Mountain Equipment Co-op releases iPhone app so you can buy camping gear while camping


  • Ron Mexico


  • doaconstrictor


  • Richard Stewart

    It is truly disappointing that a Canadian company would only produce their smartphone app in an America format.

    • ufool

      u serious? its target marketing. its not personal; its just business.

    • ToniCipriani

      At least better than the usual RIM? post…

      Well played.

  • Rich

    Grats on the sponsorship

  • Monkey Face

    Will they expedite my order to Algonquin park if my tent effs up?

  • Cyrano

    LOL I didnt know i can vote

  • Mike

    Should of went with a Winning Operating system and went with Android. Apple is losing millions of user on a daily basis to Android.

  • MyBestFriendLarry

    I just don’t get it. Android has a HUGE share of the smartphone market yet apps get created for the iPhone (muc smaller market share) first, why is this?

  • gjeff12

    Everyone knows that you shouldn’t be using your smartphone while camping.

  • Wilbour

    Ok, I need a solar charger for my Smartphone STAT!. Oh yah, can you send it to campsite A16?

  • Will Lam

    <3 MEC! Nice work from Xtreme Labs!

  • Dave

    “so you can buy camping gear while camping”

    How? Where are you going to get your wifi or 3g signal?
    It’s must be the worth joke of 2012. LOL!

  • drewski

    Where we go in Algonquin there usually isn’t a hint of signal, which is exactly how it should be.