Over five million Nexus 7 tablets will be shipped this year, report says



    Wasn’t it Steve Jobs that said 7″ tablets are a waste of time??

    Then not only do other companies sell out of them but Apple created one too.

    Good job Google/ASUS!!!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      He said 7″ tablets running Froyo and Gingerbread and only having access to phone apps would be DOA, and he was right. Look at the original Galaxy Tab and how its sales were “quite smooth”.

    • phreezerburn

      The Galaxy Tab suffered from two things, bad PR and a way worse price. There was no reason on earth to dump the same money on a Tab when the iPad was available en mass with infinitely better market profile both within and outside of the stores themselves.

      This can happen within any market.

  • Thomas

    Hey guys, I have a question.
    Is it worth it to get a 7 inch tablet to a 5 inch smartphone? Because on paper 2″ doesn’t seem much of a difference to me. And idk if I should get one this Friday :/

    • beuh_dave

      Assuming 16:9 aspect ratios, a 7″ diagonal screen would have a 96% larger display area than a 5″ diagonal screen.

    • GN2

      I would just get a Galaxy Note 2 if you want to carry your “phablet” in your pocket. Plus the Note 2 makes phone calls also. =)

    • phreezerburn

      Depends on what you are wanting the tablet for and if you indeed need a new phone. The Note II is an amazing bit of hardware/software and viewing web pages in their native format, not using mobile view, is not at all an issue. I read Mobilesyrup and The Register daily while having breakfast on mine while ye old Playbook, itself sporting a nice screen and interface, gathers dust. If the clarity is there, size becomes less of an issue.

  • Kevin

    I like my N7 but the OS is a little disappointing. The 4.2 seems to make apps prone to crashing and my TSN app won’t even load anymore. Hope they fix this soon! Glitchy Jellybean is what I call it!

  • asdf

    Thinking about getting one for xmas 🙂

  • matt

    2 inches on the diagonal is a big difference so you will notice the difference between 7 inch tablet and 5 inch phablet

  • General Gustov

    Not for me

  • Crocography

    Sold my iPad (2012 model) for the Nexus 7. I actually found that I wasn’t using my iPad where I carry my Nexus 7 everywhere. I find it far more versatile and the multitasking is what I always missed in the Apple camp. I use it as my ‘geek’ device and it doesn’t disappoint.

  • HTCmachine

    I use my N7 at home 95% of time and I would love a 10 inch version because I do a lot of surfing. It all depends how much you will be taking it outside with you. I learned the hard way. Still a great device tho.

    As far as getting a phablet its not a bad idea because you get to make phone calls but surfing the web is obviously better on an N7

  • caribouroader

    At least you can buy one of these!

  • Saone

    Been thinking the same thing. Have the s3 but want a bigger screen. Like having to carry one device so not sure if I should sell the s3 and get the note 2 or get the n7

  • JV

    Umm im not sure many arte aware of this when talking about your Having your phone and trading up for a nexus 7. or wanting a bigger screen blah blah blah. Are people aware that if you have a plan with your current Sim card, and you use your phone regularly, and buy a Nexus 7 with 3G,if you wanted to, all you need to do was to take the sim card out of your phone, and then insert it into the Nexus 7 device and have all abilities you need from your phone on the tablet phone calls included. no need to do anything else. and if you did manage to run out of battery on your phone, just slip the sim card in your tablet and away you go. Easy Peasy, Enjoy. so for those folks talking about selling their phones for a tablet or not knowing if you should get a phablet of this. i would go for the Nexus 7 with 3g. you get alot more options available to you.

    Just saying

    • Saone

      So it has the phone app? Do I just need the speaker headphones? Or it is exactly like a normal phone, just dial number and…. Or we talking dell voice/Skype/Google voice?

  • Nick Bains

    A question for the N7 users, how do you like the screen quality? I’ve read alot of reviews that the screen seems washed out and that’s really the only thing holding me back.


  • monsterduc1000

    I was checking one out at Chapters today and to say the least, I was impressed. Smooth as butter =D. I played Angry Birds Star Wars and Temple Run on it and they both, loaded quickly, looked great and played very nicely. I also watched some trailers and vids on Youtube and they looked very nice as well.

    I took it through some browser benchmarks and it performed strongly there as well. It even beat its own logged score on Browsermarks site by around 200 points (the benefit of 4.2 I would think) and was only beat by the iPhone 5 in that dept. It did well on SunSpider as well, clocking in at just over 1600ms (which is quick for a tablet browser)

    I wish there were some more graphic intensive games on it like NOVA 3, Shadow Gun or Dead Space to really see how it could perform, but alas, it was still an impressive device for the price you pay. I almost walked out of there with one and if they had the 3g+ version, I would probably be writing this comment with it right now =D