Good Deals: SwiftKey for Android, WhatsApp for iPhone, Tweetbot for iOS, Sega games for iOS and Android


  • E

    99 cents thereafter? I’ve been using it for 3 years for free.

    • Gustavo

      They have been extending the “first year free” for some years now…
      but they may start charging at some point, or not, who knows

  • Kozbit

    Some gameloft and EA games are also discounted. Bought dark knight rises, nova 3, NBA Jam and Monopoly. Each worth 99 cents.

  • JC

    Yeah I’ve been using Whatsapp for a couple years now non stop for free on Android. Always TIME EXTENSION!

  • Kozbit

    For iPad by the way

  • mzo

    That Jet Set Radio has A LOT of 1 star reviews…

  • monsterduc1000

    If you sign up for the SwiftKey Flow Beta, you are basically getting SwiftKey for free =)

    • Glitch

      Until they remove the beta and put it as a paid app in the market, just like they did with SwiftKey 2.0 and SwiftKey 3.

      Do them a favor, if you’re using Flow and you like the product, buy SwiftKey on the Play Store. Support a development company that is making awesome products better every day, these guys have great customer services, good update schedules, free beta entry, they’re the kind of developers that deserve to be in the top 10 of the Play Store every single day.

    • monsterduc1000

      When they get the glitches worked out of Flow and it is as good as Swype, they will get my money. I am toggling between three different types of “swipey” keyboards and Swype was the best by far until the 1.3 update which for some reason always loses my dictionary of words and names, and my backup for the original Swype beta has now expired. SlideIt has been the most stable but is not as accurate as Swype or Flow. Flow needs some sort of “add to dictionary” as you go for names and words it doesn’t know or can find in my sms.

  • B..

    Sega needs to discount Footy Manager 2013.. $10 is pushing it when I got the Full PC version (2012) in the spring for much cheaper than what they’re pricing the mobile version

  • MC

    if you have an Android device, get the app “Appsales” to get the latest deals/discounts on Android games and apps.

    if you have an iOS device, get the app “Appshopper” to get the latest deals/discounts on iOS games and apps.

    • mzo

      Great tip, this app is awesome! It even has a graph to show you previous prices for apps.

  • Briggs

    Had my Galaxy S 3 less than a week and swift key is a huge improvement over the stock samsung input. Thanks for the tip.

  • monsterduc1000

    NFS Most Wanted as well =)