Nexus 7 docking station up for pre-order, costs $39.99 (USD)


  • The Nexus

    Having bought from B&H for a number of years I can easily say that they have only made ordering for Canadians even EASIER than it used to be. If you’re in the GTA I strongly suggest the ground shipping via Purolator and allow B&H to do all the customs/clearance/ stuff.

    • Dave

      I did order my N7 from there and I can say 2 things. #1 Savings, #2 fast shipping!!!! Hurray for B&H

    • Netguru

      I fully agree. Been buying from B&H for years. They have an amazing deal with Purolator. I usually get my stuff in 2 business days on ground shipping. 5 star service.

  • EvanKr

    I’d still like to see a N7 with Qi charging support, it would be nice to just see a flat dock where you can drop it to charge.

    I’m personally still waiting to see Asus OEM covers with magnets à la Smart Cover.


    cradle to the dock

  • Mobilicity is BANKRUPT

    Does the dock work if you have a case or do you have to remove the case to use the dock?


    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Do you see a case in the picture?

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • Bel420

    Anyone know if this will fit the 7 with a case on it?

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Do you see a case in the picture? Did you read the comment just before yours?

      -Bionic Troll, made from parts of 3 lesser trolls.

  • Leaf Nation

    I have been there several times bought so many things. If you ever go to New York, don’t forget to go to B&H, that place is one of a kind. They sells electronics like McDonald selling Hamburger, always busy. Conveyers all over the ceiling running and delivering electronics right in the store. Must Visit if you are in New York.

    • caribouroader

      Yes indeed….an amazing place!

  • S Pam

    Disappointed that the dock does not have HDMI or MHL support. This thing is just a glorified plastic stand. I think I will save my $40+ for something more useful.

  • Ants

    B&H >>>>>>>>> Play Store

  • Mike

    This made me excited by the thought of it somehow having a hdmi output. However… dang.