its as good as the current ones.

    • Brett

      “Targeted toward emerging markets” = small storage, possibly a downgraded screen, but keep the nice large battery and tegra3? Also keep in mind that the new glass technology will likely increase the cost of replacement if broken, as bonded LCDs must be replaced as a entire unit.

      C’mon Google, order a couple million! People want cheap tablets, look at the HP Touchpad sales. Don’t repeat the disappointing experience of the recent Nexus sales, order plenty and institute a preorder system (with a maximum # allowed/household) to stop the ebay scalpers! I’d have bought a Nexus 4 if I could have…

  • Nathaniel James


  • EvanKr

    Not the greatest for us power users, but if you just want a low-cost tablet for reading or light browsing, this is great.

  • Mike

    I’m guessing the $99 one will be low on specs. Like 4GB storage, Tegra 2 processor, etc.

    • migo

      It’s unlikely that it’ll be 4GB. It would have to run the latest version of Android, so 8GB is a minimum. Also, the storage pricing is artificial. The cost difference between a 16GB and 32GB model should be a few dollars, yet they charge $50-$100 more for it. It’s an easy way to increase margins.

      Google could very well offer a 16GB model without any hassle, and given they’re not going to have removable storage, they’ll have to do at least that for emerging markets – the cloud isn’t viable yet.

  • Rich


  • iFizzle

    Wow. I original bought a Nexus One by pure accident I had no idea it was anything special, didn’t know what a “nexus” was. I loved it. Later bought a Nexus S. Loved it. Last year bought a Galaxy Nexus. Loved it, still loving it. Haven’t bought a Nexus tablet, but this price is gunna make it a pretty damn east decision. Nexus line of products are amazing, think I will skip the Nexus 4 just because my GNex is still in amazing condition. Thanks to the Nexus line, I haven’t stepped into a Robellus Store in 5 years! Can’t wait to see how the Nexus brand evolves.

  • Raven66

    There is no way that this new $99 tablet will have the same specs as the $260 one. Less specs for sure. If thats the case I’m going to buy the 260 one, just waiting for a price cut…..maybe on Boxing Day it will bo on sale sat Bestbuy or FutureShop.

    • Brett

      FYI, the base price of these is only 210$ on Google Play… You could easily grab a 1st gen (8GB) for about 150$ on ebay if you are worried that the next generation will be cheaply made.

  • skullan

    You know Apple’s going to start feeling the pain here. Continue creating a “premium” tablet and risk the flood of Android creating an environment where the iPad becomes a minor player, or adjust your margins so that you’re closer to cost.

    Apple had a great run as King of the castle, however the peasants have caught up.

    • migo

      Apple’s in the same position as Nintendo here. There will be demand for Apple products for quite some time. They’ve got a product a lot of people can afford (even if much more can’t) and that a lot of people are willing to pay for on a regular basis. With the margins they’re running at, they’ll continue turning out massive profits, and will remain in business for a long time.

  • andy c

    at $100 bucks i could do with a second tablet.

    just as a gmail, youtube, movie, rss reader, vacation device this seems great.

  • bobfreeze

    “shipment estimates are expected to hit between 500,000-600,000 units, primarily targeted to emerging markets”

    …doesn’t sound good for availability here.

  • DrBadass

    Brb people need to go make love to google.

    • Jones

      Get in line! I’ve been trying to get into Google’s pants because of google fiber.

  • screamer

    I think they are even further in the game. Smartphone are a way ahead of the game. The nexus 4 was I made before they bought Motorola otherwise they would done it on there own. Same with the nexus 7 it is more than two years old.

  • me


  • me


  • Hipster

    Damn it’s a hard to decision… 1 iFad for my house, or 6 of these one for each room?

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    More Glass!! comon

  • Android fanatic

    Brace yourself for the nightmare that the google play store will become

  • mjolnir

    hmmm i hope its not any significant hardware downgrades, quite honestly if they had the $150 nexus 7 for 8gb i would be more happy than a $99 nexus 7 with a downgraded soc.

  • Get. A. Clue.

    That’s great and all but the iPad is still the superior tablet—against the Nexus 7 (current) that is.