HTC’s 2013 flagship Android to sport a 4.7-inch display with 468ppi, 1.7GHz quad-core, Jelly Bean (Rumour)


  • Ryan

    Geez, 1080p 4.7″ screen?

    Are we ever going to get a nice 4.0-4.2″ 720p screen on a high end Android phone?

    • RIMservation

      You only need FOUR questions to decide which phone to buy in 2013:
      1-Does it have SD card (ommited about this HTC phone)
      2-Does it have LTE (If you care about that)
      3-How much does it cost (Fail if its more than $450)
      4-Is the N4 in stock in my market?

    • John Marshall

      Those are apparently the exclusive realm of Windows Phone, apparently, because Android phones need WHOA HOLY CRAP ENORMOUS SCREENS that make the phone more unwieldily, but damn if they ain’t so purrrrdy…

    • Piff

      The HTC One S says hello.

    • phreezerburn

      Driod DNA does a 5″ and compares well in size to a Galaxy S3 and the N4. Check it out at Phonedog.

    • blackkey

      Who cares? this phone could run Windows 8…

  • lukeiphone

    Sorry, no more HTC. I’d rather get a BB10 device.

  • iphoneee

    patent infringment not cool

    • Geoff

      What part of “paying licensing fees” do you not understand?

  • nic

    Just ordered my DNA! Man these companies have to slow down a little bit.

  • Nathaniel James

    What about Jellybean for the HTC One S and One X?

    • HTCKing

      Release Jellybean for ALL HTC One X models, and then we’ll start caring.

      But not till then.

  • Henaway

    Someone please stop the ppi madness! I don’t need a 4 inch screen that’s higher resolution than a lot of big screen HD TVs. (Lots of 720p sets still out there on the shelves.) All it does is make my finger less accurate. Give us better batteries or something. Unless you’re talking tablets of 7″ or larger, I don’t want a 1080p display killing my phone battery faster than I can charge it. 720p is a great resolution in the 4-5″ space. Let’s work on advancing the rest of the phone specs. Or doing something cool with flexible displays. The ppi race really does NOTHING for me as an end user.

    • Eduardo

      That and the stupid megapixel race!

    • RIMservation

      In 2013 all we need is the same from 2012 with:
      -SD Card slot
      -Bigger batteries/Power (Battery, not CPU)density.

      N4 with 32GB
      N4 with 0-8GB External with SD card

      The lack of SD for 2013 is the most obvious cash-grap of recent memory, only on par with 3yr contracts.

    • boojay

      While I somewhat agree with you, the ppi race is more relevant than the screen size race. I, for one, am sick of these ever-increasing phablets. I’d like to have a smartphone for once. I miss those days.

    • Cody

      I think with inductive charging the battery issue becomes less of a fuss because even with a case when you’e at home it’s charging whenever it’s not in your hands. It’s so convenient. Grab a couple palm chargers and have one at the office and one at home and you needn’t worry about your battery dying.

    • Henaway

      Yes, the megapixel race is overblown too. I would rather have an 8MP camera that has incredible low light shots (where a lot of phone pics happen) than a 13MP that gives me 5 million extra pixels of fuzz and noise. But they’re playing catch up with the DSLR crowd, who are only recently starting to focus on low light quality and features that matter to the final image quality … instead of a larger marketing number.

  • hurric

    I think I rather wait for HTC Butterfly if it ever comes to Canada

  • iFizzle

    I was hoping for a 2.5 GHz octacore, with 8Gb Ram, 128Gb SSD, with a 2160p screen with 800ppi… I mean you need the best of the best to check email and send texts…

    • 45

      Would Facebook work on it?

    • andy c

      it probably wont blend… mainly because it wont fit in the blender.

      at this rate or escalating screen sizes they’ll soon have to change the site name to “will it survive a wood chipper”

  • D

    Same old stuff from htc… make it a 3300mah battery with a micro-sd slot and they could sell tons. Does motorola have a patent on large batteries or something?

  • Kevin

    You know what would sell better?

    Better battery life. If somebody could consistently nail that down in their line of devices, market it, they would sit ontop of the cellular world for 2013 and beyond.

  • Eduardo

    HTC really has to slowdown with these flagship upgrades!! One X, One X+, DNA & M7 in about 12 months!?! I wonder what the stock is on each one of them and how many angry/dissapointed customers are out there without a Jelly Bean update and an already “old” device. No wonder they are struggling.

  • Kevin Thom

    One day one company will see the market for a fast phone with a smaller screen and amazing battery life. Giant screens make these phones harder and harder to carry in your pocket!

    • John Stewart

      I bet you’re a Justin bieber fan.

  • E

    A new 4S flagship every quarter is the new trend at HTC…

  • Cody

    I’m going to very gladly pick up a Butterfly and not feel any need to upgrade for at least a year.

  • AWSguy

    The specs are amazing, but I am waiting to see how long the battery lasts. Maybe 8 hours on this thing? 1080p scrren takes a lot of power, and so does a quad chip. 2300mAh battery wont cut it.

  • skazzers

    I bet this phone’s battery will also last 5 hours max.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

      Yeah, on standby!


      -Bionic Troller, made from parts of 3 lesser trollers.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

    HTC does not support upgrading to new OS’s. Instead, they release a new phone.

  • Cam C

    I can’t stand how the camera lens pokes out like that. Aside from that there’s some pretty solid specs though.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), Jack

      Agreed! That’s an outdated/tasteless design. No other phone company has their camera stick out like that.

      -Bionic Troller, made from parts of 3 lesser trollers.

  • dandroid

    Why does HTC feel the need to push another “flagship” out again in such a short time? like the specs are killer but it doesn’t feel that much better then the DNA or the One X…and if the biggest selling point is the camera..well big whoop, all the other models of their phones have excellent cameras too so it’s not worth it in this case.

    HTC needs to learn to just make a solid phone period, not an update every couple of months…and yes bigger battery please…this thing has only 200 more then the SIII and going into 2013 we shouldn’t see anything with less then 2,500 at the very least if that’s going to be the case.

  • Dalex

    For all the marketing HTC did for it, the camera on my One X isn’t even that special. It takes decent low light shots due to the 2.0 aperture, but inside shots are kinda crappy. Even outside shots are nowhere near Iphone 5 or Galaxy S3 levels.

    I’m sure its going to be a pretty phone, but the battery is still too small and I’m tired of not having the option to remove it.

    I’m thinking about giving Blackberry a shot next.

  • deli

    HTC’s next phone must be the next version of Android.

  • Dale

    Love the HTC specs. I’d love to win the mini iPad…

  • Dale

    At this point, any touch screen larger screen. It’s not easy on a smartphone 4.3, omh, lol. Happy Holidays E1.

  • Thomson

    One word: battery!
    Honestly, 2300 mAh to support that screen = fail.

  • mic712

    It’s just a rumour.. no need to jump to conclusions.

  • Thrasher

    I’s sure Skype will still not work on it properly…

  • patricm h m

    Can’t wait

  • oldschool

    Someone needs to invest more into getting people to care about their phones. iPhone users don’t give a damn about ppi, but they do know the words “Retina Display”.

    If the product isn’t deemed “cool” or “stylish” it’ll never sell in great quantity. HTC is neither.

    iPhone still sucks btw.

  • 2kfire

    Dear HTC,
    Please, please, PLEASE don’t make this, or any future handsets, a Rogers exclusive like you did with the One X. Please release on ALL carriers so we can choose the one with the best rate plan without having to buy the phone outright.

    Everyone that would’ve signed up for a One X but didn’t want to pay Roger’s extortionate prices.

  • vengefulspirit99

    HTC needs to put like a 3000 mh battery on that for it to last a full day of moderate usage… especially with a 1080p screen. their HTC one X already doesn’t last a full day… and it’s only a 720p screen…

  • GlassBackBadIdea

    At least they are smart enough to not put a glass plate on the back side of the phone like those morons from Google and LG

  • jimmy

    I think if they want to really want to standout besides the PPI and quad core etc…. Is if if they Add an SD Slot. I’d buy for sure.