ESPN ScoreCenter 3.0 hits Android with Holo-inspired design


  • Raven66

    I downloaded this already in the Morning. I like it better.

  • Andrew

    I love ScoreMobile, but their UI is just so dated. Going to take this one for a spin.

    • Raven66

      ScoreMobile is good for iphone, looks fresh and smooth, for android it does look dated….and i always wonder why scoremobile doesn’t get the same look as the iphone app.

  • 45

    Got this yesterday, and I quite like the new UI.

  • Jay

    I like it quite a bit.
    I wish I could pay like $0.99 for an ad free version *_*

  • mzo

    I like the new look.
    Now if they can add World Jr scores like “ScoreMobile” does, it’ll be fantastic!

  • Cryingmoose

    Your thumb has dandruff.