This is the way Google should have implemented Android 4.2 Quick Settings (Video)


  • Brokko

    What the hell is up with that ugly a55 wallpaper? Can you even see the icons against it?


    I raged!

  • Alan

    This is already the default without a custom rom on my nexus 7.

  • Marc

    Nice, this is the way it’s done on N7 (minus custom grid). Not ready to give up stock just yet, but looking forward to this feature.

  • GNexUser

    It already works this way on the Nexus 10, but I definitely miss it on the Galaxy Nexus

  • EmperumanV

    Already exists on ParanoidAndroid Rom.

  • Pascal B

    “you can try it on your Galaxy S III” ??
    With Touchwiz we already have both, notification and Quick Settings at the same time

  • Tom

    Yup, this is how the Nexus 7 does it. I do wish my Nexus 4 had the same configuration.

  • 2cf

    RIP RIM!!! 😀 😀

    • Mad-elph

      Check the BB10 photos from this week. That is the design for it in BB10. RIM isn’t a sad interface, it is really intuitive. BB10 will push some serious on the other OS. Dads will move back to BB fast.

    • Mad-elph

      But seriously. This is really cool too. I want it on my Galaxy Nexus

    • REDRUM

      HEY! Thats my line >:(

  • dave

    ditto to that one, wish my N4 had that too.

  • Ashwin

    You guys do realize you can do the same on stock 4.2 by swiping down the notification bar with two fingers. It’s all stock. Except for the customization thing which I’d love google to implement in the next round. Funny how this wasn’t mentioned n the video by Daniel. He chose to go to the quick settings by clicking on the settings icon.

    • Trevor Linden

      You can’t swipe with two fingers while holding the phone with one hand. This solves that problem.

    • Anonymous1

      You’re completely missing the point of this enhancement.

  • Ashwin

    You can’t do a lot of things on the phone with one hand.

    Also, you can do it with one hand. Just need to have large hands I guess. I just tried it and it worked, albeit slightly unnatural. Helps to be tall I guess.

    • jorvay

      Actually, thanks to Swype and tap-zoom in Google Maps, I almost never use two hands with my phone. Gesture settings in Nova Launcher helps too.

  • Chillin

    What do you mean Google would never have implemented it this way? Obviously you have never used a Nexus tablet. They just copied the exact way it works from the way Google does it.

  • mmathieum

    There are way too much settings to setup a setting for it to be in stock Android.
    Thank god Google hasn’t implemented Quick Settings that way in Android 4.2.

  • Mark

    That isn’t the killer feature anyone cares about, what people really wanted Google to do was to actually make them toggles and not shortcut to settings pages. From ICS, Google added an additional step to toggle WiFi and called it quick settings.

  • AWSGuy

    So your “killer feature” is just an ordinary one implemented even more nicely by Touchwiz!

  • northstar

    This is how stock 4.2 works on the Nexus 7, so all Cyanogenmod has done is enable the feature on all devices.