Bloomberg added to Bell’s list of live MobileTV channels


  • Limbo

    $3/hour for additional hours, except for grandfathered customers who pay $1/hour!

  • hunkyleepickle

    And I still have zero desire to watch TV on my phone. Bell has been trying to push this idea for years…

  • Happy4N4

    Eventually this service might actually be worth it. And for those who don’t “desire” to watch tv on their phone. Most newer phones give you the ability to wirelessly connect your phone to your tv to watch it on there… potentially ditching cable?

  • Coroner

    Another completely useless gesture by Bell. Bloomberg is already free to ALL mobile users (yes, any carrier) through the most recent version of the Bloomberg app.

  • deli

    LOL. NHL!!!

  • Mr.Mobile

    it’s free as a give away when siging up for the 50 dollar unlimited talk and text and 6 gigs of data plan for Thunder bay